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  1. Do you wet (spritz) your back plate when hollowing to ease the carving?
  2. Very nice work. It looks like you may have some burning/ deep penetration of the varnish on the lower right front. Maybe a shadow? Great effort! Cheers
  3. I really like the console tv work bench! Cheers
  4. It makes one wonder if they had a full-time tool sharpener in mirecourt... Charles
  5. Personally, I like the look of a matte black pegbox along with the f- holes, neck root, rib corner ends and outling the scroll on a straight finished instrument. Charles
  6. Maybe we can Greg Alf to post a picture of the E.T. Scroll he did way back when...
  7. Joe, Mathew, Do you think maybe the self deprecating behaviour is due to some guilty feeling for being one of the fortunate few who love what they do? You certainly cannot just like this career and still remain. Charles
  8. Mr. Burgess, Would you mind sharing your knowledge on Francais now? Charles
  9. Lyndon , Yes, $60 an hour is nothing to the nose up to. But is it realistic for a new graduate shop employee to expect $20 let alone $15 an hour. I think the term starving artist was coined for a reason Charles
  10. Duane 88- Thank you for the very interesting story. That is certainly a very telling perspective. Charles
  11. Thanks to all for the replies thus far. I think David and Jeffrey hit more on the intended topic. I agree with Jeffrey, his numbers look about right. The situation tends to be finding a maker/repairman that does not have his head in the clouds (yes, a gross overgeneralisation) but can see future benefits. This is not a field that one would get rich in, but the longterm could hold the future ownership as the current desires to retire. David - I think you touched on a good point. How should a shop view the " repair dept"? Is it expected to be a cash cow or atleast self supportive or sh
  12. I would like to broach this subject with all due fear and trepidation. What should be the reasonable expectations of a violinmaker/ repairer and a "full time" violin maker in today's economy. I sometimes feel that some of those just leaving a VM school have a high expection of either being a full time maker (of which there are very few) or what they might be worth to a violin shop. What do you feel the median income for a violin maker is today? How does this fit with Rembert Wurlitzer's reported philosophy of paying the shop staff more than they would think they could make by leaving o