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  1. actually when I was studying violin making back in the 80s, we learned that the crux of the matter was the angle of the strings on the bridge , and only that was important and not the height itself, like you can have a 84 degree angle at 23/83, 24/84 aso we talked a lot about Russell's experiment, and I never knew if he really was right
  2. that is a good idea thanks
  3. Hi I am in two minds about my cello repair: Moitessier Cello , nicely made, nice varnish Label says 1885 , Two very bad wolves on D and A , un unsane projection of 89 at the bridge. Officially I though that pulling the tension down (Neck out and refit on 80, 82 ), should produce more wolves , so I don't know if it is not better to open the cello, make a little bar or patch where the wolves are, , adjust a new stronger bar to make more tension, try to take down the projection as much as possible with the neck/table further down I don’t want to put too much tension on the back though What do you think ? What would you suggest ? At the moment I have an amazing high bridge, so I could ,I guess ,cut it down just leaving enough clearance to play which would may be help me to determine whether the wolves are getting better or worth ?
  4. here are some more pictures. I put some earth colour to make it esier to read
  5. thank you very much for posting the link I may ask him if he would do a copy of mine on order I am looking forward to it !!!!
  6. both tools are about 150mm long I bought the "machine Handle One" about 20 years ago from dictum which was Dick tools
  7. well the first picture is actually now the second one !!! strange
  8. Hello I am looking for the address of a Japanese tool maker, most probably living in Kyoto but this is not sure He signature is shown in the picture nr 2 I would like to order a carving tool from him Have you heard of him, do you know of anybody selling his work ? they are just wonderfully made I would also like to order a knives fron one other maker, see the first picture thank you for any hints as to where I can order / purchase
  9. by the way it is also a very good carving tool to make netsuke
  10. would you know where in Japan? a friend of mine lives in Kyoto , he could order it for me there. do you know the name of the firm which makes them and sell them other than in set? or may be a shop ? thanks in advance
  11. Hi About twenty years ago I bought this tool (see pictures) I would like to buy a new one but don't seem to be able to locate a seller Does anybody knows ? thank you for your help
  12. hello i found this in an old violin maker shop. Has anybody any suggestion for its uses? I thought it could be for bending a head plate of a bow, but it doesn‘t quite fit any idea? thanks
  13. I have been wondering: I am resetting a neck, to change the projection. I filled the top block part with the same wood as the block, which is on this case willow.I could have a block going all the way throught to the table and so I would avoid to have to fit a piece of pine, on the table, which would not go along the grain any way. the willow would have standing years of course be might be less obnoxious as the pine besides being in one piece.What do you reckon willow all the way through or pie cross grain? thank you for your thoughts
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