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  1. Well, in all fairness, if a problem doesn't revolve around finding shelter, wondering where your next meal is coming from or worrying about imminent death caused by a parasite... They are pretty much all first world problems.
  2. Tsunami Violins and Cello....and viola

    I agree. That is very touching.
  3. Gordge violin case

    Er...who are you saving it for? Moi? I will gladly use it up for you! Save you the pain of doing so!
  4. Do you build Bergonzi?

    Very nice!!!
  5. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Very savvy, our Tony...
  6. Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    They did say this came to us from the east...
  7. Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    I had no wish to revisit a 2018 winter-themed topic...but... Look at my yard!
  8. sawing outline by hand, what do you use?

    Cool history!
  9. J.DiLisio's Bench

    Love the fly trap! Very cool!
  10. Red violin bow hair?

    Yes. That one was dyed.
  11. Red violin bow hair?

    You saw the hair on the bow Nathan mentioned?
  12. English violin ID

    Just curious...what percentage of all the violins produced in Europe (and other nearby regions) - for the masses...are: German French Italian English Czech Russian Japanese Other
  13. Trigger finger

    @Evan Smith Too much of anything is an issue. It is impossible to pinpoint or blame one "chemical". Every organism reacts differently to every chemical. The best thing to do is be moderate in all things. Yet, humans and moderation - don't seem to go well together...
  14. Interesting old cello

    ? One...or maybe both...of confused...
  15. Red violin bow hair?

    Is the bow kept in a cheap case? Is the lining of the case discolouring the hair?