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  1. Evil one that I am, I'm going to have ALL of Mozart's Requiem performed whilst my audience sits in uncomfortable chairs. Bad I am. KTM
  2. What would you enlightened people consider to be "headbang" classical? That is, traditional classical music that you can crank up and rock to. This thought occurred to me while I was assisting in a string clinic recently, where some middle school students played the 4th mvmt. of Mozart's 15th symphony. The famous first three cords are wonderful to "headbang" to. Another one I've come up with is "The Hall of the Mountain King". Does anyone else have ideas? I just thought it might be fun to discuss. color>
  3. I've seen a few people with tan-colored pieces of what appears to be foam on their chinrests, presumably to protect from pain. No one actually bought them themselves though, they all got them from a teacher, or the apparatus came on their instrument. Does anyone have one? Could you please tell me a more "technical" term for these things or where to buy them? I've checked 3 local violin-supply stores and no place has ever heard of them. My jaw is about to fall off! Please help! :-P Thanks a lot, Katie
  4. Awwwwwwwwwww, he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! (you can never have too many exclamation points) Katie
  5. Ahh yes...my musical fantasy land. Cerulean, its rather similar to yours, but different. Mine is a castle in Germany, where ancient kings and queens have walked, where I can be alone with my instrument for hours at a time, playing whatever comes to mind. The castle is dark, eerie and romantic, filled with antique furniture, royal paintings, cascading velvet drapes, the whole bit. I am completely alone but not lonely, because in my heart I carry the music of Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven and Shostakovich. So that's MY corny fantasy world. <g>
  6. I always think of stupid stuff which sets me off laughing unless I quickly compose myself; which I do by thinking about the music, but since before I will perform a piece I have to be able to play it completely with my heart and have my fingers know exactly how it goes, I screw it up. ARGH!!! really frustrating. It can also be extremely humorous the stuff I think of, though. Last night I had a chairing audition for my youth orchestra and the thoughts running through my head were everything from "I have books to pick up from the library" to "did I latch my case???" I guess not thinking about actually helps concentrate. Katie
  7. 3rd and 4th movements of Eccles' Violin sonata in G min. (my favorite key) Katie
  8. I sympathize. My problem is the f natural on the E string. I always seem to forget it in 1st pos., but never in 3rd or even 5th.
  9. I'm not a teacher, but in my public-school orchestra class, everyone began learning to tune in 6th grade, the second year of playing. My private-lessons teacher started me on it before then, though I don't remember the exact time. Not everyone was ready in 6th grade, and I'm ashamed to say that even now, some students in high school can't tune using their pegs. I'd say that maturity, skill, and dedication all have to do with when a student is ready to begin tuning themselves. ~Katie~
  10. It has come to that time of year again (for me at least). I have begun the process of looking at some pieces to play at state contest. One piece that I've played a couple of times (more like sightread a couple of times), is the Eccles Sonata in G Minor that is the first piece in Suzuki book 8. If I do it, I'll probably be doing the 2nd and 3rd movements (the first one doesn't move me.) ok bad joke, moving on...Would anyone be interested in sharing their opinions of this piece? I've never heard of the composer or anything. Anything at all would be much appreciated. Thanks! ~Katie~
  11. Sorry to disappoint you, Celloontheside, but I am an old man in an undershirt. j/k, lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. ~Katie~
  12. Wish I could have been there! Any chance next year you can have it somewhere in the middle of the country, like Kansas City? ~Katie~
  13. Oh, you HAVE to get Pachabel's canon in D SOMEWHERE in there! That is my all-time favorite wedding piece. ~Katie~
  14. I am constantly annoying my parents by practicing at 11, 12, or even 1 in the morning. they go to bed at about 10:00. hehehe. I guess I'm nocturnal.
  15. Gotta luv spinal tap! unfortunately I don't have the soundtrack. poor me... ~Katie~
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