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  1. Gray Violiner, Thank you so much for the link!!! I just sent in my order for Shindler's List and the Red Violin Caprices. That's what I love about Maestronet - just ask and you shall receive!! Thanks again - I am looking forward to receiving this sheet music. Whether I will be able to play them is another question - but I will have fun trying. You know what they say - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Obsessed
  2. Allegro, I am also moved by Shindler's List. I have been searching for the sheet music for some time now and cannot find it. Where did you purchase yours? Obsessed
  3. Hi, We are planning a trip to Thailand in February. We will be visiting Bangkok for 4 days, then up north to Chiangmai (with several other stops along the way - I don't have the full itinerary in front of me). Then back down to Phuket for another 4 days. I was wondering if any of you maestroneters have been there and if so, are there any violin shops, museums, opera houses etc. - (anything to do with the violin world) that is a must to see???
  4. Hi, I choose obsessed because since I started playing violin again after a 42 year absence, I have been totally obsessed with trying to learn it all over again!!! (after 4 years I still have a long way to go!!!)
  5. obsessed

    A motif

    Hi Selim, We visited Turkey in May of this year. I bought 3 cd's which featured violin music. One of which this song "Gulumcan" is on. You can imagine my surprise when I clicked on your link and heard this incredible song. When I first heard it, I painstakingly wrote down all the notes so I could play it on my violin. No easy task for a beginner/intermediate amateur player. I now know the song by heart and absolutely love it!!!! I am really fascinated by Turkish music!!! Quite a different sound. By the way, Turkey is a very beautiful country. We had a wonderful time there!!
  6. I keep my violin on a stand so it is easily accessible for practise. Should I be keeping it in the violin case with a humidifier? I live in a very wet climate (80 inches of rain per year!)
  7. Hi, I have just received the Brahms violin concerto DVD performed by Itzhak Perlman. Also included is the CD. You can order it through Amazon.ca. The cost was $23.99 CND plus shipping. Obsessed
  8. Michael, I recently took my violin to a luthier who told me that my fingerboard did not have enough of an angle. What should the proper measurement be between the end of the fingerboard and the violin? Also how far should the strings be above the end of the fingerboard? Do you not put any angle on the fingerboard in relation to the violin, or are you talking about just the fingerboard itself? I hope you understand what I am getting at! I am not a violin maker, just a beginner violinist. Obsessed
  9. Hi Michael, I washed my violin bowhair with rubbing alcohol as you suggested. I even undid the frog and removed it from the bow (I never imagined ever doing this on my own) Actually, it was very easy to do - with your advise, of course. What a difference clean bowhair makes!!! The stratchy sounds that I was hearing are completely gone!! Thank you so much for the information. I have another question - how often can I repeat this procedure? Whenever I hear the stratchy sounds? If I do it too often, will it eventually wear down the hair? Thanks again Obsessed
  10. Hi Michael, I was wondering how you clean your bowhair with rubbing alcohol? Do you put the alcohol on a cloth/paper towel and rub the bowhair with it - if so, how much alcohol do you use? Is the bowhair quite wet? Does it dry quickly? How long do you wait before you put rosin back on? This is a very informative site - and I appreciate all your expert advice!!
  11. Hi, Verde I play in a small community orchestra (very amateur). Our oldest player is 92 years old!! She is a fabulous player, better than most of us there!! We get together once a week, but she is also involved in other groups and performs almost every day. I only hope that I can play as well as her when I reach 92!!! (thats about another 36 years). Obsessed
  12. Hi Highstrung, I am currently working on a book that deals only with the Third Position. "Violin - The Third Postion - A new and comprehensive approach to the study of the third positon on the violin"- by Belisario Errante. Approach: (quoted from the first page of the book) 1. Third position is introduced on the E string. This alleviates a reading problem which confronts students when the lower strings are introduced prior or simlutaneously with the E string. Students have difficulty in correlating one and the same notes on different strings. 2. Different finger patterns and shifting exercises are thoroughly covered on the E string before introducing the other strings. 3. Each new string is introduced in the same manner as the E string and systematically combined with the previous string, using appropriate studies. 4. Shifting exercises and finger patterns are related to key signatures as an aid to melodic and harmonic thinking. 5. Exercises in shifting when crossing strings are included. (end quote) I am finding this book very helpful as a new adult beginner. Hope this helps!! Obsessed
  13. Hi Songbird, I am doing very well in my studies!! My shoulder doesn't ache as much any more - I joined Curves in September and have found that to be very helpful. I started with a new violin teacher at the end of Sept., and although she is very eccentric/weird, I am improving. I was always told that I had very good intonation, but according to her - not good enough!!! That is a good thing though - she is very fussy!!! She insists that I record myself playing and listen - wow! that really helps. I also play in a local string group of amateurs and have been upgraded to 1st violin (not because I am good - but because they need more 1st's!!!). Very good motivation to practice, practice, practice. Also reading all the threads on this forum has helped immensly - there is so much information out there!! Anyway, I am enjoying myself very much after all these years!!! Obsessed
  14. Hi, Welcome to the group of "old" new beginners. I, too, picked up the violin after 42 years. I have been playing now for about 2 years and am completely obsessed with it. My parents are also very thrilled that those 6 years of lessons (between the age of 6 -12) finally paid off!!!! My two cents worth of advice to you is - do not attempt to teach yourself!! I had a couple of teachers that were mediocre and decided to learn on my own.(particularly 3rd position) As a result, of course, I taught myself several bad habits that my new teacher is now trying to rectify!! To all those "old" new beginners - isn't it wonderful to pull something out of the recesses of your brain that have been laying idle all those years and realize that YOU STILL REMEMBER!!! Obsessed
  15. Hey Tropicalfruitmom, I'm with you!! I was checking out all the beautiful fabrics myself!! I thought I was the only one who would notice!! Nice to see that there are other things of interest on this site besides violins!!! Now if I could only put my violin down to get some sewing done!!! Obsessed
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