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  1. After the completion of my first cello I noticed that the bow was painfully close to the ribs, so instead of a right angle grinder to the c bouts, it seemed that tilting the fingerboard would be in order. So now I do half of the poiriette while setting the neck, the rest is done on the fingerboard gluing surface. I've had 5 kids go through ballet and soccer, I have to be careful around here, I do believe that a poiriette could knock a guy out, it seem to be the begining of kung fu,,, Look out ,,she's fixin to spin,,,,, Duck!
  2. new york neck reset, what is it?
  3. Jerry, You've mentioned using a curved bridge knife on several occasions, does this represent what you are referring to?
  4. Excellent presentation Jacob, How much dental compound is that piece that you show in the picture. or,, how much does it weigh? A box of 15 sticks is 1/4 pound. Thanks Evan
  5. Don is right,, This is the best route to take if you really want to learn and are willing to make the sacrifices and are not afraid to break things. As you learn on the junk you create then tear up ,,then you incorporate it into your newest one with a promise that you will not tear it up. Someone will come along and just have to have your experiments, despite the cracks and scratches and all the ugly stuff,,, oh but it sounds so wonderful!!! yea sure,, just don't tell any one who made it,, ok!
  6. You too huh, sometimes I later figure it out, and when I do I feel like a genius for a moment. I use black sharpie on wood, engraver on metal, and or sketch it in a book with instructions on how to remove it from my cold dead hands,,, should I pass while using it!
  7. Evan Smith

    Ode' to #5

    You be livin Man! Kookin with gas! Singin with Louie A
  8. Agreed with all of the above,,, Sounds like experience speaks again! Next, do it all different, different arches different graduations note the differences, pay attention, do it again and again, you'll settle on your sweet spot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eventually Hang on to your saddle, it's a wild ride! and there is no cure. Horrible Disease just like Jezz said!
  9. Evan Smith

    Ode' to #5

    Smokes pouring out from under the door like water? You OK in there Jezz
  10. Rue, Some how I knew that fatso would pull you out of the woods. He Hates Me! His brain is a bit tight,,,,, but after little bits of beef, a few treats and a finger stuck in his ear to scratch his pea brain a bit,, he has finally warmed up to me, now he thinks I'm mighty fine! Tony is mighty cool, till at 3:20 am he scratches on my door to go out, or wants some water, or food, or nothing at all,,,, THE Cat!
  11. Now That's impressive! Very nice, thanks for sharing, It just feels good looking at all that "Clean" work! Way better than what I do.
  12. Fatso,,, Fatso and Tony the cat,, Couldn't sleep, went out to the shop in the middle of the night,,,,, caught the bridges surfing with the scrapers,,,,they were trying to make shavings, but they never got off of the carpet so they only made dust!
  13. Hi Ken, I really like the Testore. It's just cooked resin, You have to be careful, it is easy to burn the spruce and the flames really bad. It's easy to put on,,, But if you mess it up, It takes a bit of work and time to pull it all back out again. There is about a 5 mph learning curve ahead! How is your guitar coming along? Anxious to see it!