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  1. You know that's what I always thought,, but,,, there is some rather interesting research out there on the thymus gland you might want to take a peek at. Knowledge is ever increasing faster than it is possible to keep up, kind of like a truck going down the highway with stuff falling out continuously, I can't grab it all, but I'll check out some for sure. At this point I have to depend on providence to show me what I'm supposed to get. Evan the scavenger
  2. I have done the "out of handedness" of the gouged out corners, and I find that carefully done the same result can be had much more subtly. One just has to be aware of the goal, I don't think it takes much to make it work. During the "workshop years" I saw literally hundreds of fiddles with the arches right up against the upper corners, top and back. There was a characteristic tight bright whiny sound that often went with it. It seemed like there was this fear of removing wood right there, the arches would be right on the blocks, and if the blocks are big, and they often are,, there is a problem. The plates can't do anything, just too ridged. So I developed the Idea of going straighter through the c-bouts with the channel and just around the outside of the blocks and meet the edge at the widest point of the bouts just as a basis for getting clearance and creating flexibility. Nothing extreme, looks pretty normal, just need to to be aware of it as a goal to look at. Like making a fiddle without corners,, with corners just pretend that they aren't there. Since the power is coming from the other end, it doesn't take much to choke the upper bouts down, I think they should be free to speak.
  3. Yes,Yes and Yes it could be a blessing in disguise to those that choose see it that way, everything is a choice,,,,,,, to scream and complain and lay blame, or to bow your head and pray and be thankful, to the One who created this world ,,, an intricately coded masterpiece,,, then bragged about it. Geneticists now claim we are doomed to extinction because the mutation rates of humans are accumulating, in the past the genome was much more perfect than it is today. They are even tracing the mutations that have accumulated from the past, the one I love is white skin and blond hair and blue eyes,, oops is that you,, it's me,, I'm a mutant,, aren't we special! A fully positive mutation has never been observed, yet "We" believe in them, just randomly mutate your computer code a bit and see how "happy" that makes us. Yes I think that way too many in the human race are way too self haughty and ungrateful and unforgiving and think we all deserve so much, when we most all live like spoiled pigs already and won't admit it, including me. I am surely broken. I certainly need some major repair to my heart and attitude. It has certainly caused me to think about priorities. This whole dilemma could do some good, but,,, many have gone back to drugs and drinking and suicide lines are ringing off the walls,, so many are freaking out, what a shame, what if there was a "real" problem. I guess there would be a full melt down on all fronts. Where does "be not afraid" come in? It can make a person feel a bit guilty for having such a great time in all of this, we are still eating,, The only real problem is finding toilet paper,,,, never knew so many people's priority was wiping their ass,, makes sense though.
  4. I think that it loosens up the entire area a bit as a whole,, while at the same time raises the frequencies of the immediate area because the remaining arch that is left is a bit steeper. Now,,, Shatter my dreams.
  5. Looks real fake to me, about 3 minutes with some acetone on a rag, some brown gunk,, DONE! Look's really bad, I don't see anything natural about it unless it was in the gorilla pen at the zoo. Too many small weird random brown spots.
  6. I have wondered about this before, is it a problem,, or was there a method behind the misunderstood madness. When I first had a real fiddle from the 1730's in my hand to keep and copy,, I thought what in the world, I've never done arches like this,, ever,, it's tough to remove wood that I firmly believe is supposed to be there,,, for the arching shape, and not distortion. I seem to comprehend things the only way my feeble pea sized brain thinks it's supposed to be. I have noticed those sunken areas, and just wonder? Some of them old boxes sound pretty nice. Not debating You Michael, just thinking out loud,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. Yes it makes sense to me. A cheap violin sounds like a loud string, mono tone and flat. A good violin divides the frequencies into groups and fattens it up and makes it sound fluid. The A-O is tuned around middle c or a bit higher and is rather glued to the plates so it helps to pull some lower frequencies out of the notes. The top and back have to work together, and when everything is right it creates that woody sound that you refer to. It actually has nothing to do with the wood, it is only the resultant frequencies created by the entire assembly. Wood doesn’t have a sound, many plastic replicas of wooden instruments have been made that have a woody sound, yet they are plastic. That nice transparency is the result of the note divided into harmonic groups, and the different groups can readily be heard,, involving. a nice low component, some middle range in varying degrees and some high frequencies way above all the rest. When the volume levels of each frequency range is acceptable then you have a transparent sound. When you have evenness of levels across all strings, and all notes,, and when you have the same dynamic range available across all the strings and notes, and the tactile response and feel of the bow is excellent, you should have a fairly good fiddle, with a transparent sound.
  8. I really shouldn't do this,,, BUT! Very clear, true, and well said. I'm glad that I'm not the only one awake. This was my speech when I was still in my twenty's, no conspirator theory, just greed and stupidity selling the country out from under us,, I saw it clearly,,, and I am shocked that it lasted this long, we are extremely fortunate, most have not a clue how much. ,If people would remain calm and work together, instead of continuous faultfinding and whining,,,it can work out just fine,, I am a problem solver,,, I really fail to see the problem, the problem is being solved before our brainwashed eyes, we're to dumbed down to see it. I did not think I would live to see the day, thought it was toast, we're still skidding on ice but spring is coming. This is just life, roll with it, be some help and encouragement,,, as in shut up and actually do something to help.
  9. Thanks for starting the topic Don,, It was actually exciting to see the thread flow for a while, it was starting to like it could work, felt good,,it' would be a nice to have a time and a space to seriously connect, I enjoy hearing from, and about the guys,,,till some rule breaking knuckle head(s) have to blow on about politics. Lack of any self restraint I suppose,. everyone knows the rules,, reminds me of middle school, and at the time I actually thought people grew smarter and wiser,, Look at all the trouble that you started Don. Bad Boy You! Things have stopped here pretty much,, I personally don't think that it's been taken seriously enough but a most things have stopped, streets are pretty empty. We have purchased nothing extra, just sticking to the routine, it'll work out,, and everyone's working from home, lots of computer screens around here. No Ballet, soccer, school, movies, nothing,, it's good,,, as it should be. My wife grabbed me some super glue, and the hobby store was busy. Most restaurants closed, a few bring it to your car, others drive through only. The weird responses and all the complaining have made me painfully aware how nuts it would get,, and fast if something really serious happened. Me First. I guess people are just really scared and reactionary, an asteroid about now sounds exciting to me! Just like in the movies,, Our Cat is about to have a breakdown! And fatso is constantly worried about food,,, He'll eat almost anything, especially avocados. And the kids are climbing the Walls! What's a soul to do!
  10. You know I believe you,,, I really Do. It seems that temps even a bit above boiling actually boil the water out of the wood into a wet atmosphere, the outside never case hardens,,,still have to start slow though,, there is a method. I find that finger boards can be quite the surprise, even expensive ones,, I'd rather know about it now,,, and sometimes neck blocks can get pretty weird,, plates don't change shape or cup when you carve them, things seem a little more stable this way. Old junk oven,,,, Lights in the bottom, aluminum sheet metal to distribute the heat evenly,,, Pan in bottom to fill with water that boils to supersaturate the air inside. It condenses on the front door and drips out the bottom even when temps are well above boiling. Further along the process, water jars are used to reduce the humidity in a controlled way. Light switches to control the temp,, the right bulbs and the right number give the desired temp. Temp is steady and slow. Sockets mounted below the oven in the "Heat" chamber. They hardly even get warm. Early on I went through a lot of sockets that would destroy themselves,, and bulbs that would unglue themselves from the base. This is lined with fiberglass and only gets warm, it can do 500 in the quarter mile if necessary,,, very efficient.
  11. I suppose that it could be quite surprising to you, coming from your view of the world. When I was a kid, as other kids played with balls, I was trying to find out why the pedal on the car made it go and stop,,, I was eternally surprised by the things I didn't understand, The point is all things are a variable, That is why we do this,, it is the eternal question that matters,, Wood is not the same from every tree. Trees can have fantastic spots of wood in them, some parts are only worth burning. The heavier dense heavy grained stuff, burns the best. The good parts of the tree, are straight and true,,clean and light. It has good strong Medullary Rays You search for the best, then take it,, and clean it up,,, then work your way up through the rest, till you decide that anything beyond this point is destined to eternal waste. Using the same tree,, It is a good thing, but not good enough to ensure the same instrument. That is exactly my point, Everything is a variable, wood is different, we are different, the toes on one foot are not a mirror of the other. It is these differences that we are addressing . Life is different in the world of truth and honor and etiquette and respect, than it is in the dark, with snitches and gossips and unhappy whiners. The straight and narrow road is 24, 32, 42 , 4.5 ,5, 6.5 16.5, 130, 195, 27, 32. Do things perfectly and everyone will still be different,,pleasant, functional, and worth it no doubt, but different. Then every thing normal will probably work just fine, the sensitivity that you witness is not surprising, it is normal to the situation. If someone is lawless and does his own thing, the result could be that something odd,,,,like a huge tailpiece sounds the best, or a really short one might do the trick. A longer tail gut lowers HZ,, some fiddles love it, some hate it bad! Tail pieces are simply vibrating chunks of wood that either absorb, and or output vibrations. They can make things quick and lite, or heavy and slow. And they are used to attach the strings, and it is usually tuned close to the a-o, So,,whenever you are neighbors, you have to decide if you like the other guy. Sometimes he moves right on in, and everyone's happy,,, other times the best thing would be,, to move far away. In the realm of normal, the selection of tailpieces we have available to us seems able to cover all of the situations that we encounter in the world of adjustments. Our needs are covered,, and it is perfectly normal, no two exactly alike, Things only get weird,,, IF you don't follow the law.
  12. There are a lot of ways to get different sounds out of that, with a lower bridge, and a spruce platform under it,,,, it would be simple to get two b mode frequencies out of it, then amplify them, a-o would be tough, but even that could be possible. If you want I can explain,,,
  13. There is no such thing as the same instrument.
  14. What it is made of has nothing to do with it, lite and fast, heavy and slow. Lite is not always good,, think Styrofoam hammer, It is the frequency coupling and or the mass that the instrument either likes or not,, it does not care what it is made of,,,and there are no hard and fast rules. The average size and weight work most of the time with in reason, opposed to using something that is extra heavy or extra lite. That is why they are average, fantastic results can be had on either side of the fence for different reasons. At the point of trying different tailpieces, if a heavy one makes an instrument sound great, and they can do just that, they can make a big difference, BUT you think that you just have to have a light tailpiece. and a heavy one makes it sound great, , you would have to rework the instrument, as in graduations or adding wood or some major changes to accommodate that. Some instruments are not so sensitive, others are very temperamental, they are what they are and using a really odd size or odd weight is just making compensation for something else that could be dealt with in another manner but in most cases,,, as in MOST cases not worth it, just figure what works and go with it. It is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is,, Unless,,,, there is some other problem that the instrument has, which the whole needs to be taken into account and looked at. It is simply some mass (Weight) and frequency (Weight and length and distance to the saddle) to mess around with. Other than that it simply attaches the strings to the instrument.