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  1. 1. Virtuoso Violinist Esther Kim's one-month concert tour in Tokyo area in June sponsored by Asahi Shimbun 2. Beethoven violin concerto on October 11, 2009 with Maestro Anthony Princiotti, New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra.
  2. It was a great show.
  3. Esther Kim's Dvorak was removed from the Youtube by the poster.
  4. Hi, Maestronet frineds, Esther Kim performs the Dvorak violin concerto. Its 3rd movement is on Youtube.
  5. Hello, Maestronet friends, I would like to inform you that Esther played Bazzini and Zapateado at the Kennedy Center as a part of artists representing the Jakobs School of Music, Indiana University on May 25, 2007. She played at the end. You can find and listen her playing at 27 minutes from the beginning.
  6. Thanks for the useful comments from Stewarts, Zinomaniac and Bergonzi boy. I have heard that her current teacher Professor Michael Frischenschlager in Vienna is very DEDICATED teacher who teaches the bow technique, fingering, Musicology and other necessary theories to Esther. I believe he emphasizes "Intelligent Violin Playing". Although she has her own distinct violin personality, she mostly learns its interpretation from her teacher. Yes, she used to move much in the past and it comes to her naturally. However, the movement should not affect the tone production or clarity and now she moves much less.
  7. Thank you for reviewing the old recordings in her website. She plays with the same violin: J.F.Pressenda 1827.
  8. Hi, Maestronet friends, Esther had a concert in Vienna, Austria last month. I have posted her Ysaye Sonata "Ballade" in her website. Please provide any constructive criticism. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your very generous comment. I will let her know when she comes back from the Germany concert tours. I also would like to let the Maestronet friends know that Esther will have a concert with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra on August 23, 2005 at the Aichi Art Theater Concert Hall in Nagoya, Japan as a program of the Aichi World Expo. She will perform Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. For the first 1000 tickets only, anyone who has the admission ticket to the Expo can purchase the concert ticket (S and A seats) for Japanese Yen 1,000 (About 10 USD). Please check here for more information.
  10. I respect your expertise. Of course, it should be corrected and has been. Thanks.
  11. Very generous encouraging complements! She plays with Pressenda 1827 violin. I've read that Mr.Pressenda copied the Strads in his early violin making years until 1837 when he and his assistant Rocca started copying Guaneri. Am I right? Interestingly, her violin was made in Turin, Italy where she performed "Devil's Trill". That violin might have felt "being home" after 180 years after its birth.
  12. Hi, Maestronet friends, Esther played "Devil's Trill" Sonata by Tartini in a concert in Turin, Italy last November(2004). Although it is not the best in audio-video quality, you still can watch and listen her music in full. Please comment in a constructive way as she is in learning process yet. Also when you click the "news" section in her website, you can find her concert activities.
  13. Esther Kim has a new website. It contains educational video clips of her live performance in Menuhin competition. I hope this helps many violin students who are considering to participate an international violin competition. This is for the educational study of violin music. Of course, you can make the comments, with constructive criticism only. Please go to Also send any private messages to