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  1. I am confused. What is an authentic Strad label? Is it that: A ) Strad had a pile of spares sequestered in his workshop, that someone eventually acquired and proceeded to use in fakes or... B ) Someone took the labels out of original strads and then inserted them into fakes... ...or, is there an option C?
  2. It also could have been used as a prop for a spooky movie, or play at some point. As to who would do such a thing? Likely the same sort of people who would do this : http://charlottesvilleschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Painted-Violins-1.jpg
  3. Looks like someone used it as an art project...as in 'found art' perhaps.
  4. ...and we're back to attempting to establish the value (be it historical or monetary) of rubbish. There's no point in replacing a functional bass bar, especially if you don't know how the violin, if all else is the best condition, plays/sounds to begin with. It would be very sad if an unnecessary "improvement" was anything but and ruined the instrument. If that happens you have lost: - time - money - a historical artefact/a playable instrument
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that Jacob likes items that aren't broken and/or low value to begin with?
  6. Leave it alone. It's fine as it is.
  7. ...post pictures... ...need to see...
  8. Another awesome video! I watched all of it. I am endlessly amused by the fast-forward woodworking sounds. Maybe Ash is too? As far as the Stroh goes - great job! And even though I never wanted one, I never want one even more now.
  9. No one ever spells my surname correctly...and it only has 4 letters.
  10. ....6th time...but who's counting?
  11. Yuh-huh. Recalls that this is the 5th? such promise.
  12. Well, FWIW, Pfretzschner deserves a multitude of spellings...
  13. Good idea! (I am neither blonde nor blue-eyed ).
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