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  1. From the same very interesting blog Blank Face is talking about here you have some pictures showing the "S" (front view of head) typical of Dominique Peccatte work.
  2. Thanks fiddlecollector. Yes you right, the bow has a head repair with an ebony (I think) spline. As wood towards upper 1/4 of this bow gets darker it's sometimes difficult to see at first sight. I see you have very well trained eyes! Thanks for your comments too.
  3. Thanks everyone for the interesting comments; I must think about them with great attention since some of the concepts are new to me and english is not my first language. I' m posting some new pictures of the head front view; I wonder if a "s" can be seen as It was suggested for Bows made by Dominique.
  4. Some more pictures trying to better show the kind of wood on this bow. I always have believed this is fine Pernambuco.
  5. Hi fiddlecollector, I'm quite sure the stick is made of fine Pernambuco. Wood gets gradually darker towards the head. I'll post better pictures of wood later.
  6. Hi PhilipKT, I don't know but it's in better condition than the pearl slide plate (?).
  7. Hi everyone, In my hands now an old bow stamped "Peccatte" featuring some characteristics of this makers family but nothing sure about who made it. Just the stamp and a good appearance that seems to be correct. What do you think? Thanks in advance for watching.
  8. Thanks fiddlecollector. Yes I see two little cracks running down to the underslide. The bow is easy to play like that and otherwise the frog is in good condition but it´s a pity...
  9. Thanks to all you Who commented. I really appreciate It. Here you have some more pictures of thumb projection and nose that seems to have been the main discussion points.
  10. Hi PhilipKT. I agree Martin about the thumb projection reshape although I have always believe that it was the result of natural wear and tear of a careless player through hard playing after many years of use.
  11. Thanks PhilipKT for your comments. I ignore if the button has been replaced... In my response to Martin´s comment I talk about my vague intuition about Vigneron family bows and I think I remember some buttons in Vigneron bows overlaps stick too... but I can be wrong.
  12. Thanks for your comments. I can not be sure of the frog and button belonging to the stick but I have no reasons to think they are not original to the stick...
  13. Martin, thanks for your comments. I see the unusually short nose but I was not sure about its nature, maybe was shortened after an accident... And yes the thumb projection have been reshaped so we can not know how it was looking in origin. I have not a theory and I think I ´d need much more knowledge on bows for that, but looking some bows by well known old bow makers I was stimulated by those of Vigneron family, but it´s pure fantasy, I don´t know if it can be a nonsense. Specially I saw in the past some Vigneron frogs that seemed to be really similar to mine to my inexpert eyes; I later realized that I found similarities in some other french makers... I once read a description of wood of some late J. A. Vigneron bows in terms of "many splits, not weaked wood, not fragile bows" (I think it was while reading L´Archet,) and I wonder if wood in my bow adjust to this description... So... I have no a theory and I have no idea. I have omitted the fact someone told me the bow could be pre-1900, around 1880-90, but again I´m not sure at all. These are the reasons for showing the pictures to this forum members; any suggestion is wellcome. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, Here you have some pictures of a violin bow a find very nice in all aspects (playing too) and it´s suppossed to be french. Please let me know what do you see from pictures since I´m just starting to study and see bows not only from a playing point of view. From my still great ignorance in bow aesthetic and constructive aspects I have some thoughts on this bow but I'd really like to hear from you. I see relevant: the kind and appearance of wood, top of head, nose, number of pins on both frog and button, rounded frog... What more should I look at? Many thanks!
  15. Thanks Jwillis, I agree! Anyway if you find that lovely chinese violin please tell us about!