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  1. Any comments on the high number of unsold items in this auction?
  2. Am very surprised that only a few of the replies think this violin is overpriced. Even if it is a good violin for its class, $6000 is outrageous. Keep looking and Best of Luck. ot
  3. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone attended todays auction and have any comments or observations to make. I noticed that there seemed to be many unsold items. Thanks, ot
  4. Happy Birthday to you Rodger and many thanks for your help on this board! p.s. Bill, thanks for your post as this is the type of music I grew up on and still listen to
  5. Hello; would anyone be able to comment on the high number of unsold instruments at this auction. Does Skinner now have a different format with high reserves or was there just a lack of interest and low turn out? Also, has the absence of David Bosney having an effect? Any other comments would also be very welcome. Thanks, OT
  6. Hello, would anyone care to comment on this Ebay # 271433266472, a 1756 Bairhoff violin. Thanks,OT
  7. Hello and thanks for the replies. Jacob, you are one of a kind and are very special to this board. Thank you for all of your fine posts. jj
  8. Hello, would anyone care to comment on the Ebay Grancino (231168056974) that is now selling for over $5000 with 55 bids and 1 day to go?
  9. Anders, Sorry I cannot answer your question from the standpoint of a violinmaker but as a player for over 60 years I can state that both the bridge and the bow can make a world of a difference, even up to a positive difference of 100%. OT
  10. Hello Omobono, thanks for your reply as I didn't know that Cozio had any kind of auction summary, so it is helpful and I will save the link. Now that we hear that David Bonsey has left Skinner, there will probably be more information on this board about this interesting situation. Thanks again, OT
  11. Would any members of this board who attended last weeks auction at Skinners be kind enough to post your thoughts as to attendance, prices, bidding, sleepers and overall price direction of auction violins. Thanks, OT
  12. Has anyone seen the photo of the violin perhaps from the Titanic and any idea who made it or the country of origin. The photo is only of the front. Great story if it is proven true. OT
  13. Hello Stephen, you may remember me from an earlier post I see we both have one thing in common, insomnia. The one difference between us is that you are a very bright man and write extremely well, where as I am all not that bright and do not write well at all. I do enjoy your posts as you are not only very bright but a very fine violinist, and I have learned many things from your posts. I have not been to Chicago for many years now, but do remember going downtown to Lewis & Son and visiting with many of the other old violin shops. It was always much fun as I was able to play on many great Italian violins, and was never even shown a German violin. Times have changed. Looking forward to you posts for 2013 and do have a Happy New Year! OT
  14. Hello Evan, thank you for your fine reply as I was wrong concerning your first post and am sorry. I do agree with what you are saying along with all the other posts, as they too are very accurate. It seems that all of these things will only get worse. OT
  15. Hello Evan, I hope I am not taking your post the wrong way and instead you are trying to be being funny? but we certainly do not need any more trouble on this board with insulting remarks. OT
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