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  1. Vas ist Das?

    made in ξ橋China
  2. You are so very welcome!
  3. The Girolamo Amati Viola Book

    That's a nice size,, I'm ready to jump.
  4. This works well to help develop smoothness and control, just focus on breathing and staying completely relaxed and it will translate into your playing. Don't underestimate this simple exercise.
  5. The Girolamo Amati Viola Book

    looks interesting,, what is the back length of this beast ?
  6. Thinning varnish

    Like this! Is this the correct music for it?
  7. Thinning varnish

    It’s a little lonely waiting for the train,, ,need some human interaction,, a little touch for my tired brain,, I’ve waited long enough,, can’t think straight,, so I go forth,,,, I spew things about which ,,,, I don’t have a clue,,,,, what am I talking about,? yet I continue to chew,,,,,I look up the train is gone, it's been lonely here too. I reach out, but they always hate me,,, you know they always do. I’ve thinned out lots of stuff like this,, I add acetone till I can get it satisfactorily stirred , then maybe add a bit of turps, or something,, gamesol,, or whatever. Then let the acetone evaporate till it brushes like you want,,, maybe filter,,, or not. Works for me. Love and kisses ! Giblets and Gravy!
  8. Perry Sultana...

    Please don't apologize, everything you do is cool to see,,, I am constantly learning, you spur me on to greater heights! If there is some sorry sack of lumpy oatmeal that gets annoyed by what you do they can change the channel. Any urge that you have to share,,,,, is fine with most everyone here !!!!!! Can I hear an amen !
  9. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Just looking for something to read while I wait for the minerals to harden up in the wood,,,, I don't get it.
  10. Don Noon's bench

    Looks good Don, real good. I've got two corps in the drying box with no necks, but thankfully the varnish is close to done, good luck!
  11. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Thank you Bruce.
  12. How to Prevent Bad Cello Accidents?

    If you are this disciplined then,, 1.When it leaves your hand it goes in the case. 2.The latches are latched, because if the case gets moved or you forget,,, and pick it up, it can fall to the floor before you know it. 3.The value your instrument has to you, will directly influence the adherence to rule #1. 4.You might use a cello stand if a rare but dangerous accident is worth the chance you take for the added convenience. 5. Refer to rule's # 1-4
  13. Instrument documentation photography

    I'm not saying these shots are super fantastic, far from it,,, They will have to do in a pinch.
  14. Instrument documentation photography

    I'm not speaking with any sort of photographic expertise, and not pretending to,, I took these shots on the fly with nothing special, camera, tripod, and light. A pro stressed to me that absolutely the single most important item is the light,, and lots of it. When I explained the problems with the flashing of the reflective ground, he said the right light angle is critical,, then let the camera tone it down, and use slow speed,,,,, I was in this situation where I needed to capture some shots,, the wall was non movable as was the hanging light, so I gathered all the extra floor lamps in this guys house and set them up till it looked ok,,,,,, You can see the reflection of all the lights on the side of the pegs, so there you go,,
  15. re-gluing the fingerboard

    My pinky is also the wrong size also,, and while my wife has a gentle and tolerant temperament most of the time,,if I'm pulling an all niter and I get her up to use her pinkies over three times in one night,,, I am in big trouble. If I have two boards I need to glue ready to go I can just use both of her pinky's at once,,,but then again I occasionally have to pick her nose for her,, as she's all tied up at the moment. Sometimes I have doubts about the Da Vinci / Fibonacci way of doing things, it seems that being dedicated to "IT" is not worth the trouble it can cause,, I keep threatening to buy a ruler,,,,,,,,,,,,