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  1. I heard they were made from harder trees like oak, beech, birch, and etc.
  2. Looks like Hafner #42 or Suzuki for biginner, 1960s.
  3. The four are going to be: #1 Top & bottom plates thin in the center. #2 Top & bottom plates thick in the center. #3 top plate thin center & bottom plate thick center. #4 top plate thick center & bottom plate thin center. some old high-arched instrument are tipe #3. other many (newer) instrument are tipe #2. #3 is faster response.
  4. I use WA-SHI (Japanese traditional handmade paper) to my label. It last long time, we can see sutra of buddhism over 1200 years ago in museum.
  5. I use alcohol lamp and wet cloth (not being too hot). Good phernambuco bow shows me stop bending time point by itself. I catch the sign from my finger.
  6. verde


    violin by da salo I repaired 7 years ago.
  7. Walter Barylli & Badura-Skoda . I love wienner style.
  8. quote: Originally posted by: Omobono I think usually a dowel rod is used instead of the bow in such cases. Mightn't be a bad idea for you either. thanks, i'll try it in my bamboo rod.
  9. I play cello in community orchestra, and next concert we play G.Mahler's no.1 symphonie. There he wrote ''fff mit dem bogen geschlagen'' to cello part in 2nd mov. I love this symphony, but more my old bow. I wonder which to be
  10. Charly Chapplin played and composed violin music well. He played left hand.
  11. (D) I make, restore, repair, buy and sell violins. I play cello in communuty orchestra and string ensamble, 3~8 concert in a year. VERDE
  12. I know him and his products well. Many famous cellists use his endpin in Japan. http://www.vcyoyo.ecnet.jp/sub33.html
  13. I take them before finishing, in rough carved they are.
  14. I always use microwave cocking oven in kitchen to heat bridges and bassbar. 1 min. or so, in 600w dial. then they become a little harder and weight down.
  15. Ah so, thanks nertz. Verde.
  16. I once repaired a Australian violin, copy of Guarneri del gesu. It was good one, big sound, warm and mellow tone. Name of maker was (I may be not correct spelling) KALINKANTA.
  17. Sorry, I missed spelling. This is a list of Finkel bows in Japan today. Allegro were sold for biginners to several years ago. http://gauche-sons.co.jp/SALE%20VN-BOW.html
  18. It's a products name of Finkel. Allegro, Atlier, rafin.....
  19. Quote: What I do is use a jig that clamps the plate endwise. The jig has a stationary anchor at one end and a hinged plate at the other. Both are slotted for convenient engagement of the plate. The "stationary" end can be moved to different positions for violas or children's violins etc. The two ends are joined by a piece of all-thread with a wing-nut. I put in the plate and tighten the nut beyond snug to give an extra "sagitta" of 3-5 mm depending on my judgement of how stiff the plate is. The plate bends as it wishes, and I mount the bar with no spring. Somehow this seems as though it would automatically account for something involved with the strength of the arch. I have not noticed any displacement of f-hole wings. But I will be on the lookout in the future. Very interesting. I use a jig like Michael's pix by 24mm plywood in repair works. Your jig plan is so good, so usefull to make and repair. I will and want take it. Thanks.
  20. In fact, the best one I favorite in all of music is Clarinet Concerto by Mozart.
  21. I saw many orchestra players used Synoxa and Corelli or Tonica for long lasting A string, but for good balanced tone, I think Obligato or Dominant or Olive is better.
  22. My favorite Vn: Bach No.2, Mendelssohn Vn, Va: Mozart Sinfonia Concertante Vc: Lalo, Rodrigo Concierto Galante P: Mozart 23
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