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  1. I've been there Cathy. We ultimately bought a Doetsch from Potter - pricier but really a better (richer) sound than the Caprice. I've not heard the MT. Lisle is apparently a good shop. A friend of mine in your area has been happy with her kids' violins from there. When you purchase, consider the trade-in policy of the shop. Your daughter might like a brighter sound now and prefer something different in a few years. If the trade-in is generous AND the shop has a good selection, she will be in a position to change or up-grade. Honestly, research only gets you so far in violin selection. As long as the violin is from an established shop with a record of standing behind their instruments, you won't make a tragic decision. Hannah
  2. Pugwash is on the North coast of the 'neck' part of Nova Scotia. It is a very small place with miles of red sand beaches. I was through there on my way to Cape Breton last summer. Hannah
  3. Conservationists too! International animal advocacy groups have been complaining about the illegal trade of items made from ivory on ebay for years! -h
  4. Nice posting Noxx. In the US you hear this canard about music improving kids' math ability. It is frequently cited by both music educators and the non-music appreciating parents as a rationale for shelling out thousands of dollars for music instruction. Here everything must have a measurable use value. Happiness is generally not measurable. One the other hand, we feel a bit guilty for raising middle class aesthetes who root for the Boston Red Socks. -h
  5. It's worse than you imagine! Every time he is page turner, he drops the whole packet of music on the floor. Then he drops his bow reaching for the music. Then he falls off his chair reaching for the bow. You should see him play soccer.... -h
  6. Perhaps not innate but certainly deep in the bones.. Because I am really more of a music fan than a performer, I'm always startled to learn from another string parent that they do not actually LIKE music. They don't listen to it at all. They never take their children - who are often interested - to performances. They never buy the kids CDs. Obviously this is not true for many parents but in my neck of the woods it applies to about 50%. Often they have quite talented young children but I wonder if, in the absence of any exposure to professional musicians, the children don't suffer in just the way you have described once they are older. Not a solution but perhaps a partial diagnosis.. -h
  7. The student's age should probably factor in when deciding to use or not use steenking tape. The little teeny guys seem to have a great deal of trouble distinguishing flat from natural. Of course their little teeny violins have the same problem. We recently moved to a 1/2 size and went totally tapeless. The kid had no problem even after years of tape-filled instruction. He was able to consistently locate notes on a larger tapeless violin within 10 minutes. Kids are adaptable. -h
  8. I teach at an open admissions college located in a not very interesting place. 7 years ago there were 250 applicants for my job. There would be more today. -h
  9. Don't take the year off... Go to the best school you can, if its not the school you want, work on transferring. Hannah
  10. He's young and its his first year and so we are trying to make him understand that will not sit in the first chair. He's a really driven kid and its hard to make him understand this. We're also trying to convince him that he should not be the person turning the pages!!! -H
  11. This is so helpful to know! My little guy has his first seating auditions this weekends. We've been trying to prepare him to be last chair but he's so competitive that he is resisting his slacker parent's approach to stress (competition, OK, I lose). I'll tell him about the possibility of paired seating (weak with strong). Hannah
  12. Mr. Lincoln is lovely but when I was small, the woman down the street (in Frankfurt) grew a dark red roses - Konrad Adenauer - the size of my hand. And Karla on the topic of the 9th symphony - give Thomas Mann's Dr. Faustus a look if you haven't already! -Hannah
  13. There is a series of easy (first position) concertinos that are very nice - Kuchler and Seitz. Hannah
  14. There is a DVD of a Karajan 9th if you like to watch. We rented it through netflix. hannah
  15. I saw (and heard) a Gliga custom job owned by a 7 year old. It sounded awful but the owner loved it and practised all the time. The child was the center of little boy attention and the recipient of many 'cool' points. I don't think that it really sounded any worse than an unpainted lower range Gliga. Hannah
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