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  1. I thought this was nice, but I was wondering if it was really a Hill cello. I'd be interested to know, thanks for any information https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/lawrences-of-bletchingley/catalogue-id-srlawr10028/lot-600c97c3-82dd-4d7f-9d8e-a63b00a66d1e
  2. Could anyone please tell me anything about this cello, could it be English? Why is the varnish so much darker on the front? What are the two black circles in the button? Thanks. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131722141927
  3. Very sorry, I thought that you might be the seller just because you have the same sofa and because of the photo in your other thread showing a cello leaning on a car (!) registered to a French location which the seller had given as their location in the past. I hope you can return the cello without difficulty.Did you have a chance to play it before you took the bridge and strings off?
  4. See this thread: http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/331967-collin-mezin-authentification/ The IDs are: frcfra2011, valie1, ortigaitalia and salinars, to quote Martin Swan. And possibly cellist86? From what I gather it's an American woman, possibly a violinist, living in France.
  5. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161915911529
  6. tx8

    ID violin

    Not too long ago I lost some of my high frequency hearing and it makes you realise that not everyone is hearing the same thing anyway; the range that the audiologists accept as normal is pretty wide.
  7. Thanks for the explanation! It seems very difficult, I wonder what the advantage was thought to be.
  8. Thank you, that is so interesting . I Googled about 'through necks' and I don't understand what is holding the neck in place - is it just glue, can anybody tell me? (Sorry - stupid question again...) I like the way the edge of the bit of the f-hole that sticks out is shaped at an angle:
  9. I was wondering about this cello, apparently found in a barn and described as English, which was on Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131519770381 I'd be interested to know why, if anyone can be bothered to tell me, the neck is like that - is it normal? And is it really English? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjAw/z/p5UAAOSw3xJVYGrG/$_57.JPG Thanks for any help
  10. I think it's a reasonable instrument to have repaired and then play, isn't it? As you know, 900 is nothing at all for any kind of cello, it just buys a few sets of strings. I do quite like it, the messed up varnish and so on, and maybe it would all be a darker red-brown after cleaning (I have no idea)? By the way, don't the pegs look English?
  11. I should believe what I first think. The only thing that redeems today is that I did get a nice old edition of Handel (sorry, unrelated): http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gaze-and-son/catalogue-id-srtw10022/lot-7826e547-bf52-4f8d-a03e-a44a0099c758
  12. Sorry, I am just joking and I honestly know nothing about violins- I was just going off the fact that you called them 'rubbish'. I am from the North and maybe that's our sense of humour. Coincidentally, I tried the 3/4 cello equivalent of these violins today and it sounded lovely, I was shocked. I don't know how you are supposed to tell how they will sound anymore. In all seriousness, isn't the centre one a lost cause because of the crack in the back or can it be repaired? I like the red-brown colour of the one on the left, but where is the button?
  13. Thank you both once again for your expertise. This cello has not travelled far from home, has it? Apparently Calow hung himself with a bass string- how sad. He repaired a violin that I have. Is the varnish left as it is? Would that affect the sound?