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  1. Any opinions on which strings (Evah Pirazzi's vs. D'addario's Helicore) are more powerful? I like my Helicores. Just curious if there are any strong opinions out there one way or the other.
  2. I charge these people by the month. They want one make-up lesson per calendar semester. I think they may be on the way out with me. I explained to them that for different types of businesses, if you cancel you need to pay for the services still. Oh yeah, and the father is an attorney!! They think $40/hr is too expensive. Oh gee, obviously violin isn't important to them!!
  3. I think so too. Unfortunately I am just getting started in Minnesota. I'm not at the point where I can't just throw away students. Wish I was at that point but I'll get there sometime. She explained to me that I should accept the fact that summertime is a time for family vacations. Well I asked her by email, I prefer to do things by email, so then I can have proof of what was said which days work best for her and her kids during the summer.
  4. Hi All, I have a family of four (the mother and her three kids) play the violin and have been taking lessons from me for a month. I go to their house (I normally don't do this) but since there are four people, I go to their house to give four half-hour lessons, hence no studio fee to worry about. Anyway, the mother and I had agreed to a lesson time and she said she didn't remember on agreeing to this. Meanwhile, I am having to call the other parent to get them to switch to a different lesson time (the one student has a lesson on the same day). If I supply the names and phone numbers of all my students to each student's parents, I think this would put the burden on them, hence not having to deal with the bs. However, aren't their privacy concerns to worry about with this? Another question I have for the teachers out there deals with the same family that switches lesson times. They gasped when I said no make-up lesson unless I miss one. They said, well the piano teacher offers 2 or 3 per calendar semester. I had already given them the studio policy when they had questioned it. Anyway, I really don't care what the piano teacher does. I doubt they come to these people's house!! I feel like they are putting a guilt trip on me. What do I do? How do you guys handle this situation? I feel like there is a universal unwritten rule that teachers will be flexible with lesson times and our personal time doesn't matter. Ok, thanks for listening and for the advice. Felt really good to vent.
  5. Thanks guys for your insight into this.
  6. I have four students that were previously taught by a Russian violin teacher. When they change strings, their elbow placement also changes and moves from side to side. This doesn't seem like good technique to me. What do you guys think? Is the Russian way of playing violin or is this bad technique?
  7. Marie, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by your last sentence but thanks guys for the tips.
  8. I have started teaching violin in another music studio and am not sure how to tell a few students that they need to go back two or three Suzuki books, maybe even more. Their old teacher is my boss and so I'm put in a very awkward position. I don't want the students to get ticked off at me but one person is playing in book seven and hasn't even done scales and has only been playing for two years!! I can't teach them from what they are working on now because I know the music is too hard for them and they need basic position books and shifting books before even tackling book seven of Suzki. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to how I should handle this problem. Thanks.
  9. I have seen the following traditional methods being used to teach violin: Essential Elements, Strictly Strings and All for Strings. I would like to hear what you guys think is the best one out of all of these methods to use? I looked at all of them and can't decide which is the best method to use.
  10. For traditional, I mean scales and long pieces, so the first option.
  11. I haven't taught traditional before and there are pros and cons to both the Suzuki and traditional methods. I'm thinking I'll do Suzuki for repertoire and then the traditional method books would teach the rudiments. What have you used out of curiosity?
  12. I have heard of the Belwin String Builders, Samuel Applebaum's books and Essential Elements as being used for traditional violin methods. Just out of curiosity, what book do you think is the best?
  13. What is a good rhythm book for violin students to practice to supplement their study of Suzuki? I find that the study of rhythm seems to be lacking in the Suzuki method.
  14. Ok, thanks a lot for the advice.
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