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  1. Rue

    Fake Saddle?'s still a real saddle too - not a fake one...
  2. Rue

    Where did Stradivari get his wood?

    Definitely fun!
  3. Rue

    Fake Saddle?

    Mine is painted. No question.
  4. Rue

    Yehudi violn hold

    You must have a tough bony collarbone. I have a weak, whiny, easily distressed bony collarbone... Plus, it's an unattractive red mark that shows when I wear anything lower cut.
  5. Rue

    Fake Saddle?

    One of my inexpensive violins has that too...
  6. Rue

    Anyone buy from YM Music?

    I think you are right! I was disappointed with that too - but oh well...doesn't affect use - and I imagine at that price point they aren't going to put in more hours of work to reproduce details that don't matter. I assume most of their customers wouldn't know or care. I have an M20 vioilin and a T20 viola. Both were playable "out of the box" other than the strings on the viola did need replacing. There were a couple of minor issues I "fixed" (i.e. loose collar on peg). Otherwise, the set up was fine from my POV. Neither is "great" but both are keepers.
  7. Oh my! Where did you come across that gem? I am very curious. I was taught to hold the violin under my arm while walking/ standing/holding it. I am not a professional and don't hold it for hours a day - but I have not ever had an issue either.
  8. Rue

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    Great pics ! Thanks for putting them up. Looks like a great experience.
  9. Rue

    Yehudi violn hold

    I use this approach - except I need an actual bit of padding to protect my collarbone. I have experimented with a number of different types of pads over the years. The main issue is finding one that is both secure and attractive/unobtrusive. Never used a rest. To be fair - I have tried - but they all seem to contort me into painful positions. If I were forced to use one I would have had to quit... I read, with some dismay, about children in American school orchestras, being made to use a shoulder rest- or they weren't allowed to participate. Different people have different conformations - try both approaches - adopt the most comfortable one.
  10. Rue

    Anyone buy from YM Music?

    I did find the YM eBay page. You could email them and see if they have a different website.
  11. Rue

    Weird faux flames

    Flaming doesn't affect tone quality.
  12. Rue

    Yehudi violn hold

    I am very glad you clarified that.
  13. Rue

    Green Violin

    Ah! Thanks! One of the many (apparent) insufficiences of my Fine Arts education!
  14. Is it my imagination or ... . ..does it seems like the average newly commissioned instrument will sell for, let's say $10K, directly from the maker - but then, at auction, sell for only $4K?
  15. Rue

    Strad Style - On DVD and BLU-RAy

    Still waiting to see it too. But I haven't checked for the most recent options...