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  1. Advice Needed for Cello Repair

    Aside from your other problems with this cello, it looks as if the bass bar is parallel to the center seam. Can you measure from the center seam to the bar at the widest point of the upper bout, and again at the widest part of the lower bout?
  2. Large bassbar with thin top on cello

    Is this about a cello you're making or a cello which already exists with a thin top?
  3. Wood for wedges in bows

    I used to use all maple but switched to basswood for the spreader wedge a few years ago. The basswood cuts easily and compresses nicely on the wedges.
  4. Josef D. Deulin Violin

    I have a violin coming into the shop in about a week and I would appreciate any information about the maker and the value of his violins. The violin was made by Josef D. Deulin. He's listed in the Wenberg book as having lived from 1988-1967, living at various times in Madison VA, France (working with Albert Aylor circa 1900), Washington D.C., Toledo OH (working with Alton Saunders), and worked in his own shop in Detroit MI from 1914-1960 when he retired. He made 328 violins, 32 violas, and 16 cellos. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Barry
  5. Cello setup question

    Thanks Nate. The current bridge was probably a 92 which spread to 94. It hangs over the bass bar by 5 or 6 mm. It's hard to imagine what the bass bar installer had in mind.
  6. Cello setup question

    A client brought in a decent Chinese 4/4 cello needing a new bridge. The current French model bridge measures 94 mm with the cello strung up to playing tension. I want to see if this is the best bridge width for this cello. I measure from the F hole notch to the bass bar and get 41 mm.. When I measure 41 in from the treble F hole and then measure the distance between the marks it indicates a 88 mm bridge (spread and under tension). Am I better off with a bridge that small which sits in good proximity to the bass bar or a wider bridge which overhangs the bass bar by an extra 2-3 mm but puts the feet closer to the Fs (and the current soundpost) to allow the plate to vibrate more freely? The teacher has requested a Belgian model bridge, if that factors in to the equation. Thanks for any input.
  7. What Kind of Back Wood?

    The photo of the full back looks like maple. The closeup looks like a flamed mahogany.
  8. Glue for underslide

    I believe there is a waterproof version of Titebond.
  9. Is buying a 47 year old Kozowsky viola good value?

    Walter Kozowsky worked in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY for many years and later moved to Philadelphia. He was the apprentice to Dimitri Didschenko (spelling ?) for many years and finished many of Didschenko's instruments. Though not a well known maker he was very active in the field for decades. If the viola IS a Kozowsky the price seems quite fair. Can you supply a photo or two?
  10. Self-confidence & confidence in the violin

    I've heard 12 year olds play that piece better. Oh wait; that was young Sarah Chang I was thinking about. What happened? She sounds as if she can't wait to get out of the place.
  11. Difficult clients

    I'm with GeorgeH on this one. Take and print as many photos as you can plus detail in writing all of the bow's current problems and have the client sign and date the papers. There's a pretty good chance that having to do so might send him packing. If he still insists on you doing the work you have documentation on the bow if things get even nastier in the future. Plan B: Explain that you're just under qualified to work on SUCH a wonderful bow for SUCH a wonderful player. Barry
  12. Otto Dolling bow any good?

    It looks like the winding is tinsel. IF the bow happens to be light in the frog end, then replacing the tinsel with silver wire would get the bow up to 58 to 60 grams. If it balances well as is then adding weight near the frog is not an option.
  13. Slab or Quartered?

    I'm not quite sure, but it looks mainly quarter-cut. I have seen maple referred to as "off the quarter" or "slightly off the quarter". One of those could possibly apply here.

    Write it down. You sign, the client signs. Problem averted.
  15. charging for stringing up?

    I do not charge installation fees on strings which are bought from my shop. I put them on, lube the nut and the bridge, put peg dope on the pegs, if needed. Strings bought elsewhere incur a modest fee. If my time isn't worth anything, why are you here?