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  1. I have a question about the standard neck to body stop ratio for bass viola da gambas. Most instruments I've seen have a ratio of about .92 or 1:1.08. Does this sound about right to you? I have a plan of a really nice Edward Lewis Bass viol that was later converted to a 7 string. The current string length is a generous 720mm. The bridge sits rather low (presumably shifted down to give more weight to the low A string). As a result the neck to body ratio is different than above. If one were to shift up the bridge up by about 30 mm, the neck to body stop ratio would fall inline with the above. This would also give a more manageable string length of 690mm. Do the ratios about sound right to you? any issue with shortening up the string length in this case?
  2. I really like the first two! personally I generally prefer contraltos. Lovely recording of the same from Magdalena Kozena.
  3. if it doesn't dry with 8-9 hours of strong UV or daylight there is something wrong with the varnish
  4. thanks Guy -- what a great idea! I use the thin stuff for making templates. Laminating 3 layers of the thicker stuff must make a really stable, dense and durable form!
  5. Really nice Guy! -- is that 1/2 MDF you are using for the form?
  6. Love your cabinet. Nice work. Welcome to MN!
  7. from a usability standpoint -- which type of peg do users prefer?
  8. x2. love the organization. Looks like a comfortable place to work. Great light too!
  9. looks really nice Jim! I especially like the gerstner chest. great way to store / and organize tools. I have a small one myself. I try to organize tools by workflow and just pulling out the drawer I need for any given task
  10. Sad news indeed. I always enjoyed Addie's insight. He was kind and generous with his time. His strad artifacts drawing must have took him a good deal of time to prepare and remain one of the most valuable resources posed here on MN. He will be missed
  11. Urban Luthier


    Interesting and useful experiment. Thanks for sharing
  12. Old thread I know, but has anyone made an instrument from the Henry Jaye (1618/19) Strad plan? Seems like a nice outline, but the string length at 760mm is quite a bit longer than one normally sees for English bass viols 680-90mm.
  13. moistening the end-grain with water or alcohol can sometimes help. As above, your block plane has to be super sharp
  14. Nice scroll -- is that your's or the ceruti original? Hard to tell with you!
  15. anyone try opening up a sheet of drywall, grinding it and using the powder as a filler?
  16. PoP is only one type of filler. There are many you can choose -- I've used cheap Behlen pumice on the last two and it worked out well. I mixed it into the varnish and rubbed it in (see Gegg Alf article in the Strad)
  17. I feel your pain! You could strip the violin and revarnish using another commercial product. HAMMERL makes a volatile oil varnish called A1 which is very easy to apply. They also supply colouring agents
  18. Jacob I really wish the Strad would commission you to create a technical drawing / poster of this instrument. From your photos it appears to be a very fine specimen! We don't need any more Strad posters based on Strads or GDG Looking forward to your restoration notes. This is a really interesting thread. Thanks for sharing
  19. Seeing one of Guy's Strad model cellos first hand I can say his varnish and gentile antiquing are among the finest i've seen! (the cello sounded fantastic as well
  20. Remarkable aren't they!? I had the pleasure of seeing JEG (along with many of the soloists in the video), live in London last summer during the Back festival. They performed 12 cantatas over 3 nights at the Barbican -- I was there for two of the three performances. By the way the fellow on the Cello is David Watkin -- he has recorded the cello suites on Resonus Classics. My favourite recording of the suites!
  21. Well, I working AI everyday... my POV is that no algorithm will be able to capture the humanity we see here... Check out this segment from Gardiner's Bach documentary "a passionate life"...
  22. Shoot you are right, they use to cary the Hans Harlsson set but it doesn't seem to be listed anymore. I bought a set years ago. The dictum branded set seems to be rather expensive!
  23. Nice gouge! The scroll set from Dictum is made by Hans Karlsson