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  1. I’ll look around for you. This is the best I can do. But it is carbide. If you search spec Onsrud, HSS, 1/4 shank, ball nose endmill. https://ballewsaw.com/onsrud-52-280b-1-4-solid-carbide-two-flute-upcut-ballnose-for-plastics-solid-surface-aluminum-and-wood.html
  2. You might try onsrud cutters they are designed for woodworking. They are made with different relief angles then typical ball endmills made for the metalworking industry. Just buy high speed steel cutters instead of carbide. HSS holds a sharper edge then carbide.
  3. Hi I wanted a machine that would allow the machining of metals. So I used the Baldor DC motor. And machined a two step pulley. This gave me a good range of speeds for metals. By woodworking standards it's too slow. 5000 rpm. The major plus is the spindle is so quiet. I had a router mounted as a spindle it was obnoxiously loud.
  4. I had some extra cherry from a cabinet job. I was testing the G code. It took about 2 1/2 hours to run the part. The stopover was set to.006
  5. Mach 3 control software. Gecko drives for the DC servos. You can find more information here. http://www.woodsolutions.com/diy-cnc.htm
  6. None at the moment. Needs to be added. Not the best technique but I manually run the vac over the part.
  7. Sign Work. Sometimes mechanical parts for my diy woodworking machines
  8. Hi Carl Thanks for the information. I have my own cad files. So I'm all set. That was nice of you to share. Regards, Barry
  9. I built this CNC for my cabinet shop. But recently have been trying violin part on the machine. It seems to be very precise.
  10. I know it's typical to copy the strad precisely. But I felt the scroll was a place to be a bit more creative. That was the first time I ever carved a block of wood. It took alot of time. To answer your questions I thought this was a unique idea. Not certain I ever saw a Brescian scroll.
  11. Here is some new work and old work. The handle was made from some aged firewood just recently.The shooting board plane was done when I was 18. The violin is my most embarrassing woodworking project to date. I did all the work when I was in high school. That was a few years ago in 1976. Still not finished. At the time I used Edward Heron Allens book. It was difficult just working by dimensions without a real violin to refer to.
  12. Hi Could someone tell me what is the overhange distance of the top to the ribs. I`ve seen a dimension of 3 millimeters. I`m working on the Betts Strad did that model have a standard overhange. Thanks and Regards, Barry
  13. Hi My current favorite tool is my just completed workbench. It was constructed solely for the pursuit of violinmaking. It turned out better then expected, I`m almost afraid to work on it and potentially defile the work surface. Regards Barry http://www.woodsolutions.com/download/Bench1.jpg http://www.woodsolutions.com/download/Bench2.jpg
  14. I was planning on using a oil based varnish. Also, I come from a cabinetmaker background and in our work its typical to finish all surfaces to minimize moisture infiltration. Is it recommended to seal the interior surfaces of the violin. Thanks...Barry