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  1. Practise conscientiously. What's even worse than not practising is practising your mistakes to perfection.
  2. zizou

    Hide Glue

    Has anyone had any luck using unflavoured gelatin in lieu of the Real Thing?
  3. Good luck with your GCSEs! I'm sure you'll do v. well.
  4. I find that the Italian instruments tend to be smaller than the German ones, which makes it easier to play! Unfortuanely they're beyond my budget, so I have a goodish German violin of indeterminate origin.
  5. What about getting your friendly local luthier cut you a special summer bridge? It would probably work better than paper shims!!
  6. I used to like in London, but haven't had any luck locating any of his recordings, or his advanced students. I believe at least one person who has responded to this thread has met him, and perhaps could be persuaded to give an analysis of Redrobe's ability?
  7. On the internet, nobody knows that I'm a dog.
  8. The balance point isn't always 9.75" from the button for all violins, I don't think! I'm a player, not a maker, and I go by feel. I think actual weight is important, but overall balance more so. When picking a bow, I just get a feel of the balance when I pick it up, and feel how it responds when I play. Some heavier bows actually feel better balanced and lighter in the hand than some lighter ones, some don't. I don't know why, it just does!!! If it's too heavy, I ask for the winding to be changed to plastic, if it's too light to silver, and try it again.
  9. I've checked the website (I downloaded the clips onto my HD some months back) and the recording date is too recent to be Chang. Besides, the kid doesn't even look *remotely* like the young Sarah Chang!
  10. Pick a good 7/8 and you'll be fine. There are certainly violinists out there with wonderful 7/8 violins (e.g. Midori)! I heard her play the Barber violin concerto at the Proms last summer, and I can tell you that she sounded terrific and had no problem projecting above the orchestra. Bows- Use your current bow, unless you don't like it. Time take to relearn 8ves- Not much! I remember moving from a 1/2 --> 3/4 --> 4/4, and your brain and body just adjust automatically. Case- 7/8 is just a shade under 4/4, so I bet it'll work if you stick to your original case but fill the small gap with foam or the padding that you find in laptop cases.
  11. zizou

    My Story...

    I haven't worked with hide glue, but seem to get a close enough approximation with Know Gelatin. It closes seams too! Perhaps the glue was prepared incorrectly, which is why it doesn't bite? And maybe both surfaces don't mate well because they aren't perfectly smooth? It's hard to tell from the photo, but I'm making a guess,
  12. Thanks, both of you. Always helpful to get tips from a pro.
  13. Is there really a difference to justify the price increase? Has anyone any experience with both bridges? I'm not sure if I believe Aubert that the treatment improves stability and tone. If it's simply a matter of heating the bridge over a candle flame, I'll do it myself!!! Btw, is the Quinn website's Aubert a mirecourt violin bridge equivalent to the aubert #7, untreated? Quinn violin
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