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  1. Is there a luthier experienced with old violins that I could consult with about a family violin recently discovered.? In the early stages, I would like to show a local expert what I have. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I shall definitely be contacting a luthier. The violin has been stored for decades.
  3. Glenn, the receipt states in type: 1 violin by John Friedrich #152. It came in what I believe is an alligator case. The price back in 1917 was $200. I finally gotta photo of the inside where it says: John Friedrich Fecit followed by a stamp with JF initials inside a double circle with a dot. Underneath it says Anno 1900 with "152" handwritten There is no mention of other numbers or grades for the violin. Thanks!
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  5. My great grandfather purchased a John Friedrich violin for his son in 1917. I have the original invoice and the violin that has sat in a case for over 70 years. I am wondering what to do with it and don't want to get burned by someone trying to take advantage of us. How do we find a reputable appraiser?