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  1. ...just out of curiosity, why have we, out of hand, eliminated this violin from the "wonderful" category? Maybe it's overpriced, but does paying too much reduce potential wonderfulness?
  2. 1. The problem regarding the finals of international competition is that it's less about the talent and more about the politics. That goes for ANY international competition BTW. I had my eyes opened when I overheard two international sports coaches talking about the athletes... (Always a danger of being overheard when one is too arrogant to think the plebeians are capable of speaking more than one language...) 2. I'll take your word for it. I've only had a couple of experiences. But the one was quite the opposite. The composer (of a very nice fiddle tune) was teaching it in a workshop and was very nitpicking. She very obviously wanted to hear it played her way (and I could see she was getting increasingly distressed when it wasn't going as planned). I would have played it rather differently left to my own devices. Frankly, I'm now scared to play it at all, lol. So - I agree that's not the way to approach putting out music to be played by others. Composing something and wanting to retain too much control versus seeing where it all goes once it's 'released' into the big wide world - not good. I am sympathetic to the stress it may cause the composer, but you gotta let go!
  3. Thanks for posting detailed comments! It is the differences in what we, individually, find of interest/importance that I find so very fascinating! If I watch a performance (versus just listen to a performance) then the visual is very important. I can't separate the two. And because we're a visual animal and make instant decisions based on what we see, then the costuming says a great deal - about intent, individual interpretation/personal politics, etc. She is obviously giving an anti-establishment message by being essentially 'ungroomed'. Normally a performer would concede to current norms of what is considered 'good taste'. By being ungroomed (messy hair), wearing deconstructed clothing (anti-clothes [but still better than no clothes ]) and going barefoot (considered to be extremely rude in many pockets of western culture), PK is giving a very loud message. Now, she can, if she wishes, to give 'other' reasons for her choices - for example, going barefoot keeps her grounded, etc., but everyone knows that's just an excuse to deflect attention from the real message. Once all the visual has been presented...then she begins the musical part of the performance... I am less concerned with technique choices. To me that's where musical artistic license' and freedom comes into play. She's obviously skilled, so she can do as she pleases, explore new approaches, etc. But from your comments, her musical choices might be just as anti-establishment as her visual choices. So? Is she exploring the far reaches of the box? Stepping outside the box? Reinventing the box? far as music stands and memorization goes...that I honestly couldn't care less about...
  4. It has a very unique sound, doesn't it? I am glad that the three of you managed, despite a horrendous year, to come together in order to be able to upload that lovely video.
  5. If the teacher didn't want to say anything bad - but wanted to say something "interesting", why did they feel a need to make up something silly? If they wanted to address the wood grain they could have said "cool wood grain!". BTW, what bad thing could there be? If they didn't like the instrument they can say they didn't like the instrument.
  6. Anyone have any idea of what this teacher could possibly have been thinking of? I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Is it really April 1? Perhaps it IS a good time to check your calendar. If not, let us know why you are asking this question.
  8. ...hmm...but apparently she has a superb olfactory sense!!! Exactly how LONG have you been sitting watching videos??? ... ...
  9. I remain conflicted. I like "traditional", but I also don't want to see the same work performed exactly the same way, ad nauseum. If I did, I'd just listen to the same recording forever and ever...and ever. I also don't understand why an audience feels the need to either applaud a poor performance or boo it. If you don't like it, don't clap. The silence speaks for itself.
  10. I use eBay, albeit rarely. It may have started out as a good idea, but now it's become yet another oversized, impersonal organization that apparently may have more crooked vendors than straight. It's like a mine field. You never know what you're going to land on. The little guy can set up any number of e-commerce sites. There is absolutely no reason anyone has to use eBay. I just bought a hoof knife off a little grassroots company. I had no trouble finding them, making the purchase, etc.. The owner even sent me an email to make sure everything was alright. Lovely.
  11. @PhilipKT I don't think charlatan is the right word. Do you mean disingenuous?