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  1. Hello How much are you asking for the finger boards? i am interested michael 978.500.8848
  2. This is the fiddle here. By Vincenzo Sannino. Im wondering which model he was copying here. Perhaps an Amati?
  3. Thank you every one. This has been a great response and very informative. I appreciate every one taking the time to chime in. I was asked to make a violin for some one with small hands. This person has a full size violin but the setup has been reduced in the neck thickness, FB width, and string spacing to accommodate the players facility. The musician is looking for some thing they can play in settings where they would not rather bring their nicer instrument, so we are discussing a duplicate of what they already have. My thoughts lean towards making a more established model like a st
  4. Does any one in the community know of any literature or definitive methods of copying a violin? I have the violin I would like to duplicate and wanted to know if there are any good articles on going about this. Any feed back would be great.
  5. NBC Your bass bridge does not need to be spread. The middle of the foot rests on the line. Mark where your feet will stand with a white grease pencil. Lay down some red lipstick on those areas. Pres the feet down and the color will transfer. Put your bridge upside down in a vise and use a sharp scrapper to carve away the red spots. you should have it in an hour or so. You can use a little windex in a paper towel to clean the lipstick off the bass top. String heights for mum should be 5mm on the G and 8mm on the E. Make sure you thin the top of the bridge to 5mm thick. Bridge toes sh
  6. Nick, The Gemunder shop was up here in Astoria NY. I wonder if that was part of a store front.
  7. Im not sure really. The Henley Book mentiones a Maggini violin model from 1886 with his picture on it.
  8. Nick Thanks for Sharing. Where did you score those signs?
  9. An interesting cello came in to my shop the other week. Its a cello by George Gemunder. Its labeled but the most interesteing thing is that his portrait is on the back under the button. Its a lithograph over the wood but under the varnish. Has any one in the community seen any other cellos by G. Gemunder? I know his violins are well soght after but what about the cellos?
  10. Here is the igame of George Gemunder on the back of his cello.
  11. Can you provide a picture of the shapper you want?
  12. I have recently aquired a George Gemunder cello as a restoration candidate. Here he is on the back below the button. Has anyone within the comunity seen an image like this on his instruments?
  13. Thank you Joe for those great pictures. Where did you find them? Or are they from your own collection? I really love the propotions of the top and bottom bouts. The extension from my picture is one I did years back. I cant figure out out to change the profile pic.
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