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  1. Thanks Chris, i just got back from a trip south to deliver this....and delighted that the new owner is over the moon with it so am drinking a large glass to celebrate that all are happy! neil
  2. Thanks John...these are the PI strings from tomastik...I've tried the violin ones but wasn't totally convinced but the viola ones seem to work really well and I've used them now on the last three violas. neil
  3. ...and another viola just finished and due to be delivered down to England tomorrow....
  4. ………imperfect wood covered in the perfect ground and perfect varnish….. :-)
  5. ...and the latest viola getting close..
  6. Hi Chris, I try to get as much colour from uv before anything else…normaly two to three weeks is all i manage as I’m often running late to a schedule and have someone waiting for the instrument to be finished. I then try to lightly stain up the areas that will be exposed by worn areas of varnish and rub a bit “dirt” into the areas one would expect to find more dirt breaking thought the ground….the type of stain depends quite a bit on the wood, i tend to use a combination of nuss-bitze and watercolours with added earth colours for the dirtier areas…..to be honest i tend to be constantly experimenting so each instrument will have a different system, I am presently finishing the varnish on a viola with a slab back and that was lovely to colour up and far easier to get the look then quarter cut maple generally is. n
  7. Hi Tango, Thanks! much of it is i just got lucky with some great wood that took on colour in a nice way….i also apply a wee bit of stain in some areas at the time of the ground, and then some more once i have worn off certain areas of varnish, but i try to avoid too much staining or anything that will not carry on wearing in a natural way. regards, neil
  8. Hi Don, I’m not sure what they are called… a supplier here in the uk used to have a make of fittings they called their “TWI” range that made great pegs and chin rests, at one stage last year they stopped dealing in the range, i bought a pile of their remaining stock and this is one of the last ones i have. neil
  9. ...another one almost ready to go....
  10. Thanks all....Chris the system on this one is basically the same as i have been doing for a while but yes there is a little stain on the wood also to enhance the figure and attempt to get the dirty look on worn areas ...... Hi John, i was saving that dust to put in the fiddle :-)
  11. Latest Del gesu inspired violin just strung up....
  12. Probably the easiest place i know where you don't need an account is here.. http://www.thestringzone.co.uk/categories/viola-cases neil
  13. Yes, that’s my feeling generally with workshop sales….. instrument makers tools and wood are worth the most to those that bought them and are not a particularly lucrative inheritance/investment for their survivors.
  14. I was quite involved with the initial cataloguing of Davids workshop and spent the best part of a week working to go through everything and draw up a comprehensive list of the whole workshop and wood store…some of the materials where sold off before the auction but the majority of the wood and some of the tools went to auction…I can’t of the top of my head remember the house that handled it but the general feeling me and the others working on the inventory was that we should not hope that our families would live in luxury from the sale of our wood store and workshop after our demise…I seem to remember he had a set of “Henley optical company" infill planes and they did get more at auction then many expected. The taste in good tone wood is pretty personal and I think one would be far better off buying nice bows as an investment ...and if you want to invest in raw materials, maybe top quality bridge blanks would be the best bet :-)
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