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  1. Thursday nights there is a place called Redlight Cafe in Midtown Atlanta that has Bluegrass Jam Night. Check it out. www.redlightcafe.com. Also, for any other events go to www.accessatlanta.com The weather forecast is sunny and warm for next week. Have a great time.
  2. Call this place, they can tell you anything you want to know. http://www.williamsgengakkiviolin.com/
  3. Try looking for something at this site: GIA
  4. Still here OTH I had my first lesson in about 3 months this past Saturday. My teacher had to take some time off to have surgery. I'm working in Suzuki 2 now, and my teacher complimented me on my third finger vibrato. She said it sounded great! I still read this forum all the time. It always helps with any question I might have. Maybe someday I will actually be able to contribute something pertinent. Thanks for asking. Stay warm up north this winter!
  5. Whoa Ken....you sound like a major gadget man I would LOVE all this stuff in my lessons! My teacher sounds primitive compared to this. Something that helps me with my Suzuki lessons and intonation is to listen to myself playing along with the piano accompaniment of the Suzuki tunes. I just used some MIDI files of the Suzuki accompaniment from a web page I found. I don't want to post it here without the permission of the owner of the page, but if you PM me I will send you the address where you can find those Suzuki MIDI files.
  6. I live in Atlanta, GA. My name is Amy. I'm a beginner violinist. I just finished my 1st Suzuki book! Maestronet is a great reference for me. Usually, I cannot add anything to the threads, but when I need to know something, I go to the archives. It's always there. Thanks to all the pros here who answer the questions.
  7. Famous Player 'X' Mark: Thank you for referencing me in your post. I did not realize I had become famous. I am getting pretty good on that Bach Minuet #2, in my Suzuki 1 book though.
  8. He should go to the airline public relations department and tell his story. He might be able to star in a commercial. They just started and airline called "Song" here in Atlanta. I think it's a crazy idea for an airline name, but your brother-in-law could be the spokesperson.
  9. I can imagine that it becomes very stressful, and it's something I would not wish to go through on a regular basis. Some gate agents and security personnel have bad attitudes, like some service people in all industries. However, I would do whatever I could to get it stowed in the cabin. I've seen the way they throw those bags around.
  10. Well..if you do, they might be able to accomodate you. Especially if you fly the same airline all the time, I would think they would be able to do that for you. I really would not want to check my violin.
  11. Have you ever tried calling ahead and requesting that your violin be stored in the cabin during flight? I'm curious, because I have not yet flown with a violin.
  12. What! Suzuki method books are NOT politically correct....why I should have ripped it up the first time I thought about doing it! Just kidding.
  13. Ok..looks like we are talking about two different products. I'm not sure that the one I mentioned would do as well as the product you named. The NuSkin I was talking about is like a skin moisturizer/repair lotion. The New-Skin you are talking about is like a liquid sealant. I know Band-Aid has a liquid bandage product out that would be similar to the product you mentioned. I get peeling skin at my fingertips, not really calluses (sp)?. I really don't care to get the peeling skin, that is why I use moisturizer.
  14. Hi Daisy! If you do decide to use the "NuSkin". Look for it spelled like that. With a "u". I have used the stuff before, but not for the same purpose. Anyway...just thought I would add, might be able to help you find it a little better.
  15. Michael and Metro: Thanks for your help! I got some good suggestions here, and I will send you all a copy of my beautiful Bach Minuet #2 when I get a chance. However, I won't be calling anyone at 4 in the morning, because I usually do not converse with anyone until around 10 am. Thanks again.
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