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  1. Evan Smith

    William Fry Internal Scraping Method

    Hey You! Don't get smart with me.
  2. Evan Smith

    Tap note of Mode 5 with back players glued to rim?

    It is just One more way to measure stiffness, with enough data compiled, it might actually be another something,,, that is useful for something,,, other than nothing. But since the universe was supposedly idiotically made from nothing, with all of it's flawless mathematics numbers and DNA codes,,,, maybe it is something after all. Don's numbers look right on, Higher numbers equal stiffer, lower numbers equal softer, What does your customer want?
  3. Evan Smith

    William Fry Internal Scraping Method

    How would you explain steel drums? The stress is within the frame itself. How easy is it to confuse stress and tension? Are they one and the same? Musical saws?
  4. Evan Smith

    Which one has better tone?

    cannot tell anything with that clip, there are some good sounds and some not so good. 1. Need to work all the strings up and down in all positions, play slowly, how easily can you pull the notes from a whisper to full blossom, with and without vibrato. Does it have good sound at low volumes as well as full throttle. How clean and articulate is it in fast passages, do the notes pop out and stop just as fast. How much snap and crunch can be had at the start of the notes in the higher positions, or is it glassy and slippery. 2. Get out of that acoustic space, outside in the open will reveal more of the instrument. Or a place in the house where rooms and halls meet with curtains and chairs, ect. to break up the background resonance. 3. There is a certain slippery shallow cheap sound that they both have that could be the bow, or just how you play, not enough core to the sound not enough grit. There is a tendency for players to make all instruments sound like themselves, there is a lot to be said for personal technique that goes beyond the sound of the instrument and it's capabilities. 4. Have several different capable players try them using different bows from stiff to soft to see what is really there, see what they can get out of them. See what happens with a heavy handed player, and a light player. 5. Hope you find your one true love, good luck.
  5. Evan Smith


    Yes Bill, Leather and brass knurled nuts,,and one more thing to make them "tits" are nipples cut upon them and a touch of wax for lube to eliminate the friction and they can be held on with one hand and tightened with a roll of the same thumb. Only took 30 years to figure this out,,,,,,,,,,, but better late than never, to me it is really worth the effort,,, think Rolls Royce,, Evan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,slow
  6. Evan Smith


    It is truly amazing in it's qualities, even safe for infants,, we've used plenty. Never knew what it looked like. What they say that not been proven,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I find to be true.If you would like to grog out and relax,,, this is the ticket. But when I have mixed it with other legal herbs it all turns into hyper drive, with me!. I experiment with herbs too. https://www.rxlist.com/passionflower/supplements.htm However Hon, please be sure to thoroughly check what you have, I have been told that there are subs that are a bit toxic, but the main is not. Take with salt. Evan Does not want to sleep right now!
  7. Evan Smith


    Those are amazing, Have you had passionflower tea?
  8. Evan Smith

    Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    When weird things happen like this,, I just pray they find the right home.
  9. Evan Smith

    Help me choose a viola, Please!

    You Dog You !
  10. Evan Smith

    Effect of bridge waist stiffness

    The bridge can be coupled to the body modes, as this is moved through, the sound will change ,,,open, closed nasal, open, then warmer, bigger, then off of the edge when it reaches the B-1 then it starts going soft,,,,,,,up to that point the bridge is riding B-1 after that point B-1 is riding the bridge.
  11. Actually Insanely busy, at that moment I was waiting for varnish to set for another coat,,,, and glue to dry,,and taking a break from a project that a friend had for an insane last minute, working all nite 4th of July float,, I ended up not feeling well at all and not eating anything for 5 days,,,,,, ,Wow I feel great now,, at least 30 years younger! Joints are smooth again, all of that old man stiffness is GONE! Not kidding one bit, if you have never done a water fast,, they are great,, I'm just too stupid to do it a bit more often,,, God knows I needed it and I was forced into it! After so many days of not eating I decided to go ahead,, the first two days are the hardest,, it really a science and needs to be studied a bit but it is fantastic,,the brain gets very sharp, you grow new neural networks the memory greatly improves ect,,, probably not if you are really unhealthy with lots of garbage clogging up the body,,, I'm not,,, so I have results fairly fast,,, pun intended,,, Have a good one Dwight! Evan very thankful!
  12. Evan Smith

    Finger Board Projection Question

    KAkin, you know where I'm at, and I go from here to the ocean and play on the beach and get the fiddles quite wet and notice no dropping to speak of ?????? Maybe I'm just a drop out. Evan, finished 9th grade,,, barely!
  13. Evan Smith

    Effect of bridge waist stiffness

    That is because everyone is looking in the wrong places. What you seek is closer to 500 hz, not 5000. Not I await your hysterious laughter, Time sorts out all mysteries,, includine me!
  14. Evan Smith

    Effect of bridge waist stiffness

    Here's a bit on that,, it's ok to leave them stiff if the fiddle likes it and gives you what you need at that point. It is an easy way to urge a bit more dynamics out of a stiff fiddle, as in inexpensive student kind of bucket, and make it much more pleasant to play for the kids. Actually any fiddle, just an easy way to greatly help some junk in a quick no nonsense manner and get em out the door and to a happy home! Just think stiff fiddle needs heavy hammer on the top to make it move, and some solid springs to let it swing, when you narrow the waist you increase the swing,, don't go below B-1, it looses it at that point,,, you do get the point ? Cut a hundred, then come see me in the office,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,