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  1. Of course you know what they were thinking, you were thinking the same thing before they were born,,, Old dogs can learn,,, it's just difficult to remember!
  2. Figure the full retail price for the finished product. Divide by 2, That is your wholesale, Subtract from that your approximate labor and all parts, the remaining amount is what you can spend for the junk fiddle, and still make a living. Explain to him that is what it is worth to you,,, it is just legit business. That is a good platform to deal with him from, and maintain the relationship. I bet you have something very cool around there that he would just love. Trade up, trade down, just keep it on level ground! Evan
  3. Oh Big E, those were the days, my friend, we prayed they'd never end, We're laughing and singing all the way!! We lived the life we choose, we'd fight and never lose, for we were young and sure to have our way! And in our hearts, our dreams are still the same!
  4. Your article is most excellent! Very Well written and clear, did you edit it also? So my question is,,,, Can I substitute and use zinc oxide, or do I need to precipitate the oxide in sodium hydroxide and use that,, does it matter, I am a chemist by no means. Evan : in the corner with dunce hat on.
  5. This is what I thought as well, but was determined to keep my mouth shut, I am forever pointing out faults, which is one of my faults..... but now that you mention it,,,, I find it is usually best to keep my mouth shut. For what it's worth, it also has a very glassy texture with an inexpressive bow attack,, and its not just the playing, the notes don't pop out properly. As Perlman would say it has no Zhitst to it,,,, it has no bark at the beginning of the notes. It wouldn't take a lot to at least fix that, just simple adjustments, and then it would have a bit more interest, it would add a bit of body, with a tiny bit more substance to the entire range with out altering the sound, and add a touch of dynamics that seems to be missing. It reminds me of a slightly faded painting. Very clear though, beautiful violin, I too really love Steiners, I'm sure it sounds heavenly and pure under her ear, very focused and sweet. That particular arching will do it, probably a bit too thick in the center of the top for my tastes.
  6. I have read that colophony has long been considered the cheapest of varnishes. That in itself doesn't mean a lot, I am not going to varnish a boat, or a bowling alley with it. Do you mean that by making a rosinate out of it,, the characteristics change to the point that it is no longer in the same category,, of such? Is zinc oxide better? Should I dissolve the colophony in lye and then add the zinc,, I really don't know much about these things, I just throw it in a pot and cook, it seems to get something that will work,, probably by a stroke of luck, which is better than a strike of lightening. I know this has been discussed AD infinitum,,, But I am paralyzed till I do it, where to start? Made Fullton's varnishand others many times successfully, but no rosinates.
  7. We do get along well, I don't get offended. All violin makers have dreamed about what works and why,,,,don't you think? If we were sitting around havin a brew and you made your statement, I would have laughed and thus replied back to you. In context and in person it would not have looked the same, it would have been one fellow ribbin another. Internet net communication sucks,,, don't you think? So you explain why taper is so important?
  8. Nah, That conclusion is derived from being in a dreamlike state, pondering about how to be as great as Stainer, while trying to figure out how violins work.
  9. I tried so many different 120 v hot plates,, I got tired of always waiting for the temp to get up there, so I took a 2500 watt element from off of a stovetop, along with the control, placed it in a nice metal box, and vuwalla oh baby! 220 volts with 2500 watts of smooth power, lots of power, did I mention lots of power and heat, not even on the same planet, smooth,,,, thick copper plate,,,, steady temp,,,,,, sand inside cast iron,,,,, glass in the sand,, massively cool.
  10. Careful Big E! Those things look possessed!
  11. I didn't take any ID shots, but I found the arching intriguing,, told it was a Duke,, Is this the usual ? I don't know,, am no expert. How does it sound you ask? Sounds very clear and big, not dark at all, very precise and quick.
  12. That is really nice Big E,, great friend you have there. If the shell neck block doesn't work out, I have a bunch of blocks from Merril, possibly a good match in the lot. Let me know. Evan
  13. How is it possible that tapping on wood causes so much consternation?
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