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  1. Talking about Old Wood and their "technical gelatin"... They say you have to put that on before using their wood colouring products, isn't that a bid odd? Or am I odd
  2. Hi Jacob and thanks, I have had a look inside already, it has normal sized corner blocks and a glued in bass bar and the belly and back joints have the little diamond studs. I'll check the scroll fluting tonight. So it appears to be Mittenwald then I guess...
  3. Hello all, Can someone tell me more about this Cello? It has no label inside, it needs some work, small crack on the table and I know it is at least 50 years old (an uncle played it)
  4. Just to let you know, the pegs are out! Without using a gun, drill, pliers or a pile driver. Just a gentle tap (no quite hard actually) like Brad suggested
  5. Thanks Peter and Brad, I'll give both suggestions a go
  6. I strung it up in November last year, I cannot recall what the weather was like then, but I'm guessing it is dryer now… And how do I dry the scroll? (or is that a silly question ;-) )
  7. Thanks for your reply Jacob, but I did try to turn the pegs both ways, without success...
  8. Hello all, I strung up my last violin a bit too hasty to have it played by someone and didn't use any peg paste (or how is that called?). And then due to whatever reasons I hadn't been able to work on it again for a couple of months and now it's impossible to move the pegs... Pegs are ebony and pegbox is maple of course. Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
  9. They're all part of the Peugeot family I think the one with the lion on an Arrow dates back to around 1850...
  10. Peugeot? No wait, that's french...
  11. My 2 cents for what it's Worth ;-) I also paint a bit and oil paints are available in any color you like and different levels of transparency. On my last violin I used OldWood oil varnish and colored it with a bit of oil paint. Worked very well!
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