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  1. And soon we shall perform it.
  2. Quote: i see lots of bow holds by fine players - so I know there is not just one that is best for all. Hit the nail on the head. I used to hold the bow differently than I do now, but I find my current way a lot more comfortable, and with more control. Though, I'm playing cello, so the entire position of the bow is different. But I agree that there's not, "one right way."
  3. My ring finger is by the notch in the frog, my middle finger on the leather, and my index is on the front half of the winding. I generally grip around the first joint (closest to the fingertips) as well.
  4. Quote: It smells a bit dodge to me, but it may just be someone who is dyslexic. Could be because English isn't his first language. Notice the location: North Germany. But he does say, "Sorry, no certificate," and hey, it is eBay..
  5. You're just shedding dead skin from your findertips, like anywhere else.. Even if it is more noticable.
  6. Mozart's enjoyable to play though, in his own right. Not to say that Beethoven isn't, but there's no reason not to play Mozart.
  7. Chewing gum helps with lip-pursing, maybe with humming too. But beware, you'll probably chew in time with the song. Your jaw might be a tad tired by the end of a long, fast-paced piece.
  8. One of my fav's is Sonata no. 12 (F Maj), which is K332. I'm really partial to the second movement.
  9. Generally if they even bother to label something with a volume number, there's going to be more than one.
  10. Quote: I figure if recording companies are recording them, and people are buying the recordings, then I'm the one with the opinion that's crap this time I don't think that's an accurate conclusion. We all have different opinions. A good amount of people like Garth Brooks, but that doesn't make my negative opinion of him wrong. That's what makes it an opinion. Quote: That doesn't mean I don't have some "taste", but I'm sensible to know that's just my opinion, and doesn't hold a lot of credit. Exactly. You have an opinion. Doesn't mean you don't have some taste. But, your opinion does hold credit, at least to yourself if no one else. But even that's important. Point is, it's not right to discredit someone else's opinion just because it differs from yours. Especially without knowing why they have those opinions.
  11. Quote: If the opinions are adequately informed, it's more interesting, though, don't you think? Often true. But then, are you going on the assumption that they don't know Josh Bell? Or some of the others they mentioned as being better? It sounded like they both were familiar with him, and still do not like him. I'd say that their opinions, in that case, are perfectly reasonable.
  12. Michael, it really is okay if people have different opinions than you. I promise.
  13. Quote: Does anyone out there feel the same way? I read considerably more than I actually post these days, and to be honest, it's easier without having to sift through 30 new threads in the morning.
  14. In reply to: So how do most people take their bow to be rehaired/repaired - do they take the whole instrument case?! Good question. Funny, my bow case was my first accessory, and I didn't even have a really good bow at the time. But part of the reason was because my cello was a rental with a soft case. No way I wanted to keep a bow in there.
  15. In reply to: Yeah, dream on. That was in response to the title. Hence, no staccato talk.
  16. You're alive! Thanks for the tips on staccato.
  17. Congrats! Good job, it's nice to have the audience on your side, hmm?
  18. Maybe you could try standing closer to the violist instead? Good luck, my buddies play musical chairs too.
  19. If trying for a similar volume, I tend to try for that general range where you hear your instrument a bit louder, but the other instruments are still very audible, just more in the background.
  20. Sounds pretty funny after the fact. Although I've never been rude to my teacher, there have been times when I've just wanted to get up and walk out. Mind you, that was when I was a kid learning piano. And it was always my fault though, lack of practise! However, looking back, he was right and what he has done definitely has helped my musicianship.
  21. My teacher had a young student that always gave him trouble. He always griped about anything he'd try to have him do. His mother (it was just him and his mother in the family) wasn't any help either. She didn't seem to care. One day, the teacher was trying to get the kid to count out loud while playing, since his timing was off. The kid snapped back that he didn't want to, and just started playing again. This happened a couple times, and the kid finally wheeled around to look directly at the teacher, hissed at him, and then turned his back towards him. He said the look in his eyes was downright scary, and he was glad that they both moved about a month later.
  22. I'm fairly annoyed by email, myself. But I do visit Maestronet pretty often too. By the way, welcome back Michael.
  23. In reply to: or sing the piece while you're walking around town, and finger the notes as you sing it I can just imagine the looks one would get walking around town, singing a piece while fingering an imaginary violin. Better yet, stopping periodically to retune or correct a mistake.
  24. Also, a lot of sites do charge for sheet music as well. Or simply a membership fee. And like you've said earlier, I'd rather pay my local store. Besides, you're right about published/bound material as well, especially if I'm paying for it either way. I just experienced this yesterday, actually. I could have gotten some decent looking .pdf (I saw a sample page and it was fairly decent quality) of Chopin's Nocturne in E-flat Major (Op. 9, No. 2) for piano, or I could have just gone down to the store, found it sitting there with a pretty cover and pages of additional useless but fun information, for the same price. Guess which one I picked.
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