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  1. Perry Sultana...

    More of a chance? Absolutely. Will it warp,, I don't know, wet it and dry it a few times, leave it in hot box with light bulbs for a consistent temp.(I've had my old metal refridgerator up to 500 degrees using light bulbs) Wet again then dry again, abuse it for a while, beat all the meanness out of it, re flatten it then use it and it will have less of a chance of warping later,,,slab cut anything can potentially warp ,,,,,,,,,, or not. I will use anything to make a fiddle, flame no flame slab, I don't care,,,,if I use slab I prefer one piece, but for a deal like this,, even I would reach for something exceptionally nice. I understand that slab has been associated with a deeper richer sound when it is properly used with the correct arching,, but just lower arching will help with that ,,,so,, Have Fun, we are watching you!
  2. New Violin String Products

    These are the ones someone gave me to try, they started out very crisp and bright, but now are a bit smoother, and clear,,so far they are good, the E string seems strong all the way up, but my fiddles are that way so it might be hard to tell. I made a mistake in thinking they were the same as Rue's, they are not,,just a similar but different weird name. Where do they come up with these names,, motor home and travel trailers are a riot of stupid names,, I envision a conference room with a large table and some old bottles of scotch, cigars and other strange things to smoke with business executives spewing forth any random names that cross their mind, "Wind Blown Mansion" "Slithering Green Snake" "Rolling Castle" "Expensive Piece OH Crap" would be my choice,,,,
  3. New Violin String Products

    I put on a set about 3 weeks ago on a fiddle I am quite used to, they were a bit bright at first, in fact surprisingly so,,, they have now calmed down and work fine. OOps those are not the ones that I tried!
  4. Extending oil varnish working time.

    By the way,,, international violin"s bulletproof submarine varnish works good for this sort of thing because it will set up fast, sometimes so fast it's farr away in the future!
  5. Extending oil varnish working time.

    The texture is nice,, you accidentally mastered it! As far as fixing the varnish problem,,put a little bit of varnish on the rub through with your fingertips, rub it in good and keep wiping it with the palm of your hand til it is feeling sort of dry, long quick strokes with the palm of your hand. When it is thin and smooth and shiny but will stick if you stop,, then do stop. let it dry. If it looks sealed when reflected in the light, then lightly scuff with something similar to 0000 steel wool, I use a very fine 2500 grit fiber pad,,,,, just to barely degloss , think like only 2 atoms deep,, not much,, then do the same with any color you might have used or what ever,,then again with final coat. Don't go putting slathers of varnish over it, just barely, in very thin coats,, just touch the tops of the spruce if necessary, and the boo boo will disappear.
  6. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Oh Yeah,,,,, you don't know how much,, but then again,, maybe you do.
  7. The Bress Bench

    I really like that part,,
  8. Belt sander guilt

    That's absolutely right,, It's all in the details,, the smaller the better, the clearer the picture becomes. At this point it is no longer about the measurements, it goes way beyond that, it's like looking into the stars and beyond, measurements and lines can be perfectly executed yet be as sterile as ice,,,,a drum sander will never replace the knife, nor can it.But a person that has the right vision can use anything to produce fantastic work, it matters not,,,, So knowledge is critical, and developing a vision that you clearly see in the distance,, then just walk toward it, the more you practice it the better we all get. We can see and learn from your improvements and it benefits everyone. Where you might misunderstand me is that what I say might be perceived that you or someone else should be doing something other than they are, or that I am being critical of anyone at all. It is not at all that way, I'm only relating to an out look on things, that might actually forever paralyses someone into eternal procrastination maybe partly because of the perfection of stradiveri myth, that seems to weigh heavily on some people. You're out moving, breaking ground, doing it. as are many others,, look at E.,,the man is focused moving along, what beautiful work, an example,,, what if he had been paralyzed,,,you and everyone would have missed out,, aren't we selfish? How many special programs have been on the media about the glory and inexplicable godly genius of Stradivari and the unexplained mystery behind the otherworldly sound, produced by the screams of long departed souls, as they scream from hell, mysterious and, inexplicable, engulfed by some deep dark unexplained magic. Do I think they're good? Some times absolutely amazing,, nothing quite like it,, . Now that's one tough act to follow, and some can't seem to get past the part that,,,,,It's just a box, a fancy box with a handle and strings, it is not magical, nor mystical,, it's a box.So ,,That's what it seems like sometimes,,, there is this dread of messing up that is so overwhelming ,,enjoyment is only experienced at the finish. I do not like commissions for that reason,,,,and I've had plenty,,,the pressure is on, I can't relax and have fun at the same time that I'm working in the perfection mode. There is nothing wrong with that mode,, it is wonderful, some quite enjoy it,,, but if it paralyses you, no good,,, it doesn't paralyze me it motivates me,, I just don't enjoy it at all.Then there is the Ego inflating power lurking within the depths of that dungen of sweat and dust bunnies. I've seen grown men behave as though some alien being had sucked their brains right out and they knew not the difference,,and I have seen that same box bring out the friendliest happiest and most enthusiastic humans that I've ever seen or known.and if you can understand what it is that I'm talk'en about you're smarter than me! Now that's one tough act to follow, and some can't seem to get past the part that,,,,, It's just a box, a fancy box with a handle and strings, it is not magical, nor mystical,, it's a box. I have talked to a lot of guys and the fear of messing up that sacred piece wood or making a mistake keeps them from really enjoying what they want to do,,instead of just dreaming about it. So,, have a vision study learn the numbers cut some wood and see what it's about, get some wood and practice,,,perfection only comes with practice. and there are operators standing by,,,,,,,,,dial NOW I am only encouraging the ones that need this type of view,,, it won't be for everyone,, only to those to whom the shoe fits.
  9. Belt sander guilt

    I would have this to say about that,, The Idea is not to let it go and make a piece of junk, not at all,, You need good patterns and templets , size and proportion is important, It all starts with the stop length, then the bottom of the f holes, where it all lines up,, how pointed or not the corners are, look at mango's pic of the candle, and look at the stubby angle of his corner blocks, then look at his stubby corners,, they are great! they work well, cute as a bug,,notice that the points at the end of the corner block aren't there like you might see them in your mind, it doesn't take much more than that for a much longer corner. A common mistake beginners make is to make the blocks too pointed, looks kinda weird sometimes,, specially when comparing to something elegant like old ancient craftsmen ship. Long wings that look more like an airplane,, and a lump around the heel of the neck so it looks like it has a goiter, a big clubby scroll that still has 2.5 lbs of wood still waiting to be removed, the whole body 8 mm longer that it ever should be,,,, is the hallmark of an uneducated eye. The Idea is not to go fast, but to have a vision of the goal clearly at hand with good tools and templets,, all the numbers fully understood and clearly placed in the head, I think all the numbers should be remembered and understood,, along with all the their variants and the situations that determine their suitability. For example upper f hole eye placement,, it can vary from 36 to 44mm, a common number is 40 to 42,, don't sweat it just go,,,, but if the c=bouts are a bit on the narrow,, the eyes move closer together,,, and if you are using a percentage it will just work out. If for some reason the c's are pushing 115,,, go a bit wider with the eyes,, you are now adding more mass to the bridge table area,, and that will work well with the extra width of the c-bouts. See simple stuff. Get the tools ask questions, don't be afraid to cut to the line, don't go for perfect,, just go through it,,,in every endeavor known to man,, people spend hundreds of hours practicing and practicing, so as to some day do it right,,,violin making is the only thing I know where so many just have to have perfection right out of the gate,,,you know Don Noon,,, he is a practicer,,he won't quit till he understands what he is dealing with,,and if at times you just have to hack one out to gain some insight so be it! Start that way from the get go and you'll reach a satisfactory place sooner than later,,,,the more you know the slower you go, as you understand you will slow down to apply your new understanding. You have to break a few to understand how easily they can break. or it just can end up being the ugliest looking and sounding perfect you've ever seen,, subtly of execution and elegance is an acquired skill through practice,, kind of like accents from different parts of the world it just grows on you.
  10. Evan

    I should add that they were recorded in a concert hall from 50 to 60 feet away, out in the seats. player stood in the same place, recorder was on a tripod and never touched or moved.
  11. Evan

    I would be interested in what you like, or don't like for that matter,
  12. Belt sander guilt

    But on the other hand I do have a sanding drum, or two and other electric gizmos,,,I am a gizmo freak big time to my own hurt, I don't care how someone accomplishes what they do. I do believe that everyone should be able to do it correctly with the right hand tools in a reasonable amount of time. That skill is important. At times I do a few basses, I do no repairs but somehow basses always show up at my door, the tears in the eyes get me every time,,, there is a lot of wood in the foot of a bass bridge and it is very hard wood,, at time a lot of it has to be removed,,,,I use a band saw, or a scroll saw.....................
  13. Belt sander guilt

    I wasn't implying that you are or were mean, just convicted. I actually think that you have some extremely valid points, learning to master the tools and technique is important, very important. You are just trying to make that clear. and you did. You are some how trying to convey the idea that it is important to be able to focus like a razor and get the job done with the right tools and learn how to Master the use of them,,, rather than just slobbing around with sanding sticks and paper glued to barbie doll legs. I agree with you, laughing with you not at you. I have a pet peeve about people spending forever trying to make a perfect violin the first time, and I've seen it a bunch,,, I have seen the most beautiful workmanship with the ugliest corners and f hole you could imagine that took several years to do, just a big waste of time learned almost nothing going that slow,,and didn't have it in the skull what things should look like at all,, it was so bad it looked like a joke Just be bold and knock a few out quickly, let the chips fly and see what it's about,,, then slow down and take the time where you need to, after you learn to see things and use the tools. This endless infatuation with wasting wood, and what wood is good enough makes me crazy,,, there is bizillions of tons of wood,, we only have so much time "Just pick up that flippin chisel and make chips before I loose it",,,know what I mean? The more I make the slower I get because I know more. And the fact that you would come back as thoughtful and introspective speaks for itself,,,,a rare commodity these days,,,
  14. Evan

    Hey! They were on sale,,, my wife taught me all I know!
  15. Evan

    It's got to go back together,,,,,I don't know how to do it wrong unfortunately, it takes longer that way!