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  1. I am trying towork out whether this is a serious comment or whether Dan is being facetious?
  2. I have come across it, set up by a repairer who is also a fairly high level professional player. She sets up strigns far wider apart than I am used to and one person she set it up for didn't like it at all not because of any difficulty playing but simply because another shop told him it was incorrect. But when someone who plays at a genuinely professional soloist level sets it up and plays iti I find it hard to understand why any of us lesser mortals should quibble. Liz
  3. That is true as far as it goes. However labels can dramatically affect a resale value should you decide to move on. But then so can numerous other things. Why anyone would produce a fake label like that is a mystery to me but it is of course common practice when it's famous old labels that are being faked. Liz
  4. Hey I haven't been here for years but just found this page when searching to see what my new website is doing and I have to comment. No the varnish is not sprayed on, except for the Genial 1. There are 11 coats of varnish brushed on for the Genial 1 and above. No I do not for a second believe the violins come from Yita - Gliga have huge stocks of wood drying outside their workshop. Why on arth would they have that and then import violins ready made from China? Reason for total confidence in saying this: a month ago I drove to Reghin for the sole purpose of spending two hours in Gliga's workshop (as one does!) I am quite badly crippled with arthritis now and facilities for the disabled in Romania are non-existent, it was a case of now or never. Also I was supposed to be handing over a cat is Salzburg and that is more than halfway there, but in the end that didn't happen. I can't remember forum rules but I'm sure if there is a problem with what I say the mods will tell me off. If you search under Elida Gliga you will find our new website (eventually - can't seem to do a 301 redirect on the old Gliga page which is really annoying but there it is). On the new website, and also on youtube if you search for Elida Gliga, there is a video taken of my visit (alas the batteries ran out before I got round to the setting up part). There will also be photograps and some shorter videos up just as soon as I can do it. I saw round the Gems workshop. There is no sprayed on varnish. They do offer a shiny finish which could be what the OP has (it does wear over time and they told me they don't much like doing it for that reason) but the standard finishes do have a shine on the Gamas. Less so on the Gems and Genials. Shall I come back and start joining in again? I can't play these days alas - my shoulder is wrecked as well as my hips and knee Liz
  5. Yeah, teacher kickback sounds like a strong possibility here. What about some online specialist shop that would send you a few bows on approval? Such must exist in the US I am sure. And I'd strongly recommend putting the Glasser Carbon Graphite CG3 on the "to try" list. Another bow that our customers seem to either love or hate is the Stroe Sandu pernambuco bow from Gliga - available presumably on its own from http://www.violinslover.com If you were in the UK I'd offer to send you a tube of five to try and challenge your daughter to find one she liked better for the price but that isn't an easy option for us as you're in the US - but surely someone over there would be prepared to work with you? Liz
  6. Maybe I'm being overly suspicious, but I can't help wondering if you are going to be "invited" to buy the loan bow before too long on the grounds that no shop anywhere has anything that meets this rather odd test that I've never heard of .... Liz
  7. I must look in here more often ... Have people seen that Candaian seller "grafimax" who is selling "W.E. Hill" bows with the description "Great and worldwide known as one the best violin bow. This bow is entirely HANDMADE by Ernest William Hill, and hand varnished". One poor sucker complained that it was a fake and the seller replied "STUPID BUYER! Clearly stated as William Ernest Hill OUR bow maker not HILL&SON !" I would like to stick some of these bows up this seller's nostrils and see how he likes it. People who take advantage of gullible newbies should be run off ebay, but it won't ever happen of course. Liz
  8. quote: Originally posted by: pahdah_hound I really don't know what Granny is up to. I think it is probably just a safe hoax-like bid because it didn't beat the reserve. Couldn't the reserve, in theory, just be the same as the opening bid? Liz
  9. Alright, now why should someone with 995 feedback - and only 1 neg - bid such a silly amount on a cheap Czech violin that proibably isn't even worth the set-up costs? If it's money-laundering, why such a high feedback? I'm baffled. Liz
  10. I'm from the UK and don't know your school system, so I don't know how old you are. But the bottom line is, it's all about the amount of serious practice you can do. Liz
  11. Quote: Hi Liz - I hope you charged them at least 50 pounds to accompany them on this fools errand! All Best, Larry. Why do people try these things with us, and not with their doctors, attorneys, pharmacists, etc. etc.... 'fraid not, but at least it was their petrol .... Liz
  12. Quote: Last week I let go of a family living in a super wealthy neighborhood in a huge mansion. The problem? They wanted a discount because they were having two lessons a week. I restored the horrendously cheap violin their daughter was using, which did not even have a soundpost, and they complained that the violin "sounds the same". This after I had saved them time and money to get this piece of junk playable. (I did charge them for this service). The mother wanted to look for another violin, telling me she would be willing to spend between $200 and $300. Larry - this reminds me of one I had, two children both in private school, huge house, lots of original works of art, etc. The boy had a very good ear, was a good solo singer and doing very well on a borrowed violin. Finally the parents agreed to buy him one and asked me to go with them to look at a cheap used Chinese one. They wanted me to find something wrong with it because there was no way they were prepared to spend £40 "People think we're rich. We're not rich, last year we had to paint our landing stage ourselves" (!) Liz
  13. Quote: It looks like a $500 violin to me, not more and if I can play it first,then offer after. /yuen/ Looks like $50 to me in its present condition - and no bargain at that. Liz
  14. Lots of sour grapes there about those who sell violins more cheaply too. Liz
  15. O yes, it was euros. Sorry! Liz
  16. Better than nothing but if it really was the cheapest type then 40 dollars is way over the top. I wish you would tell us who this chap is. Liz
  17. Come on, tell us who it is. I can't find anything on the completed items search. Liz
  18. Small viola player have played on violins strung as violas from time immemorial (well, relatively), no reason why you shouldn't just restring it, as far as i can see. It won't sound as good as a proper small viola of course. Liz
  19. We used to buy in used items from the US which came through USPS, only ever one loss and, to be frank, we have our doubts about whether that was ever sent. Liz
  20. USPS is preferred because it is A LOT cheaper and there is something like a 50% chance that the item will slip through without attracting the attention of customs - this never ever happens with a private carrier. Furthermore, VAT is charged on the total cost INCLUDING shipping, therefore having a high shipping cost, which volumetric pricing guarantees is the case with violins, adds to the VAT cost as well. Surely USPS offer compensation? Liz Liz
  21. Has anyone tried these? We got our first batch today and I like them - very easy spiccatto. They're rather light for me but I imagine the customers will love them liz
  22. You wouldn't think an italian master luthier would compromise by using a Chinese adjuster, would you? Lol Liz
  23. you mean, apart from the fact that it's been listed by two different sellers even within the past 30 days, and looks new apart from a repair to the scroll...? Liz
  24. Yes, but what is the betting that the violin in the auction is actually a 19th century german trade job? Liz
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