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  1. I agree with Duane, not that it's ideal, but I would judge a newer Brazilian bow on your "like/dislike" first and foremost.
  2. Mine did not have anything about adjustment. It was the exact same label as in my AW White violin, except for the obvious dif of a number and date.
  3. Mine was definitely a Markie. I would like to see a Mitt and a french one, along with the label. I wonder if he always used the same label as he did on the one I had.
  4. Until '73 when he came out with the "micro tilt", which was closer to the cellos. Horribly executed though.........
  5. Well, that's it then. You can't return it now..............Too many counting on a result. Put me down for the early 20thC Mitt
  6. I"m old enough to have been taught in repair school to use this on Sax pads, french pad cement on clarinets etc. The stick shellac that I used, however, would have crumbled differently over time. Far more brittle than what I've seen in the bow mortices. The stick shellac I used (amber)when crumbled, is very white. Non of my woodwind repairmen use this anymore.
  7. You have that backwards. When a typical guitar truss rod is loose, there is "usually" (ideally) too much relief. Tightening the truss rod will "back bow" the neck to remove that relief.
  8. I had and sold a AW trade violin a few years ago. The grade was like a very nice Markneukirchen (because, that's what it was). Sounded great, way above it's paygrade (price grade???). Customer who bought it comes in all the time and still loves it. Exact same label as my real AW White (diff date). This looks nothing like the violin I had. I'm sure it's just what it says, he adjusted it (regrad??). I'm wondering if I still have pics of that AW markie........
  9. If I remember correctly, Goo Gone didn't have Zylene in it (great for stickers on guitars...) and Goof off HAD zylene in it. Had my guys switch ioff of the "Goof Off" in my guitar shop as they use a lot of it and aren't careful about it.
  10. I do the "rosin" thing when I rehair, and this isn't it. I'm inclined to think David is right, it seems like wax that has dried out??? I've seen this for years. I don't think it's that red blob on the individual hair hanks either. Mystery..................
  11. Interesting that the button width seems narrower than the stick. Am I right? Just not used to seeing that on a stock bow.
  12. I've seen many of these shield (conservatory etc) violins, but I've never seen that emblem. What's the dif?
  13. Agreed, that definately doesn't require something as invasive as a SP patch to me.
  14. I get that (I used to do this, shudder at the thought now), but the holes are in the wrong places. Both of them.
  15. Yeah, pretty flat