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  1. I have had success by removing the endpin socket and fishing the endpin through the empty cello endpin hole. Hard part is lifting the endpin. I've used a modified soundpost retriever to grab the endpin and some thin, narrow wood pieces to 'steer' the endpin. After you remove the endpin be sure to modify it so it can't slip back in.
  2. I'm sure this instrument is one of his earlier works and I believe it was made before his VSA recognitions. My original question/confusion about price was a product of what you described..I know its value back in 1986 but was unsure how to calculate it's present day value. I am pleased to read about the continued success of Matsudas instruments and hope that his reputation will continue to reflect positively on the value of my cello. The saying 'it's worth what someone will pay' may be as close as I will get to an answer. Manfio, thank you for your insight and opinion. R.Engel
  3. I have one to sell. Played on it since 1986.. R.Engel
  4. Thanks for the advice and guidance. I spend most of my time lurking on the pegbox so am not familiar with appropriate etiquette on this subject. I am a bit surprised I can't find more information on line about previous sales and such...but that just goes to support your statement on the reluctance of sharing of instrument prices etc. I'm not sure I'd want a dealer sharing what I paid for a particular instrument either...
  5. I have been searching the internet and auctions to learn what an early (1985) Matsuda cello, in good playing shape, might sell for . Found one on Tarisio but that's it. Would anyone have an idea what his cellos are selling for in todays market? Is he still making cellos? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  6. Is there a suggested proportion or ratio that should be followed in regards to the mixture of color/varnish/kerosene? R.E.
  7. I believe it’s clear…. I want a 27mm arch for a cello top. Given a finished edge thickness of 5mm, the center seam should start with a thickness of 27mm not 32mm? (+allowance for planning lower surface flat) R.Engel
  8. Another 'lurker' steps out. Is arching height measured from the top of the edge thickness or from the bottom of the plate? The Johnson/Courtnall book says to add the thickness of the edge to your desired arching height to determine the thickness of your center joint. Am I reading this right? Thanks for your help and clarification. R.Engel
  9. I've had some success with changing the type of C or G string. I switched a tugsten spirocore G to a chrome wound G and the wolf was greatly reduced (on the G and the D strings). It also may help to try a different D string...maybe a Jargar, they seem to work well on many celli. The string tension/gauge plays quite an important role in taming the wolf.
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