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  1. Bad Fingerboard, as in scoop, lumps, no scoop. twist, dried peanut butter,,, e string too close to the board, loose post. wax in ears, with or without dust bunnies
  2. Agreed totally,, I don't mean to be so hardcore, I don't like seeing people giving in to fate so easily,, What would I do faced with a crazy man with a gun,, first maybe relieve myself, ???? Try to talk calmly and sensibility to him,,, hope so. I've had a few daughters,, they know how to transfer someone into the next dimension with a bic pen if necessary. Never give up, never give in, understand where you stand. Not a safe game at all,,, Thanks
  3. You can build a dam around the void as to contain the glue,, apply glue first,,then you use a soft rubber edged hose or whatever it takes to surround and seal, and pull the vacuum, for long enough according the the glue, and situation, then when the vacuum is released the glue will suck itself in to the void. The vacuum will pull vacuum through the glue lying on top of the void as long as it is liquid. The reservoir of vacuum under the glue will then suck it into place. If glue is injected into the vacuum too far from the destination,, it will boil as it travels to the void, and then the vacuum will have been greatly reduced by the time it finally gets there. A hypodermic needle inserted into the hose next to the void will also allow glue to be applied moments before the vacuum is released. More wandering thoughts. If you pull vacuum on a violin it will pull the arch joints so tightly together,, no glue would be able to enter,, unless of course something on the inside was holding it apart. That is one thing I've never done,,, tried to collapse a fiddle with vacuum,, without a sound post,,, it has crossed my mind though,,, hmmm,, thinking of a sacrifice,,,,hmmm... could be fun and enlightening? I do hate not knowing for sure.
  4. You guys make a great team, I personalty find these claims more than ridiculous. You're basically claiming not to know who you really are, how you are gonna act, and that you have no deep convictions that you can trust to move you into a certain predictable action in a certain situation. so as a product of my time should I get a nose ring? sex change? cardi B tattoo on my behind? Go burn down other peoples lives? Go on some naked bike rides, the new legal fad? It is easy to justify anything if everyone's doing it and I have no solid convictions of right and wrong, many claim that pedophila is a choice, is that true? is it a choice?, as a product of my times they tell me so. Many people would respond to the world around them exactly the same, no matter when they lived, ,,,,,,, Looking at others actions and beliefs from the past to determine what your future might be like and how I, you, them or any others might behave in a modern paradigm is a bit of an excuse for those that don't want to make a firm decision on things that are really important. Huh? This is a modern problem, it seems to be shifting to,,,,, Way to many are becoming rubber spine, indecisive, peer pressured butt hurt, continuously offended, angry, scoffing, unable to even carry on an intelligent dialogue, screaming abuse cause we don't give them a new car, clueless as to whats really important, taking enless pics and posting yet having no true friends,,, all too weird to me,,, I'm supposed to be a product of that? admittedly,, many are deceived and and lost,, and do become that product, it is extremely sad to watch, the bait is strong these days,,almost so attractive that millions will fall,,, but not all.
  5. Are you serious? ! You mean I'm an actual, factual, living plagiarist! Mom always said I'd do great things once I got outta bed.
  6. That would appear to be due to the sealer that was used right there in the end grain area, the varnish is not able to bite anything, and after some expansion cycles it is just sliding off. Is it only happening at this spot(area)?. are the ribs ok? Certainly don't give up a fiddle that you love over this. Many have all of the varnish worn away here after use anyway .It actually feels better with no varnish here,, only a silky rubbed in finish. This is easily repaired. Some people do have acid paws that break down the varnish, is it getting sticky or gooey when pressed with the fingernail? There is a finish called tru oil that goes on super thin, as thin as you can wipe it off, several of these micro thin coats are fairly bullet proof, I've done guitar necks with it and it holds like glass, while violin varnish wears quickly and can get a bit soft as it breaks down, it doesn't like human oils in general, might not be so much acid paws as oily mittens, Do you eat a lot of spaghetti with olive oil and Garlic???
  7. I have purchased several of these for $50.00 direct from china, free shipping, Not only because I wanted to boycott you Martian, only for a moment,,, but to really see what it's all about, 2 necks warped, great workmanship, made of green wood,,1, fantastic workmanship, but heavy, one was creepily good,,,, a little too good. Hope you didn't feel the loss,,
  8. Chinese fictitious representation of of Euro trade peso's?
  9. I for one wouldn't be so quick to claim the first or only, or that it even makes sense,,, But thanks anyway
  10. In one of many of my experiments, I have placed fiddles from over 200o F for hours,, to a 0of freezer for many hours,, many times, never a single problem at all. Just checking thing out, ,, Now mind you, the wood I use has been thoroughly seasoned, and cycled to extremes before a fiddle is made out of it,, it is much more stable than any other, except Dons. I would never recommend this at all,,,, but I cannot see that freezing a violin would do any harm. HOWEVER! The varnish will become EX-tremely brittle and depending upon what it is,, it could crack, shatter, flake off,,whatever you don't want it to do. Be careful, don't bump it on anything in the freezer, or out of the freezer, don't handle it by the varnish, I have never seen varnish ruined by freezing but it was my varnish, the varnish does get brittle. Tidbit,,,, When oil varnish is still a bit tacky after a solid touch, you can freeze it and remove the nibs(if there are any, lightly with super fine sand paper, and a bit of rubbing oil) while the varnish is still fat,,, before it has shrunk to the wood. It is still thick at this point and there is less chance of rub through. Then when it finishes curing it has already been rubbed out and grows to the wood nicely and is smooth. I have done this a number of times, but not always. It has always worked nicely and saved a lot of time. Sand a bit, back in the freezer, repeat. Did I mention super fine soft not aggressive paper,, very delicately.
  11. From here on I don't get it,, This seems to be the most difficult way to imagine. Just a straight edge used on the arch to compare curves is all I can imagine. When I get done,,,, a copy gauge from my plates to old cremonese arching temps shows a consistent match, it's how you see it,, once you see it,,, what method is needed? This is your way of seeing it, I really don't get it at all. Though you do make a lot of excellent and valid observations that go largely ignored, (it seems to me), people will either hear it or not, I believe you, I carefully listen to you, but it's not my method. The result they obtained I believe was crucial for their success, and the observations you make are some of the things that I believe are necessary for consistent results, but how they got there is beyond me. But as I got there and I realized that if I think about it like "this",, then when I check it,, it will match a cremonese arch. I have finished and had a strad, a DG and a testori perfect match on a single back plate. Yes they can be very similar at times, miles apart at others. I just use a straight edge and know what I am looking for,, couldn't they do that also? There are patterns for the long arch also, they can be duplicated perfectly hundreds of times over, no templates, or chains, or formulas necessary. Just a punch and a ruler are all that is necessary.. There is a weird place of optical illusion, when everything is coming together and the arch is being pushed up,, that it seems to flatten out when nothing has been removed from the height, but the arch seems to disappear,, but then looked at from the side it's huge, but from other directions it seems to shrink, it almost looks insignificant, anybody else notice that, I'm just a bit strange, Yah! it's in the channel I think. I do not mean to denigrate your work but to confirm it from another view, and anyone serious about making violins should look into this and get a feel for it, as to what you are talking about, as I have no doubt that it will lead to the right place, but I'm not convinced that it was their method, but who knows? I don't. You want full strad, ok, flat strad, ok, full DG, ok, flat D.G. ok, Amati like Mickael Dartons excellent example, ok, no two are ever alike, but in a certain way they all are.
  12. For this type of situation I would take a piece of spring steel, long and narrow,( .015,, or .010,, or several.005's together,, whatever you got laying around that feels right). Put clear packaging tape on one side so the glue can't stick or rust,, if any glue leaks through. Then hold them in place on the inside, centered along the seam with some magnets placed on the outside. Put in some sound posts along the seam, just tight enough to start to open the seam a bit, remove the magnets, then work in the glue, knock out the posts and clamp the arch from the outside with slight pressure. Did I mention Slight pressure? You will want to test the crack with the sound posts first without the metal liner in place,, and figure out your limits, and just how loose and far the crack actually is. They don't have to be pushed over the back seam to do the job. Slightly round both ends, they can be regular cheap dowels,,, put leather on the sliding end if you want,,,,etc. Run through it with the posts first and get them figured out. As soon as you put one in too tight the one beside it will drop... have some string on them for easy removal. It is definitely a delicate, "Watch Makers" type of operation. A bit of practice and you develop a "feel" for it. A dedicated narrow ruler with a vee ground in the end to catch the top of the post and keep it in place,, while you push the bottom of the post under to tighten it,, will make it much easier. Also put masking tape on the steel, on the post side,,, to give it some traction so it doesn't slip around. To clamp the outside, again a long thicker piece of spring type steel along the crack, (with clear tape for no stick) with bass bar sized blanks across the top side to side,, and use those cheap small plastic bar clamps. Clamp from the wooden cross bars to the edge of the back plate to pull the top toward the back plate and close up the crack. I have deliberately clamped several tops in this way to their breaking point (just for a test on junk) and it takes a lot more than you would imagine to break it. The first place they give out is a split from the upper eyes to the top edge, then the lower holes blow. Just be reasonable and all will go well. To close the crack the metal is not usually necessary, just a few cross bars judiciously clamped will do it. as you push down on the top the crack is automatically being pushed together, just don't make a flat spot. Check that out ahead of time, it is usually fine, but sometimes a curved caul might be in order, most likely not,,just depends. Did I mention,, Slight pressure? At first this may seem overwhelming but after you got it it is really useful for loose bass bars, cracks, center seams,, smashed, stepped upon, sat upon,, cheap fiddles, pull out the pieces prop them up and glue, I have been shocked how well things turn out, just another way of thinking about it. quck and dirty, but still a good solid job. Good enough is good enough for some things,,,just a few more miles, another year. and kid's 'done. Probably not so quick the first time,, I can make it look easy.
  13. I for one would never accuse Lara of being a slut. Those who abuse and rape children should be executed, period. I wrote all I wrote, because it seems that some do not have a clue how serious and long lasting this type of abuse is,, and can be. I would not criticize her. She spoke out, no one would listen,,, what would it take for people to see her and pay attention. Eighteen years after the abuse, she looked healthy happy and totally modest, it is who she is, her choice, she is totally awesome. Look at her website, she is modest, strong and awesome. she never gave up. No blame or condemnation toward her for her album cover, she was called a liar, attempted suicide, continued to persevere, speak out. What would convince a young girl to remove her clothes,,, to believe that is what you have to do for arts sake, what kind of society demands that of a person?. I guess I've had too many children, all of the which would never think of that, it's a bit weird,,, at least some think so. How does that equation enter into a child's world. How can someone know what happened to her and really think she was emotionally functional, no one else could be, why her? When I first saw her picture I wondered,, What Happened to Her? Is she OK? I feel for her and would much rather cover her up and comfort her than seeing her expose herself for all to see,, she must hurt. She has done nothing wrong at all. Please continue to blather on about how wonderful and artistic her picture is.