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  1. I'm sorry, my brains weren't working, of course that's what you would have meant You'd probably get a better and faster translation from someone else, though. My Gaelic really isn't the best, and I'm not at all a poet. Basically it's a man telling how he's really captivated by his sweetie, Morag. No matter what he's doing, travelling, playing the pipes, everything seems to remind him of her. And he's looking forward to being able to marry her and live in Dunvegan.
  2. er, translate what? Mòrag à Dùn-Bheagain is Morag from Dunvegan; Catriona Dhughlas is Catherine Douglas.
  3. Bud, that's a great story! Pity the pro didn't pick up on the fact that the man was a bit simple, he could have put his arm round his shoulders and made him sound good -- and probably got endless good publicity and plenty gigs for his humane grace.
  4. Ah, thanks, Lydia. I was focusing on the differential behavior across sites instead, so the possibility of the cache meddling with the pages didn't occur to me.
  5. As I suspected, Mòrag à Dùn-Bheagain was a composed song that's now passed into the tradition ---and I can understand why: it sounds very much a trad 'Western Isles love song', to me. It was written by Catriona Dhughlas (1893-1965) of Skye. Cailin òg dha'n tug mi luaidh Air mo bhuadhan fhuair i buaidh, 'S gus an càirear mi 's an uaigh Molaidh mi mo Mhòrag. (refrain) Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o, Ho bhan 's na hi ho ro, Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o, 'S mìlse leam mo Mhòrag. Nuair bheir mi sgrìob gu Port an Dùin Chi mi h-iomhaigh anns gach flùr, 'S bidh na h-eòin a' brìodal rium 'S iad sìor-mholadh Mòraig. 'S nuair a shèideas mi pìob-mhor Mar bu nòs is mar bu chòir Bidh gach ceòl a théid troimh m' mhèoir A' sìor-mholadh Mòraig. Togaidh mise do mo ghràdh Bothan beag ri taobh na tràgh, 'S an Dùn-bheagain nan seòid 's nam flath'n Pòsaidh mi mo Mhòrag. KYE-leen oge da'n too mi LOO-ay Air mo VOO-akan FOO-air i BOO-aykh SGUSS an KYE-rear mee SAN oo-aykh MO-lay MEE mo VO-rek HO vahns na HO vahn o HO vahns na HEE ho row HO vahns na HO vahn o SMEEL-sheh LEEam mo VO-rek NOO-air VAY-eer mee sgrief goo Port an Doon CHEE mee YOH-vaykh ANNS gatch FLURE SBEE na EY-OH-in a BREE-odal REE-um SEEad SHUR-volah MO-rake SNOO-air a SHAYdeyas MEE peep-vor MAR boo NOS is MAR boo CHOeer BEE gatch KAYol a HAYeed TRO VAYoeer AH shure VOlay MO-rake. TOWgay MEEsheh DO mo khrah BOWan BAYak ree CHOWff na TRAH SHAN doon VAYgayin nan SHEOHid snam FLAHn POsay MEE mo VO-rek. Hope that helps. Where'd you run across it? It really is a lovely wee song. (My pronunciation is not the best [understatement of the year ] and the Gaelic doesn't lend itself to pronouncable transliteration anyway, so don't be surprised if native speakers wince and correct you. Don't hesitate to blame me. ) [This message has been edited by Mairead (edited 04-23-2001).]
  6. Shellac and chitin are the same thing??? I thought shellac was, well, resin. Sap. Pine-tree sweat, whatever. Cellulose, any road. It's akcherly dissolved exoskeletons??? Protein?
  7. I've always understood it to mean an unmodulated source -- a string or pipe or whatever that wasn't made to vary in pitch. It has a more complicated technical meaning, then?
  8. Well, Morag is a name given girls rather than boys, so that's a start. Let me look in some of my old books tonite and I'll see what I can find?
  9. It's Scots, Journ. Originally 'Redcastle' rather than 'Red Gap'. It commemorates, I believe, the 14th c. sale of Redcastle (in Inverkeillor) to Rob Stewart of Innermeath.
  10. Yamaha seem to have poor QC at their factory (it's in Malasia, I believe). I've now been sent 3 different copies and all have behaved differently. All were too soft in the ear, I'd agree ca. 0.5 the volume of my acoustic. The second one also had an annoying bit of static. The third one was about 10-25% louder than the other 2, but still substandially less than my acoustic. I don't really want to carry an amplifier around in order to use it, so I'm not sure what I'll do. Of five reported here, only 1 sounds [npi] as though it has adequate internal amplification, so that seems like my chances are poor of getting one that will sound right under the ear.
  11. I didn't grasp that you actually meant a paid gig, Park, sorry. You could always stop, smile at the guy --and at the audience to make them part of it-- and say 'Oy! mate, the next auditions are [insert some other time and place]. Come by then, right?'
  12. it doesn't automatically "remember" my username and password Aha, that's what I thought you might mean. Yes, I've that problem too -- it will (usually) remember within the same NS session, but essentially never otherwise. And it did start happening when I went from (I think it was) 4.2 to 4.6; before that it mostly remembered even across sessions. This current problem of no back list is indeed much more annoying. I hope the fix Oldbear came up with will carry on working. (Can you tell I don't fancy my chances? (not an aspersion on OB ))
  13. Oldbear, that does indeed seem to have 'fixed' it, thanks! How did you work out that one? I tried different combinations of 'salting' and got nowhere.
  14. I was passing by one jam a few years ago and noticed that there was a woman banging on a hammer dulcimer. What she was doing bore no relationship to what the other 6-8 people were doing, and I couldn't think for the moment why she was sitting so close to them. Then the penny dropped and I hardly knew whether to feel more saddened for her, so unaware, or for them. I quite like Ken's approach of offering help, though as YF and AJ point out, the ground is not always fertile enough for the seeds of kindness to root. [This message has been edited by Mairead (edited 04-21-2001).]
  15. Funnily enough, Lydia, at work I go through both a firewall and the AdSubtract filter, which installs as a proxy on port 4444. I'm using NS 4.76 and have no problems with Maestronet's behavior. At home, I only have the AdSubtract proxy. But that's not the locus because I fail with Maestronet regardless of whether I have AS operating or even installed, and I succeed with other InfoPop installations also without regard to the status of AS. As to the ISP caching content...I've no idea. They might. But I'm not following why you think that would be a selective problem. It ought to serve pages from the cache transparently. Or am I missing something? Can you think of something --apart from a M'net config bug-- that would elicit failure with M'net but success with other sites running the same (InfoPop) db-server package? [This message has been edited by Mairead (edited 04-19-2001).]
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