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  1. The OPs scroll reminds me of smallpox.
  2. Rue

    Help with correct bow hold

    Can you post a picture of your bow hold? Your wrist shouldn't hurt.
  3. Rue

    Luiz Bellini

    Didn't you just buy that violin, like 3 years ago?
  4. Rue

    Interesting cello or no?

    I think it would be great in an ensemble like this:
  5. Rue

    Interesting cello or no?

    I thought it was. Just a variation on the theme. But...maybe not as "toneful" as flamed maple?
  6. Rue

    Interesting cello or no?

    They call me Yellow Cello (quite rightly)! They call me Yellow Cello (quite rightly)!....
  7. Rue

    OMO, the Violin Making podcast

    Cool! Looking forward to seeing ALL of it!
  8. Rue

    How to Identify Between Tiredness and Injury

    I found it an odd word choice too, when I first heard it - because it does have a mild, negative connotation. But it seems to be part of the music world's jargon, so I just go with it. However - a violin pedagogue seems to refer more to someone who has developed a teaching method versus "just" teaching. Others may debate that interpretation. So Auer, Suzuki, etc. are pedagogues. If I teach, I consider myself "just" a teacher, or instructor - since I don't follow a defined "method" per se.
  9. Rue

    shop lights.

  10. Rue

    Question for the Bow experts re: Old MOP

    Looks like it was poor quality and just chipped out over time.
  11. Rue

    How to Identify Between Tiredness and Injury

    High school? University? Older adult? Goal? I think of myself as a violin student too - but obviously we are different people with different end goals.
  12. Rue

    How to Identify Between Tiredness and Injury

    Why? What are your goals? Are you a violin student? Are you wanting to be a professional? Where are you at now?