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  1. Actually I've found that some of the other Suzuki pieces are different than the real pieces. By the way, how long have you been playing the instrument you do ( I'm guessing the violin but can't be sure!)?
  2. I think that you should smooth out where the strings go at the nut. My Evahs don't seem to fray though.
  3. Well, I'm a student, and as far as catchy goes, the Fiocco Allegro should fit your needs. And not to be mean, or anything, but the Allegro is actually in Suzuki Book 5. If you want a more classic tune, some of the Sonatas and Partitas by Bach are good for intermediate/advanced players. The Bach Concerto for Two Violins (Bach Double, in other words) is a great classic piece also. (I personally really love the Bach Concerto in A minor-I am really into Bach-and the Mozart Concerto in G major, both great pieces so you could try them for your students.)
  4. Thanks for all the advice! I guess I should work on the sautille bowings slowly, but not trying to speed them up. I hope this will help me!
  5. This post is for Maestro Net people that have played Monti's Czardas. I was wondering about the fast section bowings. Whenever I try bounced bows, the section turns out scratchy and uneven, no matter how much I practice on it. Whenever I don't bounce the bow, the section sounds dead and not lively at all. I need your advice on what to do.
  6. I think it personally depends on a lot of things. 1.It could depend on what kind of note your playing. If its a soft legato note then start on the string. If its a quick thrown bow, start above the string. 2.It also depends on what kind of palyere you are. If your more wild, start above the string. If not, start on. It all depends on you, personally.
  7. Agreed with most people, and I'll try taking off the chinrest. Man, playing techniques are changing quick!
  8. I feel color> color> me that memorization takes more work, though it comes easy to me. I agree about Perlman and Zukerman, though I think you can express your feelings about the music through your face if you don't have to stare at the music.
  9. color> Hello. I was just saying on Maestro Net that you can get a more brilliant tone without using a shoulder rest. I just started to not use one, and can notice the difference. You just have to get used to the new feeling of the violin on your shoulder, not the shoulder rest.
  10. Thanks to JonP! I was also wondering if you thought that the Infeld Blues give off a good sound. I've only been playing violin for four years (though I'm working on the Mozart Concerto in G major) so I haven't had too much experience with strings. My teacher uses the blues, but I've been using a mix. By the way, I also think that the Pirastro gold E is great. color>
  11. color> I was wondering what were good strings that are brilliant and have good tone. I want to use the best strings possible for what I'm looking for. Thank You
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