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  1. The book is available for pre order here https://www.scrollavezza-zanre.com/en/tivm-2-order-form-2/
  2. This should spark some interesting conversation. There is a section of the video that shows the Tuscan fitting perfectly around the P form (19:19). The P-form is dated 1705, while the Tuscan is dated 1690! Either the date on the P-from was inscribed by someone else who got it wrong or there was more than one P-form in the Strad shop that has not survived.
  3. Here is a fantastic documentary showing Fabio Biondi playing the Tuscan Strad! Can't wait for the book
  4. i've made very strong violet from cochineal as well using the same recipe I use for making madder lake (potassium carbonate turns cochineal bright violet). Here is the link to Advocatus's pigments that Jim mentions above
  5. Out of respect to both parties and the MN community, it may make sense for Jeffery to delete this thread.
  6. Christian, This looks simply stunning! Sorry to hear about the Strad, hopefully they can print a correction in the next issue
  7. have a look at this too http://www.roger-hargrave.de/Seiten/english/Bibliothek/Bibliothek.htm
  8. Roger has just published a new article on his site on fitting a bass bar. The content was pulled together from various sources posted here over the years. Having gone through the material a few times, I believe Roger's explanation is the clearest I've seen on the topic. (I mentioned this in another thread, but I think it got lost in the noise.) Happy reading! Chris
  9. Although there is no reference to tuning, there is a very fine article that was just posted few days ago on Roger's site about fitting a bass bar. I'm convinced that everything one needs to know about bass bars is in this article. Happy reading! Chris
  10. One small addition the Bass Book project -- Roger just published an article on 'fitting a bass bar' on his site. This, along with the 'Edge work' supplement, provide greater detail on these workflow tasks. As a lifetime student of violin making, I think the bass bar article provides the clear explanation I've seen on this topic. Thanks again to Roger for sharing. Enjoy! Chris
  11. love the look Christian! Is that a ground stain or varnish?
  12. ditto -- looks like ash to me also
  13. Tuscan 1690 violin - the one in Rome. PM me John and I'll forward the mailing to you.
  14. Hi Davide, I have the same concern as you (both the cost and the stratification in 3D prints (even at 100 microns I expect we will see some stratification). It is hard to say how much there will be judging from the photo in the S e Z advert, but a lot will come down to the quality of the printer and the care taken data prep and setup. I too gave in to curiosity and purchased the plates. As an amateur, without regular access to classical models, my hope is a physical 3D model will prove to be a useful study aid to complement traditional photography and instrument plans. Chris
  15. The most interesting thing I've read lately about 'casting' is the 3d printing technique used to create the 'virtual casts' of the 1690 Tuscan Strad plates. I recived an email from Scrollavezza & Zanrè about the forthcoming publication on the Tuscan Strad (second in the series of Treasures of Italian Violin Making). According to Zanre, the casts accurately reproduce the arching, thicknesses, F-holes, edges and a section of the rib structure -- even down to seeing the wood texture and purfling on the plates. Sounds promising!
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    Amati Viola

    hi E. Is the Bois de rose that same thing as pink ivory? I have a few pieces of pink ivory and it is absolutely stunning
  17. Urban Luthier

    Amati Viola

    I can understand the use of sandpaper in some cases with exotic hardwoods-- I usually use planes like you but i once ran into a piece of blackwood that was so hard I had to sharpen after a couple of minutes of use!
  18. This book is on my list as well. Just email Francois from his website. He is a respected luthier and a member here at Maestronet
  19. 1735 Feuermann 1739 Stephen Kates Collection 1739 Sleeping Beauty 1742 The Jarnaker Foundation 1747 Double bass - Thomas Martin Collection
  20. H Hi Julian -- Yes I make the Weld lake the same way I make Madder lake using Alum as the mordant. I've also found using distilled water during the dye extraction yeilds a nicer yellow. I've found using tap water resulted is a slight green tint to the lake