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  1. For what it is worth, I have been able to improve how sharp I can get my scrapers by honing the edge on a ceramic stone and and lightly burnishing with an inexpensive carbide rod. Under a 10x loupe, the edge has a mirror like finish.
  2. like the colour as well - nice looking fiddle. Never heard of this tru oil. Any resin content? Will have to look it up
  3. Really interesting Don. I don't think there is a way to generate cycloid arches in Fusion directly without scripting via the AP!. Same with Rhino i think. Not sure one can even do it in Alias. Most of the tutorials i've seen focus on gears rather than arch like shapes. Curious to see how you get along with your scaling method...
  4. really attractive looking model, I like it! is that an ebony pin in the pegbox?
  5. Any advice on how to place the pegs on an Amati style violin pegbox? I'm using the Amati Alard as a reference and if i follow the original, the G peg seems to be placed a bit high. The A and E appear to be placed higher up than normal. The A E alignment may cause clearance issues with the A string. Any guidance would be helpful!
  6. Take a trip north of the border - its all marijuana cigarettes - even the skunks smoke them
  7. Really nice looking violin Dave! What model did you draw your inspiration from? I really like the look. Roger's tone wood looks fabulous. You did well for yourself!
  8. Not sure who does rentals these days but have a look at The Soundpost and Remenyi. Both are downtown Toronto.
  9. A Batta. The Photos do a nice job but seeing this cello first hand is something else - in spite of the dim lighting in the met gallery
  10. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/350137-repairing-missing-splinters-chunks-where-belly-was-glued-to-the-ribs/&do=findComment&comment=952596
  11. Was chatting about this in another thread about restoration I suspect the off the shelf stuff is a little to course for restoration but might be good enough for scanning arches. Great read over in this thread from @Jerry Lynn
  12. As always - I love your varnish (looks nicer than many originals i've seen)
  13. I do it the way Neil Ertz illustrated in his article in the Strad a few years back. Block plane and a bit of patience
  14. Geez a 1-5% error rate for scan/stitches from the new iPhone is much higher than I was expecting. Ok for scanning one's living room, not so good for miro meshes. your meshlab workflow sounds practical solution. Thanks for sharing.
  15. A lot has changed in the last couple of years. Latest gen iPhone, Fusion 360 and a micro CNC router + a bit of time and perseverance will get you there for workflows you described above. Not bad for a $2-3K investment. I spent most of my adult life working at Autodesk and sat next to the team writing the sectioning code for 3d printing in Fusion. (I also worked on the rendering team). I highly recommend Fusion 360 it is free to learn but you'll need to pay now to print anything - even still the cost is nominal compared to the type of restoration work being done.
  16. An entertaining, yet somehow informative reply Jacob.
  17. You can 'watch' one being made here by the man himself (Roger not Guad). @jacobsaunders - have you come across one of these 'hulky' violas? Curious if they make a good model for chamber music.
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