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  1. on pg. 43 , #1, he speaks of starting a note with an intense vibrato.............................then.......let the vibrato become more gentle. I have assumed he ment a clearer cleaner harder vibrato, a touch more on the tip of the finger, vs a pad of the finger softness. Intensity is neither speed nor width,,,,,,and the difference in intensity would be subtle, a little goes a long way. ?
  2. Set it in front of a fan. Keep an eye on it, stop it for a bit then resume. Be careful of the sound post, probably loosen the strings a bit so the neck doesn't drop.
  3. This is not about the best way,,, When repairing an expensive object, or anything as far as that goes, there needs to be a certain watchfulness and soberness of mind and careful caution. You give no opportunity for mistakes,, none what so ever, not banging things around on bench edges, using big one piece clamps with no padding. Violin edges are not machined perfectly, they require proper clamps. etc,etc,etc,,, Olaf is fun for sure,, Love Him! Just sayin
  4. Many ways to kill a violin, Olaf is a fun Guy no doubt, I love Him,, Flipping a violin around with a 6 inch stick in the f-holes would get a guy fired ,,, just makes me spastic, if someone around me was doing some of this,,, I'd ask them to stop and go grab that skylark and fix it. I know,, I'm a Jerk,,,
  5. I seem to be the one to bitch and complain and find fault, but I always look for potential problems to keep disaster at bay. Too Many things here are in the category of,,, do not do it this way, please. Do we need a list. When someone has done something for a long time, the familiarity causes a relaxed casual attitude that can border upon disaster. If someone with no experience took these examples as how to do things, the outcome might not be good.
  6. I'm certain that Olaf is a really nice guy,,, Watching this tends to make me spastic
  7. You are full of all sorts of great ideas,,,, The erasers have possibilities,,, What did you use for glue? Contact,, double stick carpet tape? Here are some big ones,, 7x4.5x1 inch https://www.amazon.com/Emraw-Pencil-Eraser-Rubber-School/dp/B07CH194JV
  8. But of course I did,,,, and till you pointed it out, i never would've known why. So i went back and peeked a gain,,, And it T'wall most made me cry. Making sense contains such a satisfyingly foundational texture within it. It hails from an age of long ago. We all need something to believe. Right or wrong, we all believe,,, our Destiny Agree or disagree, be at peace.
  9. Evan Smith

    Nails position

    Since a Giraffes neck is hinged and goes back and forth when he runs, and he can run really fast, maybe,,,, if a violins neck is hinged it will go fast too!
  10. I have heard that most of the time,,,when what they do is,,,,,and,,, actually in all reality is,,,,,Play the fiddle, it works, or it doesn't. Well that might make sense,,,, let's see,,, better think about that a bit,,,humm,,, what WILL those other people think,,,, HUMM,,,,UM,,,,
  11. When dealing with the thickness of the material, that parameter is actually immaterial. What is important, is weight and stiffness, think about how you want it to work. Many different graduation patterns work well. I can not tell you what I do because it is always a bit different according to arches, wood, phase of moon, etc,, There are some fantastic fiddles in the world with just those numbers you cite, You need the experience, with that wood, at some point there is no real answer, It's you and the fiddle. Unless you stopped by the house then things would be different. For now,, try it there,,relax and have fun,,,still learning.
  12. I loved your rant before you edited it, and I fully agreed, it was poetry. How is your back? Is it staying calmed down driving again, once the posas gets chronic from sitting and driving, it seems to remember that it's not happy. It is a Bitch,,,,, but you are NOT! I AM! The pic's are great aren't they? Maybe A Pic of your Hairy Face?
  13. I didn't read the paper,, but,,That could be a possible cause Marty for a buzzy sound. If everything is working right,,, when you thump the box and get that slap inside, it possibly could be confused as a rattle of sorts. If someone unfamiliar with the dynamic of it all, listens to it,, they think that something is broken. It’s only sound being thrown back and forth in between the plates, but it kinda sounds like a can of broken glass, or about 6 hands clapping together, yet slightly staggered. But I never thought that I could hear that component in the sound. So I went and played several, right now, and I never really noticed it before but there is a component that could be classified as a rattle, at maximum volume right at the point when the high frequencies shoot out and your ears hurt. They,re ringing right now,, That’s pretty stupid,, I’ve only got so much left.
  14. I've seen that several times,,, oops forgot,,
  15. You can sing into the box while placing the hand over the other fhole, LOUDLY,,, maybe hear a kazoo at the right pitch? Double stops can really make a bar rattle.