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  1. If it’s at all possible I would look for a gold mounted bow with a gold tip plate. Gold at both ends of the stick would encourage better balance. Getting a bow with a gold tip plate would make the trip through Customs a lot easier than if the bow had an ivory tip.
  2. A violin came into my shop the other day and it was fitted with a ‘harp’ style tailpiece. I’ve always set up violins using the 1/6 afterlength principle. So my question is: 1/6 from the bridge to the tailpiece but WHICH STRING? Is there any kind of norm or standard that can be applied to one of these beautiful but puzzling contraptions?
  3. There was an old thread referencing lining clamps that Oded Kishony made and used. Look through old posts from Oded and see if you can find the link. The clamps were simply made from PVC tubes cut into rings and the ring was then cut to allow opening by hand, placing the clamp over the rib and lining and then releasing.
  4. Which book? I have the smaller volume from the exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  5. Let’s look on the bright side: at least he’s not an eye surgeon.
  6. “Having this cleaned” is the question. Do you want to clean it yourself or have it done by a qualified repair person?
  7. If the frog mortise allows room for it you could put a rectangular piece of lead under the frog block. You could also use a heavier gauge of wire for the winding. I once needed more weight at the frog end and substituted a sliver slide instead of ebony, with an abalone facing.
  8. I’ve been getting mine from Gatchell Violins (Chinese). They fit in more tailpieces than some of the German made ones. They work very well, are easy to install and improve the sound of not only the E string but the other strings as well.
  9. I was thinking that the five to the left were for pints and the one on the right is for half pints.
  10. Hi Brad, Can you please guide me to Jacob’s post about fingerboard glueing? Thanks very much.
  11. I’d check the flatness of both surfaces. If they’re hollow you can get a false impression that they are making good contact but might just be fitting along the edges. Backlight them and check with a straightedge.
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