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    Music (classical, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and a few others), horses, dogs , cats, parrots, chickens, tortoises, fish, insects and spiders, oh my! Fitness (martial arts and walking, or both!). Reading when I have time and I can get my progressives to cooperate...

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  1. Rue

    Another violin ID quiz

    But - but - but - what if it's true? [insert Twilght Zone music].
  2. Rue

    Another violin ID quiz

    A quick Google search resulted in: Yes. Yamaha makes cellos. Dunno how the models relate to each other. You could email them and ask.
  3. Rue

    Another violin ID quiz

    Lara St. John...
  4. Rue


    Maybe the wormholes resulted/added to in the incredibly good tone. Best to leave it be?
  5. Was thinking about this - and came to the conclusion that the metal repair is actually rather cool and adds interest. If the violin is otherwise in good shape, and sounds well, leave the interesting bit of its history in place.
  6. Rue

    Expensive wreckage of Hopf on ebay

    Best to sleep on such things...
  7. Rue

    Don Noon's bench

    Super cool! Hope you had fun! Did the two of you manage to solve any of the global violin issues?
  8. Rue

    Rosin recommendation

    That's been my conclusion too! As long as it's not the cheapest brand (like that crumbly stuff that comes with outfits) it works! I've tried various brands and they actually are all a wee bit different- but all sound fine. Now my focus is on less dusty - and a nice/practical case! I am also using the Kaplan at the moment - for those reasons. Don't like the ones that come with a cloth - awkward and sticky.
  9. Rue

    Dating a "Sebastien Kloz An 1700"

    One would think you'd prefer to date one that was a bit less of a wreck...
  10. Rue

    Got Worm? !!

    Woodworm refers to the immature form (grubs) of various species of wood-boring beetles. Life cycle will vary according to species.
  11. Rue

    Ignore function

    You can ignore without "blocking". Unless someone is being "mean" - why make a public point about blocking them? That is also "not nice". No need to read posts (or engage) from members you don't want to read posts from. A troll deliberately starts conflict - all I see here is unbridled enthusiasm. I would hate to smackdown genuine enthusiasm.
  12. Thanks for your answer. For some reason though (not sure why) I was expecting a slightly more, er, maybe epic? response.
  13. @ Quadibloc I hate having to nag, er, I mean, quote myself...but I was interested in the answer...
  14. Rue

    brand identification

    Looks like someone just put their name on it.