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  1. String length aside, you will have to post the appropriate photos. There are a LOT of old cellos out there!
  2. I thought so! But I also thought some violinists were "great"...and then was shot down ...so I am being careful! Andrew Victor mentioned the fingers dancing over the fingerboard...and this certainly is just that.
  3. Is this cellist as good as I think he is? Just wondering...as I keep exploring... If you're curious; he has Treacher-Collins, a facial anomaly. Kei Otake (went to Juilliard):
  4. Yes! Thumb position! I had no plans of going there! So 1st and 4th are the most important beginner must-knows? LOL! And THAT was my default! If I can't play it, I will dust it and admire its beauty from afar!
  5. My fuzzy pal is a bad boy! But I think he's getting finally the message...NO attacking cello bows! Violin remains my main instrument. I just enjoy the challenge of learning something new...and seeing how much of what I've learned over the years can be applied to a new endeavor. I did the same with viola, bassoon and guitar. Again, my immediate goal is to play competently in 1st position. And I see that I'll need to include 2nd position fairly soon though, in order to play basic beginner bits. And we'll see how it goes! But I doubt I'll become a cellist in favour of being a violinist. Where is your Amazon cello now? What brand was it?
  6. ...so many images I don’t want to see...
  7. Hmm. An attempt at an art project? There are many "crafty" violins. It was a "thing" several years ago...especially for symphony fund-raisers. Which is fine if they are VSOs to begin with. However, I suppose a few real violins have been sacrificed as well...
  8. You live in Atlantis?
  9. Sounds like you a good teacher! Will have to look up the Haydn Concerto. I know many of them when I hear them, but for the life of me, the names of concertos just don't "stick" in my memory. I like the analogy of fingers dancing on the fingerboard!: ...in the meantime I'm still either stomping or shuffling.
  10. I am as happy as a tortoise in a bowl of radicchio! (For now at least ). And I'm sorry your bow didn't pan out! I assume (yes, I know) that the "master" level refers to bows made of better materials and, if not entirely made by one person, at least overseen, or put together, or fine-tuned, by an individual. Er, presumably said "master".
  11. No problem! Let's go for coffee! Hope you're not too far away!
  12. I was joking......mostly... I now have a better feel for how much I need to stretch my hand to reach notes. And...I have an added hazard...er, I mean helper...he's got a thing for bows. But only when they're in motion...
  13. I don't know if you can see the colour difference between the CF and the wooden bow:
  14. Thanks! I think you're right. I scrubbed it off with water. It didn't come off completely, but some did come off. It's really not visible, unless you have a magnifying glass out!
  15. @Cerulean5346 I will try to not drop my ipe VIOLIN bow!
  16. ...I sense a bout of fisticuffs on the horizon...
  17. Not Ipe. I have an ipe violin bow.
  18. ? Which has no visible grain?
  19. Thanks! I have no reason to think it's not pernumbuco, 81.3 g, silver mounted. All as advertised. Horse hair looks like good quality. The "Buy it now" price is $600 USD. I don’t know if anyone ever buys items at that price, and I did look at previous "wins"...and found one that went for $80...but I still don't feel like I overpaid. It was an accidental purchase. I didn't want to sit on bids indefinitely trying to find a better deal. Too stressful. I also assume these are loss leaders, at least to some extent. I played it today, and after another good rosining session, it played even better than yesterday. Maybe a professional wouldn't like it (for whatever "advanced" reason, but I am unlikely to ever get to that point). So a good accident for me!
  20. Thanks guys! It's a YitaMusic "Master" bow and I got it for about $150 USD...plus S&H. I have had absolutely no issues with this company over the years. So I don’t mind giving them a thumbs up.
  21. Note to self: Disinfect any used bows before trying out...
  22. p.s. Getting a bow rehaired around here is not easy...
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