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  1. Tool marks

    + 1. Really beautiful work Christian.
  2. Modern Violas Based on The Stradivari CV form

    The Macdonald seemed to work just fine for Peter Schidlof.
  3. Cracks in Bending Ribs

    Funny thing is in this video, Patrick Jowett demostrates bending at 250c! I have this exact same iron. I tried bending at this temperature on a test rib when I got it. It was so hot that it torriffied the maple! I just did a test bend at 170C based on Davide's reco -- I was able to bend much more quickly at this temp -than my usual 150c - no scorching at all
  4. Cracks in Bending Ribs

    So David and John re your post above... have you noted optimal bending temperature? That fine line between hot enough to bend and scorching? My I've set the temperature at 290-300f (~145-150C) Just at the threshold where water beads bounce off the iron rather than burning up. Wondering if I can go a hotter without scorching. Love your thoughts.
  5. interesting video on ground preparation

    I couldn't agree more. For most of us, it is hard work making a good violin. And it is really easy to ruin your good violin in a heartbeat with an experimental ground or finishing technique. (I speak from experience). For the most part I now stick to tried and true products and methods used by respected makers
  6. Favorite small viola model?

    Couldn't agree more. The Conte Vitale is a very difficult instrument to copy given the errors present in the original (the middle bouts are not symmetrical -- one side is quite a bit wider than the other) I really wish there were more plans available like the Zanetto mentioned above. Call me a blasphemer but I actually like the Strad CV form.
  7. Christian Bayon´s bench

    As always, this looks stunning!
  8. Ida Haendel

  9. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    discussion over here also which talks about the book, some of the findings and the 3d printed casts of the plates
  10. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    looks like a really nice book. I'd like to order one as well
  11. aniline dye

    I used Hammerl dyes and varnish on my first couple of instruments. Easy to mix the dyes and apply the varnish. Colour seems to be quite stable over 15 yr period. However the Hammerel oil varnish is not a traditional oil varnish (at least as defined around here) in other words it is not a cooked resin / linseed oil varnish.
  12. Welcome to Maestronet. I enjoyed the documentary very much! looking forward to the book and the 3D printed plates
  13. Traité de Lutherie

    Hi Francois Good news! it looks like the order form on your site still refers to the older publication. Will you be updating the form? Best Chris
  14. violin marquetry

    stewart mac may have something
  15. I like your theory Davide! Looking at the Pollins book, I suspect you are right: it does appear the Pb and P forms are very very close through the upper bout and the waist diverging in the lower bout area where the P form a little longer and wider. Nice to see close ups of the belly in the video -- one doesn't need to be a dendrochronologist to see the fine grained spruce with the faint vertical markings likely comes from the same tree as the Medici viola and even the Archinto viola