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  1. 2 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

    I believe our resident organization freak (a positive reference) would be Matt Nyokos.  AKA, the anti-Manfio (winner of messiest bench contest). :)  Here's mine that I don't think is anything special.  Cleanliness ebbs and flows like the tide as I reach different stages of completion.


    looks really nice Jim! I especially like the gerstner chest. great way to store / and organize tools. I have a small one myself. I try to organize tools by workflow and just pulling out the drawer I need for any given task

  2. Jacob

    I really wish the Strad would commission you to create a technical drawing / poster of this instrument. From your photos it appears to be a very fine specimen! We don't need any more Strad posters based on Strads or GDG

    Looking forward to your restoration notes. This is a really interesting thread. Thanks for sharing

  3. 20 hours ago, Guy Harrison said:

    Hi Bill, with this violin I was copying a particular instrument, so the upper bout of the back represents this.  Sometimes the way a certain instrument ages is a little surprising. It doesn’t follow the formula we’re use to. 

    As for sharing antiquing secrets, most of what I know is available in the Strad magazine, VSA articles and here on Maestronet. (I keep a few things for myself, since they are works in progress anyway)  The key is working out methods that works for you.  I have my antiquing method written down in the workshop and almost every time I antique an instrument I tweak the method or make notes for next time. This helps me head in the direction I want.

    The other “secret” is to see inspiring instruments, then take careful notes and photographs etc.   I’m fortunate that I have some amazing instruments coming through my workshop from time to time. But the Untied States has some wonderful museums  - National Music Museum (South Dakota) , Library of Congress, Smithsonian, among others. Have you visited these museums and seen their collections?   I don’t drive but I still managed to visit the National Music Museum in South Dakota by public transport! - so no excuse not to visit these places!!

    Seeing one of Guy's Strad model cellos first hand I can say his varnish and gentile antiquing are among the finest i've seen! (the cello sounded fantastic as well ;)

  4. 12 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

    I don't think I've seen it before.  It has some of the best performances in it I've seen.  The duet that starts around 1:04:05 is unbelievable.  Fun to imagine Anna Magdalena singing the soprano and some friend of hers as the alto.

    Remarkable aren't they!?

    I had the pleasure of seeing JEG (along with many of the soloists in the video), live in London last summer during the Back festival. They performed 12 cantatas over 3 nights at the Barbican -- I was there for two of the three performances. 

    By the way the fellow on the Cello is David Watkin -- he has recorded the cello suites on Resonus Classics. My favourite recording of the suites!

  5. 11 hours ago, lpr5184 said:

    Really? Do you have a link? The Dictum set I looked at said they were made in Sheffield.

    Shoot you are right, they use to cary the Hans Harlsson set but it doesn't seem to be listed anymore. I bought a set years ago. The dictum branded set seems to be rather expensive!

  6. If memory serves the Conte Vitale outline is broader in the middle than the normal Cremonese contralto violas (strad and Amati). I think this extra width comes from a bending error that resulted in an asymmetrical outline when the ribs were taken off the form (one side is offset quite a bit more than the other). 

    You could always draw one up on yourself based on Francois Denis's method.