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  1. Glue for underslide

    I believe there is a waterproof version of Titebond.
  2. Is buying a 47 year old Kozowsky viola good value?

    Walter Kozowsky worked in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY for many years and later moved to Philadelphia. He was the apprentice to Dimitri Didschenko (spelling ?) for many years and finished many of Didschenko's instruments. Though not a well known maker he was very active in the field for decades. If the viola IS a Kozowsky the price seems quite fair. Can you supply a photo or two?
  3. Self-confidence & confidence in the violin

    I've heard 12 year olds play that piece better. Oh wait; that was young Sarah Chang I was thinking about. What happened? She sounds as if she can't wait to get out of the place.
  4. Difficult clients

    I'm with GeorgeH on this one. Take and print as many photos as you can plus detail in writing all of the bow's current problems and have the client sign and date the papers. There's a pretty good chance that having to do so might send him packing. If he still insists on you doing the work you have documentation on the bow if things get even nastier in the future. Plan B: Explain that you're just under qualified to work on SUCH a wonderful bow for SUCH a wonderful player. Barry
  5. Otto Dolling bow any good?

    It looks like the winding is tinsel. IF the bow happens to be light in the frog end, then replacing the tinsel with silver wire would get the bow up to 58 to 60 grams. If it balances well as is then adding weight near the frog is not an option.
  6. Slab or Quartered?

    I'm not quite sure, but it looks mainly quarter-cut. I have seen maple referred to as "off the quarter" or "slightly off the quarter". One of those could possibly apply here.

    Write it down. You sign, the client signs. Problem averted.
  8. charging for stringing up?

    I do not charge installation fees on strings which are bought from my shop. I put them on, lube the nut and the bridge, put peg dope on the pegs, if needed. Strings bought elsewhere incur a modest fee. If my time isn't worth anything, why are you here?
  9. Superglue Problem -- Need Help

    I always tap the closed end of the tube (I use Vigor brand, thin) on a hard surface immediately after squeezing out what I need. I then store it upright in an air and lightproof container. It doesn't completely solve the problem but I get a longer life out of a tube of glue. I keep unopened tubes of glue in the fridge.
  10. BKN

    I don't know what it means but I've seen lots of violins marked BKN and have always wanted to know the answer. I'm giving this one a bump before it falls into the abyss.
  11. Anyone using one of these?

    While reading the post about stinky cello clamps I wandered into the "seller's other items" and found this: I've always used a bar clamp but this intrigued me. Barry
  12. Label on the wrong side... Leave it or change it?

    Getting the original label out and putting the new one into a closed box might be a challenge. I'd 'simply' turn it into a left handed violin.
  13. VIolin dsiplay and storage

    I have two cabinets which I got from department store "scratch and dent" stores. One is glass front and sides with a mirrored back which has double glass doors top and bottom. The other is similar but only double glass doors on top and solid doors on the bottom (good for storing 'stuff'). They both have bars near the top (either a wood dowel or 1/2" electric conduit pipe. The violins hang from the bars on heavy fishing line loops.

    Mediocre Violins of Dubious Origin
  15. Collin Mezin violin approved by Leopold Auer

    The "Florentina" I have has nothing to do with the Colin Mezin workshop or any other French workshop. It's straight Mittenwald factory work. Coincidentally, I just had an authentic (Rampal Certificate) Collin Mezin in the shop last week. In non violin terms, think Kia vs. Ferrari. Barry