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  1. Check this out at Stewmac; I would pass on the wire (I've used guitar strings) and the suction tool. I've used homemade version of this for years (ala Don E. Teeter) using guitar tuners in wood blocks of differing contours. It's not as ideal as a top off situation, but that's a much bigger deal in guitars than in violins making that option not great in many situations.
  2. Right, I wasn't sure, hence I left the state blank after the city and can't really tell what it says after Springfield on the label.
  3. Yeah, I lost touch with Ron about 8 years ago when he was making a lot of changes in his life. Could be a repair label, but it just strikes me as American to begin with, albeit not being listed and that confuses me.......
  4. This just came into the shop for work (for a beginner teenager) and I'm getting it ready for them. I let them know it was an American made instrument and it would be a great starter, measurements all line up, though the projection is a little low at the moment. I can't find the name (Danks??) in Wenberg or on line. The maker seem good enough to at least be in Wenberg, seen much worse in there. Sure it doesn't look like a Markie box bought in the white. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. Those Hyde's are just like my old luthiers knife I got from my teacher back in the late 70's. I like that handle. Might work for my larger knives
  6. I remember someone a few years ago mentioned something about an insert they like and used to make knife handles. I am making a few and am looking for something like a t nut(??) to put on the inside before I close up the handle and a matching alan style (maybe)screw. I am not sure what they are even called to google it. I have googled knife handle inserts but I get all sort of other things. Thoughts?
  7. Yes, all will change some after the belly work is done. However, I'm now thinking you are refering to a "reverse" NY neck set?
  8. David, Jerry is right, I mocked this up like Weisshauer did in the book showing the "before" pic, not the corrected neckset. I haven't worked on the neck at all yet because (as Jacob pointed out) everything will be a little different when the belly goes back on, especially because I need to do some corrective work on the sagging BB area, along with BB crack to redo, cleat etc. I did this to show myself (and the customer) WHY they were having so much trouble. Sorry to confuse.
  9. Good to hear, that's just what I was planning, and in addition, I need to plane the shim for the right projection too. It's a little high now, and I'm thinking the the shim will be thickest at the nut, A side and thin at the neck root A side and thinner yet at the nut on the C side and non existent at the root on the C side. Or, maybe take off some appui on the C side and make the C nut part non existent....... Anyhow, I get it. Thanks.
  10. This is my current project, think I see why he is having so much trouble with playing the A string . This topic coming up now is very fortuitous in that I will have to make some decisions on my approach to this soon. The mock up on the existing neck set is ala Weisshauer. Those who don't understand what this is, the lower ruler represents the poiriette and the upper ruler represents the line through the A-C angle. Thanks to an industrious "repairperson" in the past, then neck is NOT coming out without a doing a neck graft. Customer is blowing their whole wad on belly work so I'm figuring on putting a shim on the fingerboard and planing to the right angle, specs. Jerry, talked to Matt N. about this and he showed my your lower bout stick method. I was just dealing with the bridge, maybe need to check the body twist though is haven't noticed much yet. Maybe I'll make your jig, was actually thinking about it when Matt showed me, but figured if it was needed, you guys would have already done it. Something that I don't understand, Weisshauer mentions a 3-4mm poiriette (he's calling it tilt), but at what point? That's a lot. Neck root, bridge?
  11. I have a Weaver shop one (Viola), it sounds great.
  12. My vote is on MKN, I don't see any French in it.
  13. Need better pics. those look very generic.