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  1. Thanks Alister and piano_stud! The midi file thing is quite useful if a bit fast at times. And I find that tapping my foot is quite effective, as I'm wearing a long dress!
  2. Hey all, I've been playing Saint Saens' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso for the last few months. The problem is, it doesn't sound quite... right. The notes aren't all there (I miss notes in the extremely fast passages), I can't find a comfortable rhythm (it tends to fluctuate) and all in all I'm a bit confused to what I should do. I've practiced slow, I've practiced with a metronome, but neither works. I'm performing this on Monday, so any advice before then will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  3. Hmm... well, I was recently 2nd violin last stand for a really good orchestra. I didn't feel too important... Ah well.
  4. Random question: Which violinist is more important in an orchestra: the principle of 2nds or co-concertmaster? Who is usually the better musician?
  5. Thank you, everyone! Sorry, as much as I love the Paganini (I've begged my teacher to let me play it, but to no avail...)... I played Mozart 4th last year, and am currently working on the Introduction and Rondo Cappriccioso. I've played the Beethoven Romances before... I think I will look into the Prokofiev sonata and Barber concerto. Thank you all!
  6. Yup, yup and I've done both the Bach concerti.
  7. Hello everyone. I just finished playing the Mozart 5th concerto. I do not want to play the Mendelssohn, Lalo or Bruch this year. My teacher has suggested either Prokofiev first or Barber. Any other suggestions? Thank you.
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