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  1. You can try to get a copy of this book, chinese version of "The Art of Violin Making". There are some translation of terms used in violin making. http://www.amazon.cn/%E5%B0%8F%E6%8F%90%E7%90%B4%E5%88%B6%E4%BD%9C%E8%89%BA%E6%9C%AF-%E7%BA%A6%E7%BF%B0%E9%80%8A/dp/B0011AZHGA
  2. I live in Malaysia. Half a year ago I ordered some posters from the Strad. I waited for 3 months but the posters just didn't arrive my postbox. I emailed the Strad and they said they will send me the posters again, provided that I use a trackable post. The postage price I need to pay, is, the same as what I paid for the posters+postage I ordered earlier (about 39 pounds). Should I ask TheStrad to refund me since I didn't receive my poster at all? Whose responsibility would it be in my case? SVS is relatively new compared to many others tonewood suppliers. Not a native English-speaking wood dealer, I believe it is challenging enough to be able to converse in English, not to mentioned understanding those tongue-twisting foreign rules and regulations. I believe they are trying hard to improve their service too. As far as import law is concerned, it is the importer's responsibility to get the required documentation. There's a good reason why your gov want to enforce on such a strict rule, even on firewood:- http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/newsroom/news_releases/archives/2008_news_releases/nov_2008/11202008_8.xml http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/newsroom/news_releases/archives/2009_news_releases/july_2009/07152009_6.xml
  3. Here is a 4 part documentary on Chinese violin factory by PheonixTV, how US financial crisis affected the livelihood of a small violin making village. sorry.. it is all in mandarin. from youtube part A part B part C part D
  4. http://www.violinist.com/luthiers/index.cfm?state=&country=Hong+Kong&submission=Browse You may also want to fly to taiwan to see the Chimei collection
  5. For violin I simply lay a sharp pencil on the fingerboard, and draw the profile on the bridge by simply moving the pencil across the fingerboard. Most pencils are 7mm in diameter, ie the tip of the pencil would be approximately 3.5mm. That sets the height of the E-string. For G-string just add 2mm from the profile, then use a nice bridge template to join this two points (E and G) together.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted here before. Some of the pages of the books are available online and there are quite a bit of useful information. http://www.karlroyviolinbook.com/toc.html
  7. You are right that most, in fact, all chinese names are family name first... However to most westerners it is common that the last name is the family name, and this may cause a lot of confusion. For example, "John Martin Smith" it is easy to tell that "John" is the given name or first name, "Martin" the middle name, while "Smith" is the family name. Now let's assume a chinese fellow named "Lo Su Ming". Now just imagine how confusing it is for him to fill in forms that look like the following :- *First Name: [ ] Middle name:[ ] Last name: [ ] There are millions of Chinese out there could not differentiate the differences between last name and first name -> "where should i write my surname/family name???" *First Name: [ Lo ] Middle name:[ Su ] Last name: [ Ming ] *First Name: [ Ming ] Middle name:[ Su ] Last name: [ Lo ] *First Name: [ Su ] Middle name:[ Ming ] Last name: [ Lo ] *First Name: [ Su-Ming ] Middle name:[ ] Last name: [ Lo ] In addition, it is common that chinese addresses each other using family name in official ocassion, for instance, "Mr Lu is a violinist" "Mr Ma is a Cellist" "Mr Li is a pianist". It is confusing for westerner to tell which name is the family name, causing embarrassment to both sides, hence it is common now most chinese introduce themselves in the western way, ie, given name first, family name last. Here is some example:- Yo Yo [Given name] Ma [Family name] Chinese name = 马友友 (Ma Yo Yo) Yun Di [Given name] Li [Family name] Chinese name = 李云迪 (Li Yun Di) Lang [Given name] Lang [Family name] Chinese name = 郎朗 (Lang Lang) Ming Jiang [Given name] Zhu [Family name] Chinese name = 朱明江 (Zhu Ming Jiang) btw, my given name is Keng Vui, and my family name is Yap. My christian name is Kelvin. In my Malaysian driving license my name is "Yap Keng Vui @ Kelvin Yap". Confused?
  8. here are some performances by Si-Qing (Given name) Lu (family name) in a private function:- [excerpt from Butterfly Lovers] [schubert's Serenade] [Joy of Spring]
  9. to log out look for "退出“, it's the sixth link at the bar that look like the following:- * maestronetor * 我的帖子 * 空间 * 短消息 * 个人中心 * 退出 * 网页游戏 * 论坛 * 搜索 * 帮助 * 导航 literally means: [user] [my post] [space][messages][user center][logout][webgames][forum][search][help][sitemap]
  10. I bet some of you may have problem reading Chinese. Those who are interested can try google translate. The translation is fairly accurate. go to http://translate.google.com then copy the address given above to the text box... here is a quick link to the exhibition:- http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...-31407-1-1.html
  11. hi, For those who want to listen to the soundclips, I have created an account in bbs.cnstrad.com named "maestronetor" with the name of our forum here as the passwd (the box where you put the pegs.) regards Yap
  12. The sequence of pics in http://www.chinaviolin.net/bbs/dispbbs.asp...ge=0&star=1 is as following:- Viola 1st prize Xu Yong Cheng (China) Viola 2nd prize Zhang An (China) Viola 3rd prize Ultrich (Germany) Cello 1st prize Kmin Sung (Italy- (Korean)) Violin 1st prize Ultrich (Germany) Violin 2nd prize Sa Tao (China)
  13. sound clips from bbs.cnstrad.com :- look for the mp3 links Gold - violin (Hinsberger,Ulrich) , played by Lu Si-Qing http://bbs.cnstrad.com/thread-31371-1-1.html Gold - Viola(Xu Yongcheng) , played by Roger Chase http://bbs.cnstrad.com/thread-31372-1-1.html Gold - Cello (Kmin-Sung), played by Markus Stocker http://bbs.cnstrad.com/thread-31373-1-1.html result page:- http://www.civmc.com/enbstzresult.htm
  14. pics of the winning instruments:- http://www.chinaviolin.net/bbs/dispbbs.asp...ge=0&star=1
  15. photos from the exhibition hall http://bbs.cnstrad.com/thread-31359-1-1.html
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