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  1. Yeah...nope. I wasn't referring to the age comments.
  2. If I had to guess (and I'm certainly guessing)...it's just another medium quality Markie. ...but that wasn't my point...
  3. Regarding your violin, don't get caught up in the quicksand about the minutiae of "quality and value". There are so many factors that figure in, it's overwhelming at the start. You have a servicable violin that plays well. FWIW, the wood on the back of your violin is flamed...with narrow stripes, but wasn't varnished to enhance the appearance. But, as was mentioned, the wood - plain or flamed, doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the sound, or of the build. Same with the blackened pegbox. Not my preference either, but doesn't matter one way or the other.
  4. Pot calling out the kettle??? To the OP...feel free to ignore the pots...
  5. You're not supposed to drink Everclear "as is". We always had some around, my aunt was into making fruit liqueurs for a number of years. Even in my tough, heavy-drinking family, it was never just drunk...
  6. Er...after reading Phillip's translation, I'll just stick to reading it directly in German...
  7. That explains so many things...about violin making... ...addled brains, cat gut...
  8. I'm repeating myself, but FWIW, I have 2, 20 level Yita instruments (won on eBay!); a violin and a viola. Setup was fine; bridges are well cut, pegs fit fine, etc. They are holding up - just fine - over time. The Dominant strings that came with the violin were fine. The no-name strings that came with the viola were unplayable (expected this - replaced strings, no problem). Are they "top line"? No. Are they good bang for the buck. Definitely. As to the 19 and 21 level instruments - no idea. I also bought several violin and viola bows. They are all fine. I've had my favourite rehaired. The technician said it was a good bow. The bows that were included with the instruments are fine. In fact, the one that came with the violin is very nice. I happily use it when I play the Yita violin. The cases they came in, are indeed, not useable for anything but storage. So what? Get a different case for daily use. I have become very tired of the trend to put down the Yita instruments - and always, it seems, when comparing them, unfairly, to much more expensive instruments and equipment: "Hey! I have a $200 dollar X Brand violin outfit. I compared it to my friend's violin ($5000, $2000 bow, $500 case). It sucks! Don't buy one unless you're prepared to put in $1000 to fix it up!" They are excellent for what they are. If I had a Yita 20 when I started (even taking into account all their possible faults - and of couse there are/will be some!), I still would have been miles ahead of the game. P.s. Using the "model" to prove/disprove quality is ludicrous.
  9. Trained for 10 years...to do what? Play the cello? Teach the cello? Cello repairs? Regardless, he would be a good starting point. Hopefully, if he can't resolve the issue, he will know who to send you to.
  10. I really really think we are underestimating the effect of outside influence, be it peers, a tendency to read from questionable sites, an unrecognized desire to own a 'certain' something, etc, price point (in isolation).. For example; I remember (when we were young) my husband loving some article of clothing he bought, thinking it was something special (brand, price). As soon as he found out it wasn't, he hated it. The item was still exactly the same. It was well made. It fit him well. But nope...now it was 'cr*p'.
  11. Interesting that the pages are entirely missing, but at least now you can print them off and stuff them in the book!
  12. Well...I really don't see the appeal of this one either. What's that thingy on the back? Under the button? But! As ways...if it sounds good!
  13. A lot of our perceptions are coloured by our environment. So to assert "Suffice to say it wasn't an accident that your daughter picked out the $20K violin along with the $5.5K bow" strikes me as overstated. For example, I just read an anecdote about a 15-year old girl, who needed to stay with her aunt - and was appalled that she was obligated to stay in her aunt's "hovel" because it had carpeted floors, a tub shower with a curtain, no marble floors and no access to a pool.
  14. Well..by 11 years of age, if they are performing at a higher level (and even if they are not) ...they are perfectly capable of checking their equipment in advance. I am not sure why a tuning peg is only going to slip on a backup instrument though. And I don't believe I ever suggested that the backup instrument should be an unpredictable piece of cr*p. My backup/outdoor violin is perfectly sound.
  15. You use the "nice fiddle" to learn on - and/or during performances. You use the backup for rehearsals, group settings, etc. Kids are notoriously "uncareful" around "stuff", especially around other people's stuff. Sincerely; Previous Band Parent
  16. I started, in a group setting, at 10-years of age, on a 4/4. So did the others. Don't recall anyone having a problem. I didn't even know fractionals existed until years later. Not saying that proper sizing/fit isn't important, just that it wasn't even "a thing" at that time. Some 30 years later - none of my three kids would have needed anything smaller at age 10 either - so unless a child is very small at that age, or very slow growing, it may not be of concern.
  17. Rue

    The Odds Are...

    Er, well... ...no?
  18. The always entertaining, unintended, double entendre...
  19. There are a great many variables. The violin/bow have to be "good enough" to facilitate progress. Price of equipment is NOT an absolute indicator of quality or playability. Don't overspend. Don't obscess about finding a bargain. Don't get caught up in name brands or what violin the Joneses just bought for their kid. Or worse, trying to upstage the Joneses. Look for a tool. Does it matter if the child gives up music for medical school? No. If they love their instrument, and continue to play for personal enjoyment, it's still money well spent.
  20. Rue

    The Odds Are...

    Well yes, I can't come up with bone fide meaningful odds either, but it is infinitesimal. Yet hope springs eternal! Guess it's best to always double check, just in case! Still, you'd think the go-to, on discovering that attic violin would be "likely NOT a Strad" versus "what if it IS a Strad?"
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