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  1. @GoPractice I agree that moms are, in general, more interested in the details of "equipment" than dads are. Unless the equipment involves engines... Motorize a violin and let's see what happens...
  2. Adjust my example of an easy to identify "sign" that most (or at least many) people look for? I imagine that flame - when it is on poorer quality "tone wood" - is also used to command higher than deserved prices - again, because people associate it with high quality. Another example of a quick visual that people focus on is "shiny" wood...smooth, mirror finishes. They think it's a sign of high quality. And of course..."fancy violins" are assumed by newbies to be special finds. Why would anyone put in more work and then charge less? It is a valid question. Hard to tell someone who isn't interested in learning that they need to avoid (or at least be wary of) any shiny, fancy violin that catches their eye...and to not assume that violins with plain wood backs are automatically awful.
  3. FWIW...as interested as I am in the entire topic of miniscule differences between violins...and given how much time I've spent comparing f-holes and button shapes, etc. over the years... ...I still can't tell the difference between a Strad and a Del Gesu if I have nothing to directly compare against. So if I can't tell tiny differences apart, I don't expect the vast majority of violin buyers (who really don't care) are able to or are overly interested in learning about. What a greater percentage of (most?) violin buyers might be interested in would be obvious, unmistakable signs of quality or whatever may indicate a higher purchase price or status...even if those 'signs' aren't all that meaningful. So...the flame of the wood would be such a sign. We are conditioned to equate bold flame with higher quality.
  4. To be entirely fair to the OP, newbies who don't know anything about violins will start by asking questions on what little info they do have, so asking the value of a violin based on the label is an understandable and logical starting point. Then they find out how complicated it all is! ...regardless...still need photos... Any offense would be from the MN tendency to 'pile on the rabbit', which is not fair to newcomers.
  5. Can't blame them...intense responses! However...I will add, in case any other newbie happens to be reading... Labels in these old violins are - mostly - meaningless. Violins vary hugely in price. To ask "how much is my Xxx labelled violin worth?" - without pictures - is impossible to answer. It's like asking "how much is my Ford worth?" Year? Model? Condition? Colour? Interior? Mileage? Blah blah blah..and you would still need pictures!
  6. What??? And spoil the fun of jumping to preemptive conclusuions?
  7. Thanks! ...and yes...will not be playing the octaves...
  8. I keep my riding broom in a silk bag...
  9. BTW...I took your transcription to my lesson today...for something new to explore. First...there's a typo in the name - Lysenko (not Lynsenko) and of more musical interest; I was wondering about your choice of fingerings. Why did you choose them? Sincerely; Always Learning on the Prairies
  10. And don't forget about the 'mind games'! If we are convinced that a gold mounted bow IS better, and that consequently it MUST sound better and play better...it WILL!!! ...no matter what the reality is . Isn't this part of Marketing 101? Or is it Marketing 202?
  11. You did a great job with the photos AND you are very brave!
  12. Ha! That's what I was thinking...maybe it looked like a bottle of whiskey in a brown paper bag, which would be way cooler for a 9-year old to be carrying.
  13. There's an individual in our community orchestra who has a violin (albeit inexpensive) in a case (also inexpensive) that has a homemade soft cover (large padded bag)... all of which occasionally get put in a large plastic bag for an added layer of protection... ...just sayin'...
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