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  1. Perfect! We have a cat that looks very much similar! (BTW...that's in the barn, not my kitchen... )
  2. Okay. This is a text box, the place we do our typing in. Look at the bottom of the text box when you open yours. You will see a paper clip. To the right is a box that says "Add Files". Click on "Add Files". When you click, you should have some version of a "Choose Action" menu pop up. Mine lets me select a photo from "camera", "phone" or "file". Yours might be different, but (hopefully) one of those menu options will have your photos in it. Then select the photo/s you want to upload, and confirm it (I have an "Okay" check box). It should then show up within your text box.
  3. Just try uploading a photo first. If it uploads you won't have to worry about the rest.
  4. Just click on "Add Files" at the bottom of the text box, and select the photos you want to upload from your computer. If the files are too big, you may have to reduce the file size, but MN is pretty accommodating.
  5. soon as the world is up and running (er, normally)...we'll be there! In the Sound clips?
  6. I was really impressed with the StewMac packaging. The hard case had a 'helmet'. The bottom of the case sat in a 'diaper'. The amount of plastic (I'm currently into a 'stop using excess plastic!' phase) and garbage was minimal. Did I mention I hate peanuts? With a passion. Hate on...
  7. Enough "perceived" sound that anyone would be able to notice?
  8. 300 years? Maybe a forensic anthropologist?
  9. How could it, provided the varnish isn't so thick as to muffle the sound - at which point the texture wouldn't matter. Isn't the sound coming from the inside? Speaking of which...has anyone done an experiment with interior finishes? And I mean a 'real' experiment (*channeling George*), an unfinished interior versus a lightly varnished interior vesrus a heavily varnished interior... ...just for the record of course!
  10. Now we just have to compare it to The Tuscan...
  11. ...or maybe anyone who disagrees with someone else's opinion - on perceived sound of a recording - has convinced themselves only their opinion is correct...
  12. I thought it sounded awesome ...even with my 'crappy' speakers!
  13. Well, bouquets to Bruce for handling this 'academic onslaught' of criticism so well. You'll be a stronger person for it!