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  1. That's sad. Time to go teacher shopping? Shopping is fun!
  2. No. A good teacher knows what the options are, what may work, and what won't - and why. They will accommodate the physical parameters of that student. So - either Chopin and Bull had "good" teachers - even though I think you contracted yourself in the above statement - or they just happened to be students who perfectly fit their teacher's style. Like winning the lottery!
  3. I dunno... Everyone will do things a wee bit different depending on their conformation, but there's still a large middle ground that accommodates most of us. For example, I naturally have stiff hands. The difference between how my hand moves compared to someone with very flexible fingers and joints is really noticeable. So either type has to find a comfortable place that allows them to grow... But extremes tend not to work either. Your thumb may want to be too central/to the right under the neck. What does that do for how the rest of your fingers move? What does that do to your wrist position? It's all so subtle and one little change "here" can have a massive effect "there". We can't tell from that picture. It may also differ depending on your playing level - beginner, intermediate, advanced? I think you may want to consult with a good teacher. See if anything Eddy says is useful...
  4. Well, maybe, but taking an example of 1 (Mr. Bull) out of a kazillion other skilled players... The odds remain very low that this might be the way to go...
  5. Yes, I also don't think changing the instrument to have parameters "outside of normal/average" is the answer, unless you have a major physical issue to deal with. You should be able to adjust to the instrument. *Edit: everyone keeps adjusting regardless, to suit the music, or as technique develops, etc. But then again, if you want to experiment with a disposable violin, why not? Just know it might not be useful, and that the violin itself will have 0 resale value.
  6. I'll make the same suggestion here, see if you can find a teacher for your daughter on-line. At least it's a start and something useful/motivating/fun/different to do.
  7. My weekly violin lessons have switched to on-line. It's not great, but it's doable. Maybe see if you and the kids can do the same. Good for the kids, good for the teacher!
  8. Now would be a GREAT time to post an exclusive, world MN premiere of... "Martin Swan; Virtual in Concert!" Reserve your screens now!
  9. Don't toss any of them. Reglue them all back in. Then the history stays intact.
  10. ....ooohhh.... Didn't think of that!!! Brilliant!
  11. No. I didn't mean to use it to learn how to play the violin on, or play it for any length of time. I meant it would be useful to have one on hand to show students WHERE the notes are and how they work. What's a half step? What's a whole step. What's a flat, what's a sharp? What's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. position. Where is the E when playing in 7th position...see how the spacing gets smaller the higher up the fingerboard you go...blah blah blah... For those of us who need to see these things, it's really useful. For those of us who are kinesthetic learners, they can feel (as well as see) where their hands/fingers should go. For the rest of wouldn't have to come out of the closet...
  12. Do you have a "physical chess" t-shirt?
  13. Two of my 3 kids fenced (foil), for several years (to Jr. National level). So many hours spent in the favourite word is "piste"... I even took one set of classes...just so I "got it" better while I watched... I think I still have my own practice foil stashed away...hmmm...maybe I should dust it off...the cats might find it entertaining...