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  1. ufuk guler

    Bow porn

    the same motive bow on the frog with turquoise but this is double bass
  2. ufuk guler

    Bow porn

    It is very late to answer, I am sorry. This is a legal Ivory piece, It has CITES and the bow produced for "The Ivory Prject II" based cologne. and used turquoise mineral instead of abalne. (real turquoise stone)
  3. ufuk guler

    Bow porn

    Hi Jim, yes I made it. Thank you for your compliment. It was produced for "The Ivory Project" of Darling Publications.
  4. ufuk guler

    violin bows

    violin bows made by M.U.GULER IZMIR
  5. Last year, we have founded a major event for the first time in İzmir. The “INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN and BOW MAKING WORKSHOP and EXHIBITION”, co-founded by Andy LIM, the founder of Darling Publications from Germany, and me, Murat Ufuk GÜLER, had brought together more than twenty instrument making students all around Turkey with distinguished instrument makers such as Nicolas GILLES (Violin Maker, France) Wolfram NEURETHIER (Violin Maker, France) Boris FRITSCH (Bow Maker, France) and Josef Peter GABRIEL, (Bow Maker, Germany) who were awarded in international competitions. During the workshop, sponsored by IKSEV (İZMİR FOUNDATİON FOR CULTURE, ARTS AND EDUCATİON) and Dokuz Eylul University, two violins and six bows were put into production by students.The exhibition which was held in MUZIKSEV, the first music museum of Izmir, consisted of a partial selection of Andy Lim’s bow collection and the participants' violins and instruments. This year we will reorganize the event again between 12-16 December 2016 as The SECOND INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN and BOW MAKING WORKSHOP and EXHIBITION. We will complete the bows and violins that were not completed last year. Likewise the last year, we will have concerts and seminars that bring violin making students and the musicians from Turkey and abroad together for five days in a festival mood. Also nearly 20 violin makers, mostly from Turkey, besides France, Germany, Spain and Italy will exhibit their instruments. This will be the biggest instrument making organisation in Turkey so far.
  6. my latest works, thank you in advance for your post
  7. Hello Pablo. I couldnt add any links yet, but you should visit Howard Core company web site..
  8. I have a customer who play an italian violin and he thinks it is Santo Serpahhin. If I can upload photos I would like to hear your reviewving...
  9. is it possible to understand the wood is europan or eastern spruce?