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    Music (classical, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and a few others), horses, dogs , cats, parrots, chickens, tortoises, fish, insects and spiders, oh my! Fitness (martial arts and walking, or both!). Reading when I have time and I can get my progressives to cooperate...
  1. This post has been deleted

    So cute!!! ...all of them!!!
  2. Publishers and clefs

    Thank you! I feel validated! So why would they have done it in this instance?
  3. . hides the woodchips and sawdust....
  4. Taking out test label

    If it doesn't work...put an x through the unwanted label.. .and then glue the preferred label on top...
  5. Publishers and clefs

    ...and wasn't me that used the pink highlighter...
  6. Publishers and clefs

    I see I need to post pictures
  7. This post has been deleted

    Lol... There are 4 baby gates throughout the house... Saves our sanity - and wear and tear on our cat...
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    Three out of our four:
  9. This post has been deleted

    While I like all dogs...I like very short single coats the best After that I like wire-haired coats. Border terriers and WH dachshunds are very appealing too...
  10. J.DiLisio's Bench

    Thanks! LOL...who knew? I thought you had to empty little rabbit urinals out... This is much more convenient - if less exciting...
  11. J.DiLisio's Bench

    Looks good! Where are you getting your urine from? Inquiring minds love to know these things...
  12. Fair enough! I suppose you are very lucky then, in having found, and having had the opportunity to play, on a truly fine instrument! I hope you can continue to enjoy your regular instrument though! Or...figure out how to buy the better one!
  13. Publishers and clefs

    I do not understand why a publisher would choose to print a few bars of music in the tenor clef when the range of those notes does not fall outside of the bass clef comfort zone. Doesn't it cost more (especially back in the old days of typesetting) to do that? Switching clefs also adds an extra wrinkle for the performer. So why? There are no vocals regarding my question - it is only instrumental. Same goes for any other 2 clef situation (ie. alto and treble...)...
  14. This post has been deleted

    I'd like more info too please! And of course.. .detailed pictures of the corner construction.. .