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  1. That is the Del Gesu Chardon Pochette - photo by @Bruce Carlson One has to wonder if all Guarneri del Gesu corners started out this way. I find it quite attractive
  2. nice colour Mike - your don-torrefied spruce reminds me of the nice cinnamon colour spruce turns after a decade or so of oxidization.
  3. Beautiful as always - so well balanced - love your varnish!
  4. Thats it!. Very strange that they didn't show up in the regular google search
  5. I think there is a video kicking around of James Ehnes playing the Fulton collection - the video featured really nice turntable views of each instatement. I cant seem to find the Lord Wilton video online however
  6. You should be able to order a toothed blade for your 60 1/2 directly from Lie-Nielsen. Just call them. I've never had a problem with regularly spaced tooth blades. A properly honed LN toothed blade will leave a near mirror like finish on your ribs if you back it in far enough on your final passes.
  7. Wow - I love seeing your work in progress. That is some serious productivity! Thanks for sharing
  8. As a first time maker, could do a lot worse than scaling up the arching drawing in the Sacconi book.
  9. A mortice chisel makes easy work of a peg box even in the A / D Peg area
  10. @Davide Sora Thank you so much! I'll be able to figure it out from here. by the way does anyone have the Strad story stick for violins? I used the viola template on a previous instrument and it worked out well
  11. Hi Davide Hi Davide - Thanks for you feedback. Unfortunately I don't have the Alard poster. How far out am I? I took the measurements widths with a calliper from the B&G book so perhaps not the most accurate method. I chose spots I could easily locate on the side profile template (e.g width of the front and back at the centre of the eye) - so yes you are correct the points are not equally spaced. Nicolo's markings are at different spots than the ones I chose.
  12. Can't remember if I've posted this paper here or not but this research shows that musical life does exist above 20kHz - with violin overtones extending over 40kHz. As a side bar the references to bone-conducted ultrasonic hearing is fascinating. https://www.cco.caltech.edu/~boyk/spectra/spectra.htm By the way I think 2L mentioned by @Anders Buen above is the only company I know of publishing master files recorded in DXD - 352.8 kHz. More than adequate to capture HF over 100kHz. Finely crafted engineering and wonderful performances
  13. Reviving this old thread. I posed this in my bench thread but I may bet more feedback here... Working on a scroll template for my grand Amati inspired violin. I'm trying to create a 'story stick' for laying out the scroll widths. I used photos of the Alard from the B&G book and tried to follow @Davide Sora diagram. I chose a simplified list of reference points however. The chin, bottom of the scroll, centre of the eye, top and one point on either side of the top, so 8 points in total. (basically the same markers used by Roger in the Bass book). All marked on the drawing. The distance between the circles is a straight line from one marker to the next and the widths were taken with a calliper from the Alard in the B&G book I could use some feedback as I've never done this before. Attached is a PDF of a CAD drawing (the reference mark is 100mm if you print it). The image shows the actual numbers for reference. All the number make this look really complex but it isn't, the numbers are basically the virtual divider marks calculated by the app - in practical use using dividers the numbers don't really matter Am I on the right track? Amati Alard 1649, v2-Layout1.pdf
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