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  1. Lyndon, thanks for the model number. I will look into that camera and also the other camera mentioned by Nanado,..... I am kind of wondering what lense I should purchase??? lyndon,.. what do you use??? I see nanado uses a 55-200. Honestly this is really new to me. I have had very nice digital cameras, but all autofocus. and when I say very nice,... I mean under $650, so not that nice, but for regular point and shoot, fairly good may be a better discription. Are lenses just "one size fits all" when it comes to ataching it to your camera? or do I have to get a lense with a certain thread pat
  2. I simply would like to photograph violins to help with identification, and have no want to hide any flaws or make glamour shots. I want perfectly accurate photos, that portray the colors, figure, and shape of the instrument verry accuratley. I will look into an SLR camera, and possibly find a "for dummies" class in photography.
  3. I did read Mr. Darnton's article, but it seams so complex. There has to be a "dumbed down" method.
  4. I APARENTLY take terrible photos of violins, and would like to know how to improve my skills. I have been given very good advice by a pro, who takes amazing pics. But I would like to know how you guys do it. I'm using a 14 megapixel cannon camera, or a 16.5 megapixel cannon. They are simple $300 point and shoot cameras. I have a tripod, and several clip on work lights. I want to take photos not so that the violin LOOKS GREAT, or the GRAIN POPS, but so that everything is accurate and can be identified by photo alone. My questions are- 1. What type of background? Where can I get it?
  5. Well that is quite a disappointment. I trust that the man I purchased it from is telling the truth, but possibly the truth is not the correct opinion. I am very let down by your conclusions. I am thinking the frog is not original, simply because the wear marks on the pernambuco do not match the frogs under lining outline. I will have to take some closer pics, and look closer at the lapping. I'm not sure its original.
  6. <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>I have a small collection of Hill bows, some of which are certified, and some are questionable as far as authenticity. But onto business…</FONT></FONT><BR><BR><FONT face=Calibri><FONT size=3>I purchased this bow about two years ago for a fair amount. NOT SMALL,… but fair. I purchased it from a long time personal friend of Arthur Bultitude, which was a Hill maker from 1922 to 1961 (documented on hill site) but truth is, he was with them until 62. <BR><BR>ANYWAY,… this was a personal bow of Bultitude's,
  7. Just received my copy of the 2012 "RED BOOK" and have spent about an hour going through it. It is a good tool, especially for someone like me who is pretty inexperienced, and sometimes just need some type of starting point in pricing an instrument.
  8. I am not on the up and up as far as grafts go. I'm not a violin pro, I build guitars for a living, and only wish violins were as humbly built as guitars. They are so complex, and I grasp about 2% of the facts and figures that I would like to comprehend. After reviewing the differences in cheek and peg box grafts, I agree with Lyndon that this is a cheek graft to sure up the pegbox. -Martin- Thank you for your point of view, and I am in the same boat you were once in. I lack the expertise to differentiate between a nice instrument, or a VSO POS, and it seems when I do find something that
  9. More pics of my priceless coveted violin. Luckily for me the brown varnish like “whatever it is”… easily comes off with the rite technique, so hopefully when I get it down to the base varnish,… It will look less like a steaming pile of unsalted shit. You can see the graft, bushings, sound post patch, and the treble f-hole has been grafted as well. Strange.
  10. Thank you for your input. True professionalism and talent at work. Time tested abilities to prove you are better than everyone perceives you. Obviously your expertise is undervalued and you should be better respected.
  11. I will post better pics of the pegbox and graft. I have a really crappie camera
  12. I have a violin that was purchased a long time ago, and I have paperwork telling me what its "suposed to be" however, I would really value your opinions more than this profesional,... well known"firm" simply because I know this business is not always so honest. It has no visible label, but some repair tags dating back to the earliest of 1880's. They appear to be genuine and the repair work has been done amazingly well. It obviously needs some work in its current condition, but when I purchased it, it was set up well, and sounded amazing. The arches are very defined, and really give a sweet som
  13. Hello, I happened upon a book a few years ago, and am in need to find a copy of it. I have no idea what it is, or who the author is, but it was a three ring binder-style book full of auction sales records from 1980-1994. It had violins, bows, cellos, and basses. It gave great information on identification, sold prices, makers families. It didn't have any photos whatsoever. I would either like to get that book, IF ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS OR WHERE I CAN FIND IT... Or I would take any other sugestions on books you have experience with. Thanks!!!
  14. Thank you all for your input and replies. I will most definitely sample some of MR. Robson’s varnish on some sample pieces of maple and spruce. Now to answer your questions,… Robertdo- I used a mixture of tru-oil and shellac. It’s not that I am not happy with it, just that I feel using gun stock varnish CANT be the best way to go. I love working with it. It’s very forgiving and the learning curve isn’t that bad at all. But if I am going to really devote a lot of my life and brain to learning the best methods that I can make work for me, I don’t want to continue down the wrong direction.
  15. I am embarrassed to ask these questions, but the time has come where I can avoid it any longer. I build guitars for a living. I go through about 3 gallons of nitro lacquer every 6 months at minimum. I also use a lot of urethanes on my solid body guitars, and other woodworking projects that do not require a thin, lite finish. I work on a lot of violins, and “experiment” with building cellos and basses. The only varnish experience I have is with shellac that I mix myself,… Which I French polish into a nice thin finish. Also, I use a product called “Tru-Oil” In a mixture of flack seed and oil pig
  16. Thank you for your input. I think I am going to go ahead and buy the korh, thers is a similar model on ebay, by the same seller that I visited in GA. But I didn't get the chance to play it, so ill be sticking with the original violin. THANKS GUYS!!!
  17. I have some experience with Howard core violins. I have purchased a few Franz Sandner violins, some of the nicer Kohr stuff, and some of the core select fiddles as well. I'm pretty impressed with all I have gotten from them, as far as new fiddles go under $5,000. The latest violin is a Gasparo Salo model, in the line of “August F. Kohr.” It is very nice, and set at about half price. “$1,400”. It is new, I got to visit a luthier a few weeks ago and play several violins. They included some antique pieces and a lot of new violins as well. I was really impressed with a particular violin priced a
  18. I need some help with a few things as far as setup goes on these fiddles. They need good strings, that will last a very long time, but I cant spen $100 on them because I just can afford it. I was thinkin helicore or prim. But I do not know if that is a good enough quality string and/or will have a long string life. SO WHAT STRINGS WOULD YOU SUGEST??? I see these chinese pearlon strings and german (nickle) silver/steel core stirngs, for $10 a set. Not sure if they are any good, or what. Also, Need a good source for nice quality bows/cases/brass mutes/ and shoulder rests. Anything I normally b
  19. I would be interested in also selling some good quality, nicley setup cellos and basses for the cost of hardware and strings alone.
  20. I am very ashamed to ask this question, but here goes. I have been repairing violins and other instruments for over a decade, and specialize in varnish touchup and repair. I know a lot about re-touching oil, spirit, conversion, nitro, poly, and other hybrid varnishes. BUT I have never done a traditional varnish on a violin. I have re-finished upright basses, and over a dozen from scratch (which obviously had to be finished) but have always used aniline dyes and an oil hybrid varnish as French polishing medium. So I'm asking for help, there is so much information out there on varnishing fid
  21. Thanks for all the feedback, That gives me a good head start.
  22. I need help finding people that are in serious need of a decent student instruments. That is harder to find than you would think. Most have purchased something from their teacher or other source. I will try to target people who aren’t taking lessons because they can’t afford the instrument. I want to make it clear that I am not in any way making money on any of these violins, simply charging for the parts that go into them. I am giving the instruments themselves away for free, and only charging for the parts/accessories. I have somewhere around 100 violins that are student level instruments
  23. Here is a violin advertised as a Glass fiddle. I have a certified authentic F.Glass violin that has been in my family for 30 years. Its pretty nice, and I have enjoyed doing a full restoration, and getting it in the best condition posible. It is beautifull and in no way resembles this ebay violin. So what is this violin? general idea??? thanks for your input
  24. Ok, thanks for the input lyndon, I will be trying to go with that violin. In your opinion what is the value of a nicely setup medio fino of that period? 1/2 size of course.