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  1. I have this CD and I have to say that the playing on it isn't so good. Then again, they were well past their prime (except ysaye, whom I like on this recording). OH well.
  2. Practice them in different rhythms. Trills sound really fast when they're dotted rhythms.
  3. Concertmaster is the most important. 98% of the time he is responsible for bowings. He always has to lead the entire string section and he's responsible for communicating with the other string principals for musical whatevers. As far as better musicians, that depends on the orchestra.
  4. Why do Classical CD covers always show the artist as if they're in deep thought? It really looks silly. How about a picture of them smiling with their instrument? Stop looking all depressed!
  5. The Sarabanda of the D minor would be perfect for this occasion. I'd definately play that one.
  6. A lot of people actually considered Bach's music Old-Fashioned (if you can believe that). The polyphony of Bach was giving way to more homophonic music of Handle.
  7. "Too many performers treat Bach as if he were a baroque composer." I don't understand what you mean by this...Please explain.
  8. I think this is the ONLY way to really learn intervals. I don't see what the problem is. Melodies are made of intervals...shouldn't we therefore use melodies in order to hear them? It will make the interval more recognizable in other pieces as well...
  9. I would answer, but I have perfect pitch
  10. I think that you can accomplish a "flat" violin easier with a shoulder rest, if properly adjusted.
  11. Get the Galamian "Principals..." book from the library. If you can't afford weekly lessons this book will help you out a bit.
  12. I get angry BECAUSE of my violin playing! ...is that healthy?
  13. fingered octaves is when you play one set with 1-3 and the next with 2-4
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