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  1. Thank you so much for the quick responses! I knew it was old, but also didn't think that the information sounded right which is why I wanted to get an idea of what it actually is. You never know though, we do sometimes get some pretty amazing treasures donated! I just wanted a second opinion before we listed it. Thank you!
  2. Hello, it has been a while since I have posted here. I work for a large non-profit thrift store in the eCommerce (eBay) department and we just had this very interesting donation come in. It is a very old, ancient looking guitar of some sort. I know a bit about early violins, but virtually nothing about guitars. Unfortunately this was dropped off at one of our store locations (near Seattle, WA) without any history or provenance. We don't even know who donated it. It was passed into my hands to list online on eBay, but I want to get a second opinion before we take any action. It seems to be some
  3. I just logged in after a few months and saw all these updates on my old thread...I got excited for a minute! I almost completely forgot about my lion head much for my plan on playing it, it has literally been packed up in the case this whole time and now two of the gut strings snapped!
  4. Ernie, you might want to try an actual cache cleaning program. It sounds like there is still a stuborn "cookie" or hidden files still on your computer. C.Cleaner and AFT-Cleaner are both free and great. ATF cleaner is nice because you don't even need to install anything. It is a good idea to run something like this periodically anyway if you browse the internet a lot. I don't post here much because I never have anything insightful to say about violins, but hopefully this works for you! Alicia
  5. That makes sense, thanks for all the quick replies. I still enjoy it, and personally think it looks neat. And got it cheaper than I could find any brand new baroque already set up violin so I am happy with this regardless. Now I just have to figure out how to play something on it!
  6. I have been looking for a reasonably priced baroque instrument (or even a new one with baroque set up) just for my own use since I enjoy the sound. I took a (safe) gamble on a super poorly listed one on eBay and am now wondering what it is that I got. I honestly thought the listing might be a scam since it was a seller with 0 feedback and there were only a couple blurry pictures from far away, of only the front. All the listing said was “18th c baroque Hopf violin, ready for baroque play.” Where they got the Hopf part ,I have no idea. Anyway, I was super excited when a violin actually showed u
  7. Thanks! I am pretty sure it is the temperature and humidity then. I am in Seattle, aka land of bad weather and rain. My house has been pretty cold when I am not here and then pretty hot (heated by electric space heaters) while I am home. I am sure this is doing wonders for my instruments. The only thing though is my E string isn't metal, all of the strings are raw/plain gut except the G string. The G is wrapped in metal but both ends are exposed gut where it goes on the pegs and is tied on to the tailpiece. Is this unusual for a G string? I usually only see the E wrapped. I am not sure why it
  8. Hi, hopefully this is the right section for my odd, and hopefully not too silly, question. I tried to Google this, but did not have much luck. I recently picked up a new (antique) violin with newish pegs and seemingly tight peg holes yet every time I go to play it the G, D, and A strings are very out of tune and very sharp. Only the E string goes flat. Is this normal? It seems very strange to me and I cannot figure out what is causing it. Every other violin I have used has always gone out of tune flat, which makes sense to me since the string tension seems like it would "pull" the string loose
  9. Wow, thank you guys so much. All of this info is very interesting! Jacob- thank you for the info about the Buchner family. I tried researching the name and mainly came up with only the mid 20th c maker of the same name. Thanks! It is interesting to think that it might be a composite, I never thought of that but it may make sense why people have told me differing stories. Martin- I picked up the violin when I was only 14 and obviously didn't know much about violins at all (I still don't). I loved the sound, even to my horribly untrained ear it stood out greatly from every other violin I
  10. Hello, I am new to the forum and have really enjoyed all the information so far. I am wondering if anyone could help shed some light on a violin I have The only information provided to me is conflicting. Originally I saw the violin in a generic music shop and was told it was American made from the late 19th c. It was on consignment for a while and then it was returned to the consignee. I asked for the consignee's contact information and purchased it directly from her. The information she provided is that she believes her great grandfather made it in Germany around 1871. His name was Buchn