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  1. To George - thanks for the information. We are looking forward to checking that out. It seems like we won't have to look too far to find some good music there.
  2. We are taking a trip thro western NY, Mass, Vermont, NH, Maine and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia late August, early September. Does anyone have suggestions where to see some outstanding Celtic music in any of these areas? Such as summer/fall festivals and/or clubs? Thanks.
  3. This is a great thread. I have lurked around here for 3 yrs. or so, but somehow had never seen this one. What a great encouragement! Oh...btw....I started 3-1/2 yrs ago. My husband gave me a violin lesson for my 50th birthday, after I had expressed an interest for some time. Little did he likely expect it would in some ways nearly take over my life!! We rented the instrument from that first teacher, who is a friend of my daughter. It was more 'new territory' for her even than for me, since she hadnt ever taught someone the age of her own mother. Shortly after, we bought my very own violin. Two years later, we spent a year in China when I was connected with a young violin teacher (also the same age as my own kids). She spoke little English and I spoke even less Mandarin. But thanks for phrase books and the universal language of music and body language, we had a great time together. She showed me several lovely Chinese folk tunes. As a parting gift, I gave her my book of Canadian fiddle tunes. I am now taking lessons from a great teacher who is understanding of my weeks when I might not have much practice time. He feeds off my enthusiasm and our lessons often run into double overtime if there is no one after me. I know that I will never get as accomplished as someone who might have started as a child. But as was mentioned earlier, (4 yrs earlier to be exact!), the attitudes and patience that adults have make for great appreciation and enjoyment which makes up for any lower level of accomplishment. But it's all relative, too! Great thread, there must be more current readers out there, it would be interesting to hear from them.
  4. "The Bourne Supremacy", I am dying to watch that movie....I loved "The Bourne Identity".....was it good, like the first? Yes, I have to say it was pretty good. It was most interesting because I half watched the movie and half visualized the musicians. :-( My husband LOVED the movie.
  5. I am taking an adventure next week and going to a music camp. As a relative newcomer to the violin world, I am hoping that I am not over my head. However they assure me there are others in my situation..so I am really looking forward to it. My question...I should have some spare strings I would imagine??? I have heard lots of names mentioned in the past. Any suggestions as to what kind would be best for me to have? Thanks. ps Wish me luck!
  6. Along this line....I just came back from watching 'The Bourne Supremacy". I found myself listening more to the music than paying attention to the movie. It was great. A whole new perspective.
  7. I have my own question. What does LOL stand for? LOL= Laugh Out Loud.
  8. re the summer camp. It is in Kincardine on Lake Huron. I hope I am not too over-confident in my ability to fit in there, but the organizers assured me not to worry. Thanks for the information about your books. I have a great teacher so I think this fall should be really exciting. Good luck with your preparations for the audition!
  9. ??? Cellogain ??? Can you give us a hint? What a pleasant thread to follow. Yo-ma-ma --- your handle is delightful. :-))
  10. Hello Fellow Canuck. I am in somewhat the same situation as you, as far as years of experience, as well as being a 'late starter'. I dont have any words of wisdom about possible audition pieces since I havent taken that step yet. I am joining a local amateur orchestra this fall, but they are needy of violins so there is no audition. whew. Try looking in Sheila's Corner Violin board, if you havent already done so, it has some good tips I believe. In 2 weeks I am going to a summer music camp a few hours from my home, I am assured that my age and level of experience will fit in nicely to the mix there. I would be interested in hearing what books you are learning from. Good luck with this! Isnt this fun! Let me know how the experience goes. Pat.
  11. This is interesting. I am looking for possibilities for a 'plan' for the fall with my teacher. Apparently he uses Suzuki methods, as the student after me comes with his Mom and has an armload of Suzuki books. As I am mature (usually!) adult, but still relatively new at this, my teacher has been very accommodating as to what I would like to learn. I feel however that I would like some structure and a 'plan' so that I feel like I am achieving specific outcomes. So I am intrigued by the Suzuki books that I have leafed thro at the music shop. There seems to be a progressive structure to it all. Would you recommend that I suggest Suzuki books to my teacher? Reading music isnt an issue in my case. There is also the RCM program here. I feel like I want some definite measurable plan for the fall. Thanks for any input. Pat.
  12. quote-"I developed an interview process"... Karla - can you elaborate a bit? thanks. Pat.
  13. Reedman - thanks for that! Lots of helpful information. Pat.
  14. heres a huge list grouped by difficulty. http://www.viola.com/rep.html Question for primrose: Is there a similar list for violin? Thanks.
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