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  1. Thanks to all for the replies thus far.

    I think David and Jeffrey hit more on the intended topic.

    I agree with Jeffrey, his numbers look about right. The situation tends to be finding a maker/repairman that does not have his head in the clouds (yes, a gross overgeneralisation) but can see future benefits.

    This is not a field that one would get rich in, but the longterm could hold the future ownership as the current desires to retire.

    David - I think you touched on a good point. How should a shop view the " repair dept"? Is it expected to be a cash cow or atleast self supportive or should one expect to subsidise the shop payroll from rentals and sales in order to have the ability to provide this service?

    I would like to find a competent person that could see the forrest through the trees. But it seems hard to find the magic number that will keep them satisfied while being fair and hope to remain in Business.

    I threw the nod to strictly new making as an aside to garner some of the realities on the subject.

    It would be interesting to find out how many Professional makers are not the main bread winner in the family or at this as a second career after retiring from a very lucrative first.

    I can think of a couple examples from both... That would be an interesting perspective to find out.


  2. I would like to broach this subject with all due fear and trepidation.

    What should be the reasonable expectations of a violinmaker/ repairer and a "full time" violin maker in today's economy.

    I sometimes feel that some of those just leaving a VM school have a high expection of either being a full time maker (of which there are very few) or what they might be worth to a violin shop.

    What do you feel the median income for a violin maker is today?

    How does this fit with Rembert Wurlitzer's reported philosophy of paying the shop staff more than they would think they could make by leaving or going out on their own?

    Of course he was talking about the company such as morel, sacconi, dario and the like.

    But how do other shop owners view this? I know of shops that have had turn over at te rate of almost one a year . As well as other shops that have these same staff 20 yrs later.

    How would this have played out in morel's shop or weisshaar's ship back in the day? David?

    Or the "firms" hey day- with all the high rollers working there...

    Thanks for the input!


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