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    Music (classical, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and a few others), horses, dogs , cats, parrots, chickens, fish, insects and spiders, oh my! Fitness (martial arts and walking, or both!). Reading when I have time and I can get my progressives to cooperate...
  1. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    Wanna see. Photo requested.
  2. Best cello brands for intermediates

    Eastman is fine. Shen is also quite good (from feedback I've received)...
  3. Upgrading old cheap violins.

    That's an awesome improvement!
  4. Upgrading old cheap violins.'re making something work - that wasn't working before. Lots for us to learn from that...just list yourself as a 'Restorer'...
  5. Upgrading old cheap violins.

    I think you should start your own thread under the Maker's forum and post your before and afters. I know I would learn a lot!
  6. LOL! Yay! Cyber-beers for everyone! Cyber-tab's on me!
  7. I will take exception to that. I also call him Tony as a fond moniker - and I don' t even go to pubs. I would like to think that he had enough of a sense of humour to appreciate being thought of at all - 280 years after his death, with a respectable sense of fondness, no less... Besides - we are using the term of endearment on MN, in what might even be considered a cyber-pub type setting. In a formal setting, such as a public conference, museum, etc., then of course, the use of Tony might be considered inappropriate.

    Well - now I'm gonna be up all night...
  9. Antique?

    ...there ya go....proof's in the pot!

    Violin recital next weekend! Playing an easy duet...and if I can pull it off - a modified (easier) version of a little encore piece. Still having issues shifting into the nosebleed section and keeping my intonation intact. Getting better - albeit at a slug's pace. When I want to further depress myself I watch 5 years olds play circles around me. Today's grocery store tale: Long story short: I am helping hubby set up the hospitality suite for a conference that starts tomorrow. Went to pay for catering, pick up snacks and pop...and get a few personal grocery items. Paid twice - once for the company supplies and once for our stuff. I had the company cart. He was supposed to be in charge of our cart. He was on the phone. Came home with 3 random bags of chips (that we don't eat) and a big bag of Macintosh apples (that we don't eat). I thought he wanted them for some reason. He thought I wanted them for some reason. Turns out some random person tossed them in the cart while he was preoccupied with his phone calls... Who does that???
  11. Antique?

    Vintage correctly refers to high quality older items - such as wine - that are not antiques (100 years old). However the term has been co-opted and generally refers to anything old that is not an antique - regardless of quality.
  12. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    ...hey! Where did my picture example go???
  13. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Maybe He looked like one of these guys....just shorter...