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  1. BTW... LD50 refers to a one-time dose (accute). The chronic effects of long term, or repeated, exposure to a toxin is different. Chronic effects are harder to quantify, etc.
  2. Is that an adage, truism, or both? Just in general, I like to mention that the LD50 of table salt is around 3250 mg/kg (rat, oral) which translates into about 50 teaspoons of salt for the average human... Yet, we also need salt to live... Toxicity varies with uptake; oral, dermal, etc, and with the organism (sex and age) and how the organism tolerates the toxin.
  3. Tsk...the Bug Mafia, so dramatic...we just used ethyl acetate...
  4. Who would you rather play with?
  5. What has he been smoking?
  6. It's been 20 years... At least Latin hasn't changed! So comforting!
  7. Why don't the Cremona luthiers set up their own cooperative "sale" site? Can't see why it wouldn't work.
  8. LOL! My news feed is faster than your news feed?
  9. I am not going to comment on the quality of this BBC article. ...but it should share the Cremona section of the virtual know, where the periodicals and articles hang out...
  10. That's quite the chin hook!
  11. Nope. Well...not Americans from America. Americans that were in Europe can travel in Europe. A private jet from the US, filled with various vacationing folk (a mix of Americans and Europeans) and bound for the beaches of Sardinia, was turned away in Italy. The vacationing folk are very unhappy at this turn of events. They just can't understand it! Money normally opens all doors and border crossings! Joking aside, the US and Brazil are in rough shape at the moment (hope Manfio is okay!). Cases keep rising. Canada's borders are closed at least until the end of July because of the rising number of cases in the States.
  12. I don't have 'heroes', but she was always a source of inspiration.
  13. Where do you live? Roughly, don't need your street address... The advice you need when living in New Orleans would be different than the advice you'd need in Anchorage or Wyoming.