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  1. I really enjoyed your videos Henry - thanks for posting!
  2. What an interesting theory - your UV photos look very convincing. As for the end result, I'm speechless
  3. Gorgeous. Love the model and your tasteful interpretation. Varnish is masterful!
  4. I correspond with Andrea Zanre when S&Z published the Tuscan strad book. They originally offered 3d printed plates as an option when purchasing the book. They were unapply with the prototypes (apparently .5 mm) off and withdrew the option.
  5. Really? Amati family, Strad, Guarneri family, Bergonzi archings are all different. Even strad varied his arching radically over his career - look at the Tuscan from 1690 vs a golden period vs a late period. I wish I could have afforded the Amati plaster casts auctioned at the Last T2. For me it is less about copying and more about studying how the maker resolved geometric transitions as well as getting an overall view of arching as a whole. The ability shine an anglepoise lamp over a plaster cast, would be a valuable study aid -- for me at least.
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery Don! And even more efficiency with fabrication innovations
  7. A little something arrived from Tarisio to brighten my day - a nice two-piece viola back. Yes I probably paid too much, but it was my first time bidding on and winning something at auction. it was fun, but not something I'll do again anytime soon!
  8. I'm enjoying watching your varnishing process...
  9. I believe this is the answer. My cochineal lake turned violet as well. Likely due to the baseness of the precipitation concoction. Cochineal mixed with madder lake gives a nice reddish colour. Joe Robson has figured this out as he does this for a living.
  10. For what it is worth, I have been able to improve how sharp I can get my scrapers by honing the edge on a ceramic stone and and lightly burnishing with an inexpensive carbide rod. Under a 10x loupe, the edge has a mirror like finish.
  11. like the colour as well - nice looking fiddle. Never heard of this tru oil. Any resin content? Will have to look it up
  12. Really interesting Don. I don't think there is a way to generate cycloid arches in Fusion directly without scripting via the AP!. Same with Rhino i think. Not sure one can even do it in Alias. Most of the tutorials i've seen focus on gears rather than arch like shapes. Curious to see how you get along with your scaling method...
  13. really attractive looking model, I like it! is that an ebony pin in the pegbox?
  14. Any advice on how to place the pegs on an Amati style violin pegbox? I'm using the Amati Alard as a reference and if i follow the original, the G peg seems to be placed a bit high. The A and E appear to be placed higher up than normal. The A E alignment may cause clearance issues with the A string. Any guidance would be helpful!
  15. Take a trip north of the border - its all marijuana cigarettes - even the skunks smoke them
  16. Really nice looking violin Dave! What model did you draw your inspiration from? I really like the look. Roger's tone wood looks fabulous. You did well for yourself!
  17. Not sure who does rentals these days but have a look at The Soundpost and Remenyi. Both are downtown Toronto.
  18. A Batta. The Photos do a nice job but seeing this cello first hand is something else - in spite of the dim lighting in the met gallery
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