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  1. I heard they were made from harder trees like oak, beech, birch, and etc.
  2. Looks like Hafner #42 or Suzuki for biginner, 1960s.
  3. The four are going to be: #1 Top & bottom plates thin in the center. #2 Top & bottom plates thick in the center. #3 top plate thin center & bottom plate thick center. #4 top plate thick center & bottom plate thin center. some old high-arched instrument are tipe #3. other many (newer) instrument are tipe #2. #3 is faster response.
  4. I use WA-SHI (Japanese traditional handmade paper) to my label. It last long time, we can see sutra of buddhism over 1200 years ago in museum.
  5. I use alcohol lamp and wet cloth (not being too hot). Good phernambuco bow shows me stop bending time point by itself. I catch the sign from my finger.
  6. verde


    violin by da salo I repaired 7 years ago.
  7. Walter Barylli & Badura-Skoda . I love wienner style.
  8. quote: Originally posted by: Omobono I think usually a dowel rod is used instead of the bow in such cases. Mightn't be a bad idea for you either. thanks, i'll try it in my bamboo rod.
  9. I play cello in community orchestra, and next concert we play G.Mahler's no.1 symphonie. There he wrote ''fff mit dem bogen geschlagen'' to cello part in 2nd mov. I love this symphony, but more my old bow. I wonder which to be
  10. Charly Chapplin played and composed violin music well. He played left hand.
  11. (D) I make, restore, repair, buy and sell violins. I play cello in communuty orchestra and string ensamble, 3~8 concert in a year. VERDE
  12. I know him and his products well. Many famous cellists use his endpin in Japan. http://www.vcyoyo.ecnet.jp/sub33.html
  13. I take them before finishing, in rough carved they are.
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