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  1. hello i found this in an old violin maker shop. Has anybody any suggestion for its uses? I thought it could be for bending a head plate of a bow, but it doesn‘t quite fit any idea? thanks
  2. I have been wondering: I am resetting a neck, to change the projection. I filled the top block part with the same wood as the block, which is on this case willow.I could have a block going all the way throught to the table and so I would avoid to have to fit a piece of pine, on the table, which would not go along the grain any way. the willow would have standing years of course be might be less obnoxious as the pine besides being in one piece.What do you reckon willow all the way through or pie cross grain? thank you for your thoughts
  3. hello does anybody knows where to buy tool by this maker? thank you for any hint I think he works in Tokyo but I am not sure
  4. thanks I'll check but may be for me in Europe dictum is cheaper
  5. thanks I will get one at least !
  6. because I was not talking about the adjuster for the blade, but of the iron cap which keeps the blade in place thank you all the same Mark
  7. thanks Jeffrey, that was worrying me I could of course buy one as a xmas present for my assistant and wait and see :-)))))))
  8. well thank you all for your answers and suggestions nobody really answered my question ie does the screw of this plane(pocket veritas) work well.? I bought the miniature veritas, which was not meant to be used true but just looked at , but nevertheless works if you add a piece of wood to tighten the screw in place. since the new pocket plane has the same fastening system I was wondering wether for this plane you can tighten the blade less than every minute. I like the ergonomic shape, I like that it is lighter than the stanley 102 or 61/2 or than the low anglel veritas, I like that
  9. I have the nielsen and I hate it wrong size for my hand and difficult to let the blade show just what you need
  10. hi Brad do you know or do you assume ? Have you seen any of them before ? Deblaye is actually Albert and not Eugene, that is why I ask again, please forgive me:-))
  11. Hello I have just received a Mirecourt violin, very nicely made, kind of upper quality from JTL. On the label it says Copie de Lupot à Paris printed Serie A44 may be E D written by hand or E P no date . I would say no later than 1930 Could it be Deblaye ? I can't find any info on the serie 44 bit any idea ? deblaye and hie 54 workers ? thank you for information
  12. Hello everybody I had a Kevlar tailgut on one of my cello. it was about in the middle of the space of the lower bout. I put it there thinking that I was doing that the weight of the tail piece was at its maximum. but it made the 1/6 proportion (distance bridge-tailpiece )to the string length "wrong" (too short 100 instead of the 115 required for the "right " proportion) an other violin maker decided that it should be changed and put the tailpiece at the official distance 115. now the cello has two more wolves :-)) easy to put it back as it was no problem bu