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  1. Woodland

    Sycamore cello neck

    Looks like American sycamore, not European maple referred to as sycamore in the UK. One of the makers on this board commented they had to fill the neck to make it smooth enough for playing. I just picked up a nice set of cello sycamore from an American wood distributor here in the midwest, looks much like the neck you just purchased.
  2. Woodland


    Or, one could always reduce/eliminate the risk and deal with a stateside tonewood source. In fact, one of my domestic sources is affiliated with Carpathian Tonewood. I prefer the lower shipping costs, keeping customs/duties out of the equation and being able to know when I can expect my order to be filled/received. I have found practically every domestic tonewood dealer that I've worked with to be very accommodating and easy to work with. Golden Tonewood happens to sell on eBay as well, which may offer the purchaser an additional level of purchase protection if they wish to go the international route.
  3. Woodland

    New Yita Cello - Detailed Unboxing and questions.....

    The workmanship for the price looks decent. You can't tell how well wood has been aged by looking at it, time will tell. Also, you need to have reasonable expectations for maple cello wood appearance and quality at the lower price point these days, as I think we've been spoiled the past 20 years and things appear to be changing. When assessing new instrument arrivals in our shop one of the first things we look at is the neck angle and straightness. Your luthier will likely see additional things (potential problems) that warrant attention. You're looking at hundreds of additional $$$ to have it properly set-up with quality components. If your luthier can give it the clean bill of health and bring it up to standards, you're likely going to spend the same amount of money (or more) that you would have already spent at a local shop that does quality work and will stand behind it.
  4. Woodland

    Strobel/Eastman connection?

    Nice instruments, I find their lower to mid-grade instruments as-good-as to moderately better than comparably-priced Eastman instruments. I particularly like their 120 model cellos and basses for the price.
  5. Woodland

    Strobel/Eastman connection?

    I believe Strobel is a product labeled for Music and Arts by Eastman, however others might carry that labeled product as well. A few of the band/orchestra outfits in this area are carrying Eastman products with semi-private labeling, meaning the instruments carry the Eastman label but with unique model labels placed in not-so-unique instruments.
  6. This is a set of two pieces of black goatskin leather for bow grips. Each piece measures 12" by 12" and contains enough material for over 50 cello bow grips. This is a medium-supple grade of goatskin with a thickness of approximately .7mm that has a luxurious feel to it. These pieces are being offered for $25 each which includes USPS shipping. Please PM me if interested.
  7. Woodland

    Mentor - shop share - making friend - southside Chicago

    Welcome to the South Side! PM sent, check your message box.
  8. This is a set of 13, new violin tailpieces with adjusters and 13 semi-fitted violin bridges. Ten of the tailpieces are lightweight composite and three are painted metal. One of the composite tailpieces is for 1/2-size violin with the remaining being for full-size violin. All of the bridges are for full-size violins and have fitted feet with unfinished tops. All of the tailpieces feature built-in fine tuners. This would be an excellent purchase for someone maintaining a fleet of student instruments, such as shop rentals or for a teacher maintaining instruments for a school or studio music program. The retail value on the tailpieces alone is over $200. We're offering the entire lot (including the bridges) for only $89 including FREE USA SHIPPING. Please PM me if interested.
  9. Woodland

    Non-Drying Fulton Varnish

    I varnished several instruments with Chimney's version of Fulton varnish, including the F-5 mandolin you see in my avatar photo. Didn't really have any drying problems, in fact it would start to thicken while brushing, overnight in the light box was usually sufficient. It is certainly on the soft side, it definitely will take a print if left in a case when fairly fresh. But then again things can vary from batch to batch. Tends to be thick and glassy, and it's very tough to get away with just a few coats with using the glaze method. In short, I'm moving on from terpene varnish. I'm doing my next few instruments with Holtier to see how I like it.
  10. This is a set of (3) violin cradle stands and (1) cello stand. The violin/bow stands are in excellent condition and the cello stand is in good condition. All of the interior padding is in excellent condition. (3) violin stands - $125 plus shipping (1) cello stand $65 plus shipping Please PM me if interested.
  11. Woodland

    Misc. Tonewood

    Carl, check your message box, PM sent.
  12. Woodland

    Misc. Tonewood

    This is a set of miscellaneous pieces of well-seasoned (some vintage) violin tonewood pieces.This group consists of:(12) Vintage violin bass bar stock, 30+ years seasoned - stamped "Made in Western Germany" - SOLD! Split stock, several pieces less than straight, would make excellent cleating or restoration pieces (1) European Maple violin/viola 1-piece quartered back, marked "Yorkshire Sycamore 1975" - $85(2) Heavily-flamed red maple violin neck blocks - SOLD!(1) Set of 5 misc. pieces of red maple craft/tonewood, some flamed, one birdseye - $45 Please PM me if interested.
  13. Woodland

    Old Saxony Violin?

    Our shop recently acquired an old violin reminiscent of the E. Martin Amati copies. The violin lacks a label and the usual Martin hallmark on the button. The purfling isn't a close to the edge as the Martins that I've seen, but the arching, modeling and wood selection all remind me of the Martins. Does anyone know if Martin sold their violins unbranded/unlabeled to import companies? If nothing else I'm wondering if this violin originates from the same region.