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  1. Racerex, here's my little venting here. In one choir I joined (I am a singer), the director was a Controller as set out here on this thread. He yelled at me at one of the rehearsals (totally unjustified). His nerves were bad because of the upcoming performances. I stuck it out until I fulfilled what I felt was my duty to get the choir through its busy season, and then I gracefully bowed out. There is no pleasing someone like that, and they just get on your nerves. I would have to be really desperate for experience to stay in a situation like that, but what kind of experience are you really going to get when the conductor is a bully? He probably doesn't know what he's doing, and that is the reason he bullies people. It sounds to me like your second group will appreciate you and I hope you can find an orchestra with a leader who is secure enough with him/herself to treat you as the valuable person that you are.
  2. Hey Marie, that must have been some haircut!!!
  3. Hello Obsessed, how's it going? I had a very busy summer (and fall so far) and didn't see your posting until tonight. But I am still playing the violin AND LOVING IT! I spent the summer on a plateau but got through it by playing a lot of different easy stuff. Fortunately, I seem to have learned how to avoid many aches and pains, and I exercise regularly. A little late, but welcome aboard!
  4. I just logged on after a number of weeks, and I think your topic is very interesting. I liken studying violin to ballet, for a number of reasons: 1. When starting out, it is overwhelming all the things you have to remember and concentrate on (hold in your stomach, straighten your arm, point your foot, and on and on.......) 2. Even budding ballet students can look beautiful if they listen to the music (as in the case of the violin if they listen to it in their heads) and allow their souls to absorb it - the result is obvious as they move (or play). Perhaps the ballerina who moves with grace is like the violin player who plays with good intonation. 3. Notwithstanding No. 2 point above, technique is essential for true expression. 4. With both ballet and violin, you can really injure yourself if you are not careful (or Heaven forbid you have a careless teacher). 5. Both take many years and lots of work to develop. That's my 2c worth. Glad you asked!
  5. TC, I can understand. I had one piano lesson from my mother and that was the last. I don't teach my children voice lessons either, although I can't keep quiet when I hear certain things. Does your mother in fact play the violin?
  6. Nice hearing from you, Arsweet. Sounds like your first experience was a pleasant one!
  7. Thanks for stopping by, UncleDave, and I'm glad you came back to playing the violin. I think playing by ear is a gift and makes the instrument more enjoyable to play. Thanks for the words of encouragement too - my enthusiasm grows as my technical ability grows. I think of the keys I have learned as keys to all the doors behind which are rooms filled with many pieces of music written in those "keys." This is great!
  8. This is a very good thread and one I will print for future reference. So far, in my mere four months of violin playing, the best tip I learned, as was mentioned here by MsMazas, was recording your playing. It is easier for me to pick out my areas to work on when I don't have to concentrate on playing, and the recording never lies!
  9. Thank you, Ken, for your recommendation. Since I started playing the violin, I have been reading like a fiend anything I can get my hands on regarding technique for the violin or anything related in music. I read a book called, "The Art of Practising," by Madeline Bruser, in which the Alexander Technique was referenced. There were some very good suggestions in "The Art..." regarding posture, etc., but I will also try to get one on the Alexander Technique specifically.
  10. Nice hearing from you, Holy Viola. I wonder from your name, are you playing the viola now or violin? If you are playing viola, did you experience holding something new in the same way or did you make an easy transition?
  11. T.D., nice hearing from you. You sound like me. Luckily you started long before I did. I saw a music cartoon recently showing a guy visiting the doctor, the doctor looking at his x-ray and seeing music notes all over his insides, and the gist of it was that the guy had all this music inside of him trying to get out. That is why it is so frustrating when you have the music inside of you but don't have the technical ability to let it out. Anyway, now that I have learned four major scales, I am looking through music books for easy pieces in those keys and playing whenever I get a chance and this gives me the opportunity I need to do more.
  12. Luvtoplayviolin, Welcome to a fellow newbie! Thank you for making my thread your first post. It's good to hear you are sight reading very well after two years.
  13. La Folia, I think you have something there. Next time I get impatient, I'll try your suggestion and then I'll appreciate how far I've come!
  14. Thank you, Josie, for your encouragement. It is helpful for me to know what you are doing now and how many years it took you to get there, as I like to set goals for myself. I revel in every little success I have and fortunately enjoy all my practising (even the scales!). I just think it is such a privilege to be able to study an instrument, and I have had to wait over the past number of years until I found a good teacher and had the time to practice. Fortunately, my teacher is very knowledgeable, encouraging and much more patient than I am!!!!
  15. Hello there! I am new to this board and to the violin (40+ adult beginner). I have been taking lessons for almost four months now. I feel like a racehorse tied to the stall but am trying to bear it with patience. I already had to step back with using my pinkie, as it was locking up on me because I was trying too hard and getting the right pitch but I guess it was pushing too much too soon. What I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm! I have a singing background and some piano, so fortunately do not have to deal with learning sight-reading at the same time. Does anyone care to share any of their early experiences with learning their instrument?
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