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  1. Rue

    F. Barbe 1867

    A Gibson hiding among the guitars!!! Anyway - it's rather pretty. If it sounds!
  2. According to the video that Dwight posted, it is Nehr's name for his concept. Tete - referring to "head" Beche - referring to "toe"...(but I think he meant to say "tail")...
  3. Rue

    I Hate Shopping...>:(

    Update: Restrung my violin today. New PIs sound so good! Happy happy!!!
  4. Before I adjusted my glasses, I thought it was a cross between a golf club and a fishing reel, lol. We need a sound clip of it now, compared to a standard, boring, run-of-the-mill, old-school bow.
  5. Sorry...I couldn't resist. In all seriousness however - this is awesome!
  6. Awesome!!! I like the little slanted marks on the front. Adds even more character.
  7. That is awesome! It's that wonderful feeling of both discovery and noticing improvement that keeps me going too!
  8. Say "NO!" to Dampits. Haven't we been saying "no" for 10 years, or so?
  9. Looking forward to seeing, and hearing, it!
  10. You could tell your wife that you, in all good conscience, need to support local talent...
  11. Very it one of yours?
  12. Rue

    Customize Your Violin!

    Who said you have to stick with boring, old school, varnish? Time to shake things up! Think outside the 300 year old box!
  13. Spoiled by whom? A ) DIYers? B ) Self-identified experts? C ) Real experts, but following whatever detrimental trend that was in vogue at the time?