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  1. Well, people do have lives - outside of MN! Violin looks like it is in good shape. It is not an expensive violin, so the value (to you) would be in sound quality. And...also in it's provenance - again, as it relates to you. It is not a family heirloom exactly, but it has a family story/connection.
  2. Never get between a woman and her favourite Italian... (...be it violins...or shoes...or pizza...)
  3. Yeah! And if you keep us posted, be prepared for a lot of 'constructive criticism'...much of which will be contradictory! Let the games begin!
  4. Meh. Nothin' a little duct tape can't fix! ... ...
  5. Rue

    whalebone lapping

    That is both incredibly cool and incredibly sad.
  6. I hope it has a long, much-appreciated, life!
  7. I bought one of those several years ago! LOVE the box. Bought it for the box. Have not used the rosin. Don't intend to ever use the rosin. It sits on the little music paraphernalia tray that attaches to my music stand (er, along with the working rosin). Always make me smile.
  8. I grew up with the philosophy that one was entitled to have access to the basics. However, past that, what level of access one reached was up to the individual. Therefore as far as arts education goes, basic information should be taught in achool. Advanced education was up to the parents. And that's why I never had private music lessons. My parents couldn't afford it. Is it sad? Yes. Is it fair? It should be, but it isn't. Even giving scholarships to deserving kids is far from fair or equitable. In my experience such awards always went to the popular kids... To rub salt in the wound...these kids never seemed to make the most of their advantage and eventually dissappeared from sight - yet many of the kids that struggled to achieve without any help - and who "made it" - did so pretty much entirely on their own.
  9. Traveling with a violin isn't that difficult since they're small. I'm assuming (by acoustic) you are not interested in an electric violin, although that would work well for travel. Depending on the model, it won't be as prone to humidity issues and is certainly quiet to play when it's not plugged in (therefore the sound would be 'thin') but you can also play with all kinds of volume and effects when you do plug it in. Otherwise I would just get an inexpensive "normal" violin. One that sounds "good enough" that you want to play it but is not so expensive you'd be upset if it happened to get damaged. To make it quieter to play - use a mute. There are also several different ways to mute a violin. Any of the other, novelty types, of travel violins I've come across, are not going to sound great. There's a reason they are few and far between. Any slight decrease in size (so slight to really not be worth it) results in a decrease in sound quality. FWIW, you could also consider a 3/4 size for traveling. It is significantly smaller, so you'd have to adjust your fingering etc., but that might not be a concern for you. For traveling I'd spend more effort looking for a good case than for a specialty instrument. Something sturdy with convenient carry handles, shoulder straps, backpack straps, etc.
  10. We are a small city with agriculture being a primary industry. We have access to a little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything. We have an orchestra, community orchestra, string groups, and a surprising number of other musical ensembles that I have never heard of but seem to enjoy some popularity. Advertising and awareness are an issue (and not just for me!). We have one main theatre, a couple of smaller ones, several museums (for local history primarily), one newer Art Gallery. Our arts-interested population is not large enough to support more than what we have. So for example, while in a large European city, if you have a sudden yearning to visit the opera...you can probably find one to attend. Here, you need to wait for one to show up...mostly there's at least one coming through a year. Same with ballet. Attendance at pop/country concerts and sporting events...is solid though!!! Lots of those!
  11. Excellent! A bow makes playing the violin a lot easier!
  12. Research? Not very much. However, I've been involved in Fine Arts (one way or another) since I first started taking my Fine Arts classes way back when. So, I hope, having experienced first-person discussion about funding, applications, etc. for the last 30 years 'entitles' (pun intended!) me to an opinion! Hopefully a reasonably informed one. I always thought the entire topic of 'funding' was a little hypocritical in and of itself. In an ideal world funding wouldn't be needed. But, if it was, in an ideal world it would be fairly distributed. We do not live in an ideal world. I've seen funding go to individuals who did not need it, who wasted it, in lieu of being given to deserving individuals who would have made the most of it. Politics, nepotism, etc. all play a powerful, and often negative role. So, watcha gonna do? It's a conundrum.
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