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    Music (classical, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and a few others), horses, dogs , cats, parrots, chickens, tortoises, fish, insects and spiders, oh my! Fitness (martial arts and walking, or both!). Reading when I have time and I can get my progressives to cooperate...

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  1. Thanks for the update! Looks awesome!
  2. Rue

    Smashed Cello

    ...hmm... ...but you are interested in assembly line bows... ...not so sure about pigeon-holing every new factory cello...
  3. What??? Barbarians??? ...and one of my personal favourites : (those sneaky Amis!)
  4. Good question. She's only 6 years old, and I decided (for now at least), not to artificially brumate. Our house gets quite cold at night during the winters, plus she gets natural light coming in from the window (which is still obvious despite her timed lightning schedule), which mimics (more or less) what she might experience if she were in her native environment. I also try to maintain a wet/dry humidity regime. But if I ever decide I have to brumate, I'll stick her in the fridge for the winter...
  5. Hmm. Not sure if this one is my favourite, but I'm still impressed!
  6. "For violin makers only: What is your favorite music while working?" I wasn't going to ask, but what the hey! Is there some reason violin makers' favourite music, while working, should differ from anyone else's favourite music, while they are working, at whatever their non-violin making work happens to be?
  7. After 5 months of procrastinating (well, to be fair, we were mostly working outside) I finally committed to a colour for the utility room (furnace/storage/laundry/freezer). My husband showed a microsecond of interest, looked at the chip, and said, in a voice totally devoid of life; "It took you that long to settle on grey?" It is NOT grey! It's green...ish...griege...(Behr Sawgrass). The attached photo doesn't show the green tint either. It will be interesting to see what the colour looks like in the windowless space, when we're done. If it looks entirely grey, that's okay too. We're just painting over the 1970s cheap, dark, wood wall paneling. Anything will look cleaner and brighter!
  8. Well...found this... https://youtu.be/ZQ_3hsCDp7k
  9. I like his voice ! The frog's is okay too! Couldn't find a video of the singer in a kilt; wonder if there's anything from Braveheart he could do?
  10. Sorry...MN apparently has something "not working" about embedding the video, and I can't delete the no-shows from my phone.
  11. @Violadamore ...now why did you pop in mind? Maybe because you like swords? Oh! But if only a man were a double bass... https://youtu.be/Erkv1-_xR7U
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