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  1. Hi ispirati,

    I remembered that you were from Taiwan. It's been a long while. How have you been? My daughter is three and a half years old, and I thought I should start getting her ready for violin playing, and say hi to the members I remembered.


  2. I bought a Bon Musica shoulder rest on internet for my kid recently. But I just realized that the advertised size does not match the violin size. Is there some where I can find a chart of various size of Bon Musica shoulder rest vs. the width of the violin lower bout? Thank you for your help.
  3. The Ole Bull del Gesu is on display in National Palace Museum in Taipei from 9/26 to 1/17. http://www.mediasphere.com.tw/violin/en_introduction.htm
  4. Let's put some faces to the name.... I looked in my email history with Marius and found these photos of him and her.... I thought I got con by the guy. I did get my second shipment, but without the neck pieces. When I demanded for him to ship me the neck pieces, he ignored me. Then I stopped buying from him. Fortunate for me, my loss was limited. If you ever see him or her parked outside of Mondomusica or other string instrument convention, please get my 10 neck pieces for me.
  5. Ah... the imfamous Marius Nenita appears again. This isn't the first time for Marius to post here. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?...4&hl=Segoya I did have one half successful transaction with Marius for about 15 sets of wood back in 2004. It was some of the best wood at very attractive pricing at the time. However, he short shipped the matching neck pieces as previously agreed. I took it slowly with this guy, trying to establish credibility with each other, giving him the benefit of doubt that it was a genuine mistake. I reordered within days of receiving the first shipment with another small quantity as "risk management". Fortunately and Unfortunately, I never received the 2nd batch of wood. Since his price was literally 1/2 of the market price at the time. I did not bother wasting time to chase him down. I simply "averaged" on my costs. I have other friends who also successfully purchased from him. The ony way to conduct business with this guy is in person. He shipped his wood to Mondomusica for some attending vendors, such as SVS. While at Mondomusica, he parks his truck outside of the convention center. You can find him there and buy from him in person. However, never buy from this guy over Internet or wire transfer. He has absolutely zero credibility.
  6. Few months back, I ordered a few sets of strings from a pretty reputable online violin shop. When I received them at the time, I did noticed one set of strings had the sealing tape on in an odd way. Last night, I finally got to use the strings. After I install the strings, I ran my fingers across the strings just to get that feel of the smoothness in the new string feelings. To my surprise, it has left over rosin on G, D, and A. The E string is the only new string in the entire set. It has been a while since I bought these strings. I no longer have the original receipt. I am not sure how to approach this problem. The money is insignificant. I just did not like the feeling that some one would sell used strings as new ones. This goes to the credibility of the seller. I hope this was a genuine over sight. Maybe in a senario where they used it to test a violin and put the strings back after they were done. Any suggestions on how I should deal with this issue?
  7. I like to get some ebony parts too. How can I get in contact with Larry? Thanks.
  8. yes... the mastic was undisolved. It is still in tear drop form.
  9. A quick question about mastic resin. If the mastic resin is aged for a long time (50+ years) in open air, and has already become dried, yellowed, and brittle, is it still usable? If still usable, is this a desirable feature as a varnish ingredient?
  10. This is an old thread. But I just want to follow up with the story. After watching Eugene struggling with the tiny VSO in the video, I shared the story with my friend Claudio Rampini in Italy. Collectively, Claudio and I provided a good instrument to Eugene so he can further improve his music making. It has been 2 years since we send him the violin. He competed in the Oistrakh violin competition in Ukraine last week and received the 2nd price. Here is the 50MB AVI file for his performance of Lalo in 2nd round. We are very happy with how he has developed musically. I hope you can enjoy it too. I did not use Youtube because I like to maintain the quality of recording as much as I can. http://rapidshare.com/files/154917118/Chep...ne__Latvia_.avi
  11. Guta, Here is a photo of Alfred Lanini. It was found in a small restaurant in Carmel, California. Recently, I also acquired a rare 1935 Alfred Lanini 5/8 violin with 320 mm in length. It was certainly a good example of his best period in the 1930's. I am saving it for my kids to play when they grow older.
  12. In 1953, it was acquired by Italian Governement. It has belonged to the Accademia Santo Cecillia in Rome and been used by the eminent soloists Gioconda de Vito and Pina Carmirelli. There are detail photos and data about the violin in the book "Strumenti di Anotonio Stradivari".
  13. any comment on the usage on dammar? Anyone has any success? or even better, does anyone have a good dammar varnish recipe?
  14. I have a fraction size violin with 320 mm in length. What fraction is this violin? In my reference document, it shows 1/2 is 300 mm. And 3/4 is 330 mm. Is there such size as 5/8? Should I consider this violin as a very big 1/2? or a small 3/4? Thanks.
  15. ispirati


    Ben... as I stated in my opening post, the last VSA Gold medal was one that was inspired by the Messiah. However, we all know the argument around the Messiah. I do not have a particular opinion about the arguement. But looking at Stradivari's work, we would mostly assume that he is trying to acheive symmetry. Of course one cannot avoid the "organic asymmetry" during the assembly process. But don't we agree that he tried to acheive the symmetry? From all the surviving moulds in the Cremona museum, I think there should be some evidence of that.
  16. you can find it at www.traitedelutherie.com. I bought my copy from a memeber at this forum who had an extra copy.
  17. ispirati


    I don't mean accidental asymmetry. To certain extend, we all try to acheive certain level of workmanship, hence trying to acheive the symmetry as long as the mould was designed symmetrically. When I saw the gold medal violin in last VSA, it was clear to me that the mould was not symmetrical. The 2 C-bouts were clearly different in shape. But it certainly was a beautiful violin with amazing tone. I just want to stick to the issue of symmetry here.
  18. Since we are talking about symmetry, I like to revive this long discussion 3 years ago. This topic was heavily discussed before the book "Traite de Lutherie" was published. Now, many of you have read the book. How has that effect your view on this topic again? I just recently obtain the book. I am in the mid of reading it.
  19. ispirati


    What is your view on instrument symmetry? The last VSA Gold medal violin was an asymmetric violin inspired by the "Messiah". It seems that the judges had no issue with it. On the other hand, Dennis Francais' book seems to suggest the design priciple of the violin is clearly based on geometry. Hence symmetry is a natural result of the design. Was there any significant classical instrument that were meant to be asymmetric? (distortion resulted from camera angle does not count..) Please share your thoughts.
  20. What is the final version of the arching program that elderthomas published?
  21. Hm.... I don't think you understood what I am trying to describe. The back is not quarter sawn. It is a slab cut. The crack did not penetrate through the wood. The crack is not from inside. The crack is cracking from outside towards the inside of the wood. It is like a layer of wood spliting away. There is no effect to the sound post yet. And there is sufficient wood to support the sound post at this moment. I am not even sure if I should call this a "sound post crack".
  22. Here is a close up photo of the crack. It is rather difficult to show in distance. I had to get real close with the view.
  23. I am looking at an one piece back violin with a hair line crack in the back near the sound post area. However, the crack is in a curve line rather than the usual straight line. After close examination, we noticed that the back piece is a slab cut as described in the attached diagram. The crack is along the grain line. It is like a surface crack that does not penetrate through the back. The crack runs horizontally rather than vertically through the wood. Would you consider this a sound post crack or a surface crack? And how would you repair it? do I need to make it worse before I can make it better?
  24. You can always contact John Pringle.... He is alive and kicking. http://www.pringleviols.com/ Email: john@pringleviols.com John Pringle Stringed Instrument Maker 2218 Mount Willing Road Efland, NC 27243 (919) 563-4118 You can always invite him to the forum so we can all pick his brain for a while...
  25. Funny that you mentioned that. I just had such water a while ago... It is called VOSS. http://www.vosswater.com/ I did not taste anything special about the water. But the glass bottle is certainly a keeper.
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