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  1. Assuming it has never been attempted, I would just clean it well and glue it. Could end up with a line, but I'd just leave it if there was. Glue line be D*mned ! Economics/function.
  2. Here is the translation, if anyone cares: (funny how the translator works in that what it calls the back,rids and neck) Johann Hoyer, successfully requested permission to open a vault“In Vienna, although the bourgeois violinists of Vienna opposed the decision of the authority Rekurs. The term “lock vault” refers mainly to trade in instruments from the Egerland country. As early as 1818, the Hoyer brothers can be found in the Rotenturm Street with the company name “Musical Instruments Factory Gebrüder Hoyer”. In the 19th century, it was often called a “manufacturer,” or. The company “Fabrik,” although in reality there was no factory in the present sense, but only a number of home workers who supplied their handmade instruments. Johann Hoyer died on 22 February 1820 in Vienna, and the company Gebrüder Hoyer was dissolved in 1821. Between 1821 and 1831, a sales loss was reported next to the Kellnerhofgasse in the so-called Graßhof, only during market time. In 1832, a “Gebrüder Andreas and Franz Hoyer” company was recorded together with another brother, Andreas, at the old meat market, house number 695. The date of the death of Franz Hoyer is not known, but in 1869 Anton and Ignaz Lutz, as well as Josef Fuchs, became his business successors. The company Lutz & Co are logged on the Fleischmark No 10 from 1869 to 1875. Wenzel Placht and Co took over the address Fleischmarkt No 10. In 1889 the son, Ignaz Lutz, became the sole successor to the business of Anton Lutz, who has now returned to Schönbach. The business continued until the death of Ignaz Lutz in 1907. Anton Lutz has received several awards, including 1871 medals in London, Graz, Eger, Linz and Trieste; 1872 in Moscow; 1873 a silver medal in Wolkersdorf, Bistritz and Paris as well as a merit medal at the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873. This viola was built, presumably in Schönbach, on behalf of the Viennese company Lutz, between 1869 and 1875, and carries an original printed note inside the floor:- A. Lutz & Comp. Musik Instrumente - & Saiten Fabriks Defeat Wien Fleischmarkt 10 The one-piece floor, frame and snail are made of plaited maple, the ceiling is made of middle-width spruce. The instrument is covered with a brown-red lacquer. The dimensions of the ground above the arch are: Length 393 mm. upper
  3. How do I do this? (translate). I tried highlighting and then right clicking, hoping to find a "translate". Sorry for such a lame question, but I'd like to read this.
  4. Just picked this one up the other day for a pittance. With varnish this crackled it was probably the right price. Check out the beaks on those corners, you could hurt yourself
  5. Twcellist, I found the original setup (makers)not up to par either. I didn't get crazy with the fingerboard (just got it closer), but made a new bridge, post and had to rework the pegs. Other than that, a good deal. Love to see a player that was looking for $100K italian cello's end up with an American one, for a fraction of the price. Just the way it should be. Enjoy the savings.
  6. Just saw this thread. Timing is everything. The Vittore Cello is back in the shop on Consignment. Customer keeps changing his mind on it. Depends on his living space, believe it or not. Hope you like it. I think it's a great deal for the money. BTW. Twcellist, how did you know I had that cello? It's not on my website?
  7. Right, I was sitting here ready to jump ahead of Pkt and do it, but was thinking about how to word the OP suggestion no one comment, just post pics???? Then I got distracted and ended up in the Auction Scroll.................................................
  8. Once GeorgeH has his, I am looking for a set too.
  9. I never know there were graphite bows. Just figured all black synth bows were Fiberglass, Carbon, or Carbon Fiber.
  10. Brad, that's interesting, I've only seen them with the same label (probably a total of 8, made by and not). Is it possible that maybe someone stuck a label in a '"verlerg" mitt inst, and it wasn't the Whites? Or, have you seen others? I'll have to admit, before today, if I had seen one, I would have assumed it didn't come out of the shop, but I"ll rethink that. Not that it matters much anyway..........
  11. So, I guess PKT can just start a thread "American Violins". In the first posting, say what it's for? JUST listing pics of American Violins?
  12. In San Jose(jSanta Clara), Ca. Asa is the 3rd in the Gallery. I don't have pictures of the Markie Asa, as I sold it, but it comes into the shop a few times a year. I don't know real Conant's at all. I was just commenting on the OP's.
  13. Ok, I'm putting the dunce cap back on...................
  14. Hard to say from pics, but the break has lots of surface area and if done well enough (though not too clean, but might be enough) it should hold.