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  1. Recommendations for bow rehairing in Chicago

    Although there's a number of people in that building that perform bow work, I'll second Eric Swanson. I've actually had to re-do rehairs done by others in that building, but not Eric's. He's a very safe bet and you shouldn't need to look any further for top-quality rehairs.
  2. How to Prevent Bad Cello Accidents?

    Don't rent them to kids!
  3. Aubert/Despiau Bridges

    In addition to the other shop items I've listed, I've created a separate listing for some of my "econo-grade" student bridges from my shop. They're mostly Aubert "Made in France" with a few "Mirecourt" and several Despaiu. All are well-seasoned, approximately 5-10 years old. These would be a great purchase for someone performing school work or for setting up rental/student level instruments. The lot consists of: Despiau "D" grade (1) 3/4 bass 150mm CT6 cut Despiau "C" grade (1) 1/4 violin Aubert "Made in France"(1) 4/4 cello 88mm, (1) 3/4 cello 84mm, (3) viola 50mm, (2) viola 48mm, (2) viola 46mm , (1) violin 3/4, (3) violin 1/2 Aubert "Mirecourt" (2) viola 50mm, (2) viola 48mm SOLD!
  4. Everclear alcohol

    There are brands other than Everclear available that may save you a few dollars. There's Gem Clear 190 proof from Kentucky, a few bucks cheaper than Everclear. There's also a Polish import sold at Binny's here in the Chicago area for a few bucks less as well. Works fine for my simplified 1704 spirit I use for retouch, dissolving shellac and general cleaning. The owner of the shop I work at buys denatured, but I spring for the grain alcohol as it's what I choose to use. I also stay away from the xylene as well.
  5. Willow for instrumrmts

    John Preston from Old World Tonewood sells black willow blocks/linings. His violin sets are $9.95. I made my first couple of violins with weeping willow blocks. It was a little tricky carving my first neck mortise as there was a small knot in the block which made for irregular carving. I have some chunks of more weeping willow, but I doubt I'll be using them. I have some nice Sitka spruce cookies I'm going to try for my next blocks. Not sure how well Sitka lends itself to blocks.
  6. Willow for instrumrmts

    Simeon Chambers sells black willow, I'd see if he has any left. I seemed to have better luck bending black willow linings than spruce ones, the spruce seemed to crack much more easily, not sure what I was doing wrong, I was heating them and bending them wet, same as I was the willow. Perhaps someone here could enlighten me?
  7. Luthier Lights(tm) updated website

    I purchased the violin, cello/guitar set years ago and have been very pleased with them. Thanks Doug!
  8. This a copy of the limited edition book, Violin Makers of the United States, by Thomas James Wenberg, 1986. This book is numbered 1382 of 2500 copies and is in excellent condition. This is an excellent shop reference manual that consists over 400 pages of text, black and white plates and biographical information on thousands of American violin and bow makers. This book also features a particularly nice section on American bows with color plates. The book itself is in excellent condition with some minor shelf wear to the dust jacket, which is in good condition. This copy also includes Addenda and Errata, 1987 with additional information. This addenda is not always found with every copy of this book. A library-quality clear mylar cover will be included with this book if requested. Copies of this book in excellent condition can sell for over $500, this copy is available for substantially less. Please PM me if interested. Price will include USPS shipping.
  9. Strange questions

    Do you sell bugles?
  10. This is a one-piece Sitka Spruce violin top, 25 years+ seasoned and ready to use. This piece is cut for a one-piece top, see pictures for grain spacing. This top tends to vary from medium/fine to medium/wide. Price is $30 plus shipping. Please PM me if interested.
  11. The Becker/Wm. Lewis/Chicago "Sound"

    Yes, it's been recorded that Ferdinando Garimberti made a number of instruments for Einsele later in his career. These were then were allegedly varnished by Einsele or his assistant Tetto Gallo. I have read that Sindelar was a pupil of Hornsteiner. The Beckers worked for Lewis and Son whereas Sindelar war reported as working for Lyon and Healy before going out on his own. I have also read that Sindelar was a teacher of Becker, but I don't know for sure if that's accurate. A few years ago I acquired the shop notes of a local violin maker who attended workshops taught by Sindelar, Becker, Kinberg, Ole Dahl, Pinter and numerous other Chicago luthiers. In his notes I found a reference that Sindelar and Becker actually co-owned the Becker cottage in Wisconsin, and Becker later bought out Sindelar's share. So who actually taught who and where isn't exactly known for sure, but there was an apparent relationship between the two.
  12. The Becker/Wm. Lewis/Chicago "Sound"

    As far as the Sindelar goes, I'm familiar with that photo. Yes, gorgeous varnish on that one. Ours looks quite different from that, and from what I understand Sindelar varied his varnish composition over the years. I always felt that the one in our collection was kind of a stand-alone Sindelar, until I came across a 1933 in the Tarisio archives just the other day. The similarities are striking. The link to the 1933 is here https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=66754 and the photos of ours is below.
  13. The Becker/Wm. Lewis/Chicago "Sound"

    Here's the Einsele. It seems pretty consistent in the modeling, notably the short stubby corners, compared to other photos I've seen. Later in Einsele's career he was supposedly importing violins in the white from Garimberti. Years back Al Stancel remarked the Garimberti corners would have been longer and more elegant than Einsele's. When I first laid eye's on this fiddle form across the sales counter the word "German" flashed through my head, which is the same initial reaction I had when I first spotted our Sindelar. I was wrong on both counts, both our fiddles were Chicago boys.