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  1. Great picture! I'm surprised Bruce isn't wearing white gloves!
  2. least it's a nice revarnish...
  3. 1. The pegs are just not fit very well, but if they stay put, I wouldn't worry about it. 2. Again, the f-hole are rough. No one bothered to tidy them up. 3. The black lines are just the edge where the varnish is thicker. That's pretty well ubiquitous. 4. I think the label is either a copy of (maybe) the one that was in the original violin that was used as a model for yours (maybe by a Chinese manufacturer) - or some German guy was finishing violins in the white (poorly), or some German guy was just lazy about his project, or... If it plays well, just enjoy playing it!
  4. Well, I'd have to get one first - and then I don't know if they 'd know - USA laws are likely different from Canadian laws...blah blah blah....
  5. Well - that's actually the way to go - historically. Back in the day the gentlemen retired to the den/smoking room after dinner and the host opened up the curtains surrounding a beloved painting, to reveal a... *gasp* ...nude !!!! So, nude, Sponge Bob, Rothko...all in good company...
  6. Ooohhhh! Got it! I knew OCS wasn't short for the Ontario Cannabis Store...but wasn't making the connection...
  7. It's just the nature of the beast. Some people don't read the question fully. Others offer up information based on their take of the question or their own experience. And yet others just add info to a previous response. A few weeks ago I asked a question in the guitar forum. "I have a guitar. I don't want to commission a guitar, but I was wondering about..." Almost every response was either; "Buy a used guitar for your first guitar." Or "This is how you commission a guitar".
  8. Apparently not - now where did I read they asked pics NOT be posted publicly, and only be for personal use? Although I don't know how they can enforce that...
  9. This is too far we have: 1. Repair it! 2. Don't repair it! 3. Sell it for parts! 4. It's Chinese - at least partially... I'd suggest posting more appropriate pictures to help get more consistent opinions - and taking it to a qualified repair person to see if it's worthwhile saving. I have a soft spot for these "fancy" fiddles, so if it seems that it might play well, let's try and give it another life. It's at least as deserving as any of its other "questionable" cohorts.
  10. You shouldn't need a link for beeswax. Just look around any market for a pure beeswax candle, or check in with your local neighbourhood beekeeper.
  11. Re: "Candle wax" - isn't specific enough. Do you mean paraffin, beeswax (AKA bee's wax) or tallow (albeit unlikely)?
  12. Save Strad's forest!