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    Music (classical, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and a few others), horses, dogs , cats, parrots, chickens, tortoises, fish, insects and spiders, oh my! Fitness (martial arts and walking, or both!). Reading when I have time and I can get my progressives to cooperate...

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  1. Rue

    Clamping Broken Peg Box

    Okay - I must ask: If Jacob can do this repair with only the aid of elephants, why do others consider a jig necessary? Now - I haven't glued any pegboxes (although I have a repaired one), but I recently glued the sole back on hubby's favourite shoe. I used a method similar to Jacob's, except I held it for a whole minute - er, using a timer. The shoe is holding up - and I imagine the pressures it endures are at least in the ballpark of a pegbox repair. No?
  2. It is nice! Thanks for posting. Love the cello growl. Almost as satisfying as the bassoon...
  3. Well - I haven't played Erbarme Dich, but since I can't play the Chaconne - I might be eligible for the rosin. Although - you'd still still be cringing in the corner...
  4. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why's an artefact all trend setters need to live with...
  5. Rue

    Proper installation of bridge parchment

    Thanks! Now - have you actually heard (with your ears) a parchment related issue? And yes - of course care needs to be taken with the entire process - I'm not suggesting that one only needs to be careful when cutting the bridge and then gets to be all slap-happy gluing on the parchment.
  6. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    I agree. This goes for many things...
  7. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    Cultural appropriation?
  8. Rue

    Proper installation of bridge parchment

    Okay. I need an example of how the parchment, under the A string, on a cello, can be so wrongly glued in place, as to noticeably affect sound. If you were gluing an entire newspaper in there, sure. But that tiny piece of parchment? Just an (admittedly cranky) inquiring mind wanting to understand such things...
  9. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    The inherent uncertainty of attribution in conjunction with the rampant fraud.
  10. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    Well - let's just step back a minute - take a deep breath...and look at the complete entire big picture with a clear unbiased eye: The whole thing ludicrous. But - I suppose that's part of the enduring mystique. So - carry on!
  11. Rue

    Which maker do you prefer and why

    OMG! How can anyone actually ever learn anything with any semblance of confidence?
  12. Rue

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    Well, if that were true - with the new precedent set by Banksy, it should sell for $2 million!!!
  13. Why thank you! And yes - he goes cuckoo over pointers!
  14. And when I'm done whacking - he goes after shadow bow...