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  1. Rue


    Then it's win-win! Which is always an excellent outcome! There is that! Bonus! Spiv. Had to look it up. I will add it to my Word of the Day vocabulary list - along with quatsch (which I actually knew, Oma used it a lot).
  2. Rue


    I dunno... Not trying to play devil's advocate - or maybe I am? But - this has an edge of "name dropping" or branding. Which is fine too - I often prefer brand names over generic. Depends on what it is. So? What do we want to say? Assume each of the following are absolutely identical in playability: "I play a Collin-Mezzin violin with a Lamy bow". "I play a mass-produced factory Collin-Mezzin violin with a repaired, low value, but still functional Lamy bow". "I play a top-notch, high-end Collin-Mezin violin with a mint condition Lamy bow". "I play a violin made by our local luthier with a great Chinese bow." in our community orchestra: "I have a violin and a bow. Good enough. What are they? No idea."
  3. How do any of us, especially as a traumatized child, choose who to tell what to? Let's just say this happened to any 14 year old girl: I have no issue with her reporting it to the head honcho (the person on top who should have dealt with the situation) and not telling her parents (because she was ashamed, or worried about what they would do) or the Police (because that might mean jail, or court) or her classmates (because she was worried about peer opinion. "Slut!").
  4. Rue


    I also live rurally, but close to a city that is a violin/instrument/repair desert. The only other thing I can suggest is to NOT get caught up in the artificial constructs of the industry. What she needs is a responsive violin that won't hold her back and that she can grow into. Lots of those around. Best bet, IMO, might be a new build, especially price-wise. Depending on who made it, should hold its value. If a school or teacher insists she needs an instrument that is $xxx, or must be an antique, or a certain type etc., and that anything "cheaper" won't cut it, be very suspicious. Everyone has an agenda. I have an agenda. I like all this violin stuff! I've mucked about a bit. Have played a few different "types" of violins. No regrets. But I am pragmatic about it all. If you dont have enough disposable income to play the investment game, don't. Don't spend more than you can afford to lose. Tonareli cases look cool. They have an awesome turquoise coloured case in their line up.
  5. You can't expect a 14-year old to think like an adult. That fact that she reported it to begin with already attests to a remarkable level of maturity. Then - being ignored - taught her to shut up.
  6. I read the article carefully. I have ONE daughter. I have TWO sons. So? Does your having THREE daughters change the issue? She reported this to ADULTS who did nothing. I don't know what her parents knew about or did. But they weren't the only adults that should have been keeping an eye on things. In one of my close calls, I told my mother. I asked her not to tell my dad. I didn't want my dad to go ballistic and end up in jail. There are all kinds of reasons why children do/don't tell. But when something happens, to not be believed by the authorities. OMG...what does that do to the psyche? And, FWIW, if an adult assaults one child, it doesn't mean they will assault EVERY child. They will pick on children that, for whatever reason, they think they can get away with it.
  7. Is this entire issue "simply" a male versus female 'reality' issue? Because males are less likely to be assaulted? Or perhaps less likely to be traumatized by physical contact? Therefore 'men' don't understand the issue in the same manner that women do? I had close calls. I didn't imagine them. And while a young woman might misconstrue the intent of a hug - she can not misconstrue the reality of sexual intercourse.
  8. If he did not assault the student, then this would be a horrible travesty. However, she did not wake up with the story 35 years after the fact. She reported the assault after it happened - and was ignored. Now she's trying to do her part to make sure it doesn't keep happening. I'm sure there were other students who were assaulted - because the ADULTS in charge swept it under the rug. They are the ones at fault.
  9. Rue


    What we need is bratwurst und bier...everyone will play together better if they're not hangry and/or thirsty...
  10. Rue


    Yes. I agree. Adult beginners are also drawn to warm, dark violins. I always assumed (apparently incorrectly) that violins should be bright and crisp - given they are the soprano voice. Violas should be warm and dark given they are the middle voice, but not quite as warm and dark as the cello. But then I was told that within the 'bright and crisp' soprano voice are a range of colours - and warm and dark are one of those colours and therefore appropriate... LOL...I get it. But I still prefer bright violins. Back on topic: Example. Have the parent/teacher select 3 'appropriate' violins for the child. Each violin should meet the technical needs of the child and each should meet the 'investment' interest of the parent. Let said child choose one of those 3. They can't make a "wrong" choice, because each violin is equal in being appropriate to the needs of the child and also in investment potential. But the child STILL gets to be a part of the decision, as they should be. THEY are playing it. What's more important - that they play a violin or that the violin sits in the closet (hopefully appreciating in value while it sleeps)? They also don't need more than 3 options to choose between. After 3 it just gets more stressful. I'd also let the child pick a new case if one is wanted/needed. You can have more than one violin case. Girls might be more interested in picking things out. Boys might be less interested. Adjust as required.
  11. Rue


    If I were a kid, and my Dad made me play an instrument I didn't want/hated - I'd tell him to play it. I was a polite kid. If you want a violin, buy yourself a violin. My suggestion was a win-win for both sides. It's not like there is a shortage of violins in the word...
  12. Rue


    But - the child has to like the instrument. If they don't - they might not play it. At least find them 2-3 "suitable" violins to choose from. If they get to choose - they are more likely to feel ownership and want to play.
  13. Why yes! Margery Fish is God's nom de plume! Maybe we can get Him to autograph a copy for us at the public house...
  14. Oh geez! I thought you were taking me to the bar...