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  1. Since you're in the Charleston area, put the Vandalia Festival on your calendar -------------------------------------------------------- I'm only 10 minutes from downtown so I hit the Gathering pretty much every year. It wasn't until I took up the violin myself that I realized you really shouldn't have a big, white spot of caked-on rosin under the strings. It doesn't seem to interfere with great fiddlin', though. LOL.
  2. I've been studying the last piece in Suzuki Book 1 all summer. My teacher told me when we started it that "the summer will be all about tone". I didn't really understand what she meant until a few weeks ago when it seemed that we began disecting every measure and every note for getting the best sound possible. I'm just a beginner, but Hilary Hahn's work inspires me. I didn't realize the work was really paying off until everyone started commenting lately on how much improved my sound is. I'm still inconsistent, but oh so much better when really cliking. Yes, Suzuki study is big on getting good tone. My teacher has incorporated some other easier tunes to work on also that helped get me through all the repetition.
  3. If you enjoyed it you should pick up her recording of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas. I believe she recorded the CD at 16. The first note lieraly jumps out at you. It's just crystal clear. I listen to this CD for inspiration and motivation. Ooooo, I would love to hear Nadia S-S live. What a treat you must have had.
  4. How wonderful that the children got that experience. I'm sure that it made a big impression on them. Wasn't the Bach impressive. I still can hear the remarkable clarrity of the notes in the quiet of the hall.
  5. Yes, and a large format movie theater(generic Imax?). They are showing "Everest" right now. I saw it at an Imax in Philadelphia. Very well worth the visit if only to see this movie. It really is a great place to go explore with kids. The symphony plays in the Maier Performance Hall. I saw Mary Chapin Carpenter there a couple of months ago and Natalie McMasters last year. Mountain Stage has a show coming up there with Bruce Hornsby. There is a more intimate performance stage called Walker Theater also for smaller concerts. Have you seen the building at night? It's beautiful.
  6. I had heard that she would stay until the last person in line got an autograph. She did not disappoint.
  7. Is that the symphony in Charleston? How is that new concert hall? --------------------------------------------------------- Yes. The hall is beautiful but has half the seating of the old auditorium. The symphony used to be on only one night. Because of less seating it is now on 2 nights. It could be my imagination and longing for the old, familiar auditorium, but I think the acoustics were better there.
  8. I had the pleasure to hear HH in concert at the season opening of our symphony on the 18th. She was mar-vah-lous. During the intermission I went to the lobby to buy a CD and she sat down right in front of me for autographs. I got both CDs signed, but the best was yet to come. A poster of the guest soloist is always on an easel as you enter the seating area. I asked an usher as I went back in if I could have the poster after the concert (I got Midori's last year). This particular usher was not so giving and said he had, "no authority to allow you to have it" and he doubted if that was possible. After the concert we were a bit slow leaving the area and when we got to the lobby no usher was in sight. I swiped the poster and since HH was still signing, I moved over to the table. There were only a few people in front of me. When I laid the poster in front of her she asked an "official-looking" employee of our Arts and Sciences Center if she COULD sign the poster. I held my breath but he said "fine". A real coup! It's a real classy poster (on matt posterboard stock) about 2'x 3' with a beautiful "Opening Night" in pretty calligraphy across it. The pic of HH on it is from her Bach Partitas and Sonatas CD. It's currently at a shop being framed.
  9. << Right now her name is Connie... >> Ummm...well...ummm...<biting tongue>
  10. I read on one of the violin forums of a teacher who gave nail clippers as Christmas gifts to her students. I don't know about anyone else but I need to clip both hands because the nail on the pinkie is in the way on the frogand the thumbnail gets in the way too. I keep clippers in my case too. The character: If she's got a vane side you could have her looking in the mirror and bemoaning her "violin hickey".
  11. Make sure you don't say anything about the character's long beautiful nails. As a matter of fact, it would add credibility if you could find a way to incorporate the violinist's misery over not having long, beautiful nails. Of course, that is if the character is female, but a male violinist isn't going to have much of a fingernail either. Eve...who misses her long, beautiful nails
  12. I saw it Monday with a friend. It is not the genre of movie that I like (at least I thought that before going), but my friend loves this stuff. I actually called her to ask her to join me because I was going for the music enjoyment. On a newsgroup I frequent (bowed-strings) someone noted that their daughter was in it also, so I had reasons for going. While I wouldn't call it spectacular, I enjoyed it. I'll not say anymore so as not to spoil it. I just wanted to say that the music is terrific.
  13. I've had several paino lessons with him also, eg.,1st movement of the Pathetique ( I've finished the 2nd and he did critique it for me). ------------------------------------------------------- Pathetique. Oh, so beautiful. It's music that makes my heart burst.
  14. I've asked about technique. That tuned out to be easily defined and straight forward. Now, I'd like to understand "musicality". I'm reading it more and more, but without being told just what it is. One poster recently felt that sometimes you can overlook someone's bad technique because their "musicality" was so wonderful. I just thought this might be a good discussion. Is "musicality" a more abstract term than "technique". By that I mean, is it more subjective and relative to someone's opinion?
  15. I think she is terrific, but even at her age, she is not what Menuhin was at 16. The main point, however, is that Elgar actually conducted the performance. Thus, this CD represents the way Elgar thought the concerto should sound, and Menuhin carried it out. ------------------------------------------------ But, then again, she doesn't have that opportunity. I'm a HH fan. I just like her sound, but I'm a beginner and can't challenge much. BTW, HH is the guest soloist when our symphony opens for the season in September. I'm excited about it and will let everyone know how it goes.
  16. Delibes here, also. Lakme...Flower Duet...love it.
  17. I was having trouble posting and asked one person on this board about this privately, but finally, I can post. How about getting some definitions of "technique" and "why it is important". So often I hear "he's got great technique" or a teacher is working on a student's "technique". How about a discussion for the enlightenment of this adult beginner (16 months) and others who may be curious.
  18. Quote: We have now taken our 7 year old to two CSO performances - the first featuring Hahn and the most recent with Midori. The 7 year old prefers Hahn. He read her stage presence (she looked around at the orchestra a lot) as 'friendliness' and seemed to take it personally that Midori did not play an encore. If his reaction is in anyway typical, Hahn may be doing classical music a much needed service recruiting a new generation of fans. Hannah Midori was the featured solist with our symphony last month. Though, as a student, I was completely impressed and absorbed in watching her, the music choice, The John Adams Concerto, left a lot to be desired...and that is putting it mildly. I had a near mutiny on my hands. Had I not been the driver for the evening, I would have been left behind. I had to beg my brother and 2 sisters to stay. Hilary Hahn is coming in September. I have it on good authority that she is doing Paganini's Concerto #1 in D Major, a much more pleasing piece, IMHO. BTW...Midori did not do an encore at our performance either...but, then again, there was not much begging either.
  19. Quote: I agree, her current shoulder rest looks like a customized affair. I only got one good view of it as she was walking offstage last weekend, but it looked like there were two velvet-covered cylindrical cushions at each end, and that they were spaced so that one of the cylinders would rest behind her shoulder and the other in front of her shoulder. I'm pretty sure that in the past she used something that either was a Kun or looked a lot like a Kun-style rest. She has always had the handkerchief whenever I've seen her play over the past 4 years or so. I'd have been happy to ask her about it but as noted above, chit-chat time was in short supply! She is opening the symphonic season here (Charleston, WV) in Sept. I will ask about the shoulder rest if I get the chance. Perhaps, if, as you suspect it is a Kun, those two rolls are to keep it from falling off. I don't have a Kun, but I certainly have heard this as being a common problem.
  20. < Worst of all is last chair on the outside of the firsts. > For those of us who merely dream of playing in an orchestra...why?...and do others agree?
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