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  1. dpetruescu

    Am o vioara

    You guys crack me up Was going to ask for all the info and post it in pegbox for everybody, God knows I couldn't help him myself. But alas, he hasn't gotten back to me. We are everywhere, I have an ex-sister in law in norway but I never been. Rue, sarmale. Have you had them or did Google whispered to you? There's no party without sarmale
  2. dpetruescu

    Am o vioara

    Let me see if I can help. He wants help valuing this violin, which he thinks may be made by Carlo Bergonzi. I'll take this conversation offline and comeback to the group once all the appropriate pictures/details are known. Daca aveti nevoie de ajutor, puteti sa-mi trimiteti email la dpetruescu@yahoo.com si putem discuta. Daca aveti nevoie, pot sa va translatez dorinta ca sa inteleaga grupul, si apoi pot sa va translatez ce spun ei. Trimitetimi un email si putem vorbi.
  3. I thought that the link provided in the other thread (duplicated here) gave a good overview of one could protect oneself: https://www.bdo.com/blogs/consumer-business-compass/february-2012/treatment-of-consignment-inventory-in-bankrupttcy?feed=8799bc52-2237-4688-aeac-83e40e623b56
  4. Wow, you guys are awesome! Making instruments (violins, guitars) is something I've been wanting to do for a long long time, but being young I went the money route, worked in Silicon Valley for a long time, now that I'm in my 40s, have slowed down, moved away from the hustle and bustle of the valley and went back to school. So although I don't have the money I used to have, I do have the time and the space to do the things I've been putting off. I know this will be a learning process and I am looking forward to it. You may have to put up with a lot of questions from me, but I'll do my best to ask the dumb ones to myself I am working and taking classes this summer and plan to build my tool inventory so I can get started in the fall (when I plan on taking only a couple of courses). Thank you all for all your input. -David
  5. dpetruescu


    Been lurking for a long time. In preparing to start on my first instrument, I thought occurred to me: making one instrument at a time seems like a slow way of learning the art. Would it not be better to make something like 10 backs (all using identical wood and same pattern) one after another. This way, one can apply the lessons learned along the way to the next one. Instead of being very meticulous on the first, just know that the number 8-10 will be much better then the first few. One could then move and do the same for the tops and so on. My guess is that the back and top may not be graduated to final specs as that could be left for when I'd put the instrument together. My intuition tells me that this strategy should help in learning one thing at a time, and although I would not master anything perse, I would expect that the learning would be sped up somewhat. The other upside to this would be that I would not need to buy all the required tools at the onset, but instead acquire them as I move on to the next "zone". But given that this comes from somebody that hasn't made his first instrument yet, what do I know. Has anyone tried this? What would you suggest?
  6. I've talked to a now retired violin maker/restorer and he was telling me that, even tho the city has over 500,000 people, renting violins was very tough, especially after the schools closed their string music programs, due to too much teacher competition. He ended up stoping rentals all together and he concentrated on repair/setups instead.
  7. I just passed by his place yesturday, and I am sory to report that he has retired. His son has been picking up stuff and taken it to S California where he has a shop. He has been doing this for over 60 years. A realy nice guy indeed.
  8. Is it a common practice for violin teachers to rent/sell instruments to students? Mainly in Sacramento, CA. The reason I ask is that I convinced a friend of mine to rent a violin, instead of using the one purchased off eBay, untill he is sure the that he's daughter will stick to it. This way for $25/mo he can get a better instrument. Otherwise he'll have to put another $100+ into the eBay violin, plus there don't seem to be any repair shops in Sacramento...
  9. A friend of mine purchased an ebay violin and needs to take it in for a setup. I would appreciate it if someone recomend some violin shops in Sacramento area as I am not fammiliar with the area
  10. A friend of mine purchased an ebay violin and needs to take it in for a setup. I would appreciate it if someone recomend some violin shops in Sacramento area as I am not fammiliar with the area.
  11. How does anybody on this board feel about violin making competitions? Are they worth entering? How many luthiers on this board actually copete in this way? I understand that it could be good from a marketing perspective, among other reasons, if one wins the competition. But practicaly, how much value ( versus time,energy...etc) does it add to your bank book.
  12. Great topic. There is another question that came to mind... What price range are all this great makers into?