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  1. yes i dont have time to get it fixed so I decided to put it on ebay.
  2. I recently acquired an interesting violin. I love the back of the violin, but does anyone know where is the origin of the wood? Also which school is this kind of wood typical of? best
  3. This is exactly what I need so I can stop stressing about my future! hahaha
  4. That is very true. But I will try to be optimistic about jobs.
  5. Sorry for not making it clear. I made a revenue of 70k over 4 years. Also cost is included in revenue.
  6. Thank you so much. I will look into it. It seems like they are currently looking someone, I still have 1 and half semesters till I graduate. Best
  7. Sorry I meant to say Violin is my passion, not economics.
  8. The reason why I wanted to take up Economics as a second major was because I never wanted to become a violinist. Studying violin was just a mean to get scholarship toward my education. I have never loved playing the violin the same way I love violin itself. As I am sure many of you know, it is a passion and life style. With this hobby, I was able to make a revenue of around 70k for the past 4 years from sourcing violins from skinner to garage sale and repairing the violin then put the violin back into players hands. I have tasted the fruits of success and now I want more. This is why I want to become a dealer, being able to make money while doing something I genuinely love.
  9. Thank you for the advise. I did not know who I can ask and the best option that came to my mind was maestronet. This is the only time and will be the last time that I make this mistake.
  10. I want to deal in antique instruments. I think I will contact some auction houses to see if they have internship position or entry level jobs available.
  11. Ultimately, I want to be an expert on antique instruments and be a talented salesman who can help musicians pick out the violins. I don't want to get too much into the repair side because I personally already know a talented maker at a well known shop who is interested in partnering up to open a shop in the future. I want my average day to be around instruments. Either managing a violin shop, being a salesman and helping clients finding the right instrument or travel to auction houses to find prospective violins to bring back to the shop would all be my ideal average days. As I have no real violin shop experience, so I do not know what a violin shop clerk does on an average day.But violin is my passion, so I wouldn't mind the hardship.
  12. Thank you. I have been reading almost everyday since 2003. haha
  13. I am 22 years old and about to graduate from a top 20 university with degrees in Violin performance under Cho-Liang Lin and Economics. Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with physical features of violin. As you can see, I am a lurker on here since 2003. I have been buying and selling violins to make money instead of having to work part time to support myself. I cannot see myself working in the financial world as it will bore me to death. My question is, what does it take to become a successful instrument dealer? Where should I start about? Thanks.