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  1. Chris Schwarz's books on workbenches are a very valuable resource. I wish I had the time and patience to make a first rate workbench. for those who don't and have the fund's the lie Nielsen bench looks stunning.
  2. no burn in on the Messie as far as i can see - I've seen it multiple times
  3. anything wrong with the arching drawings published in Sacconi? I've always used these for reference
  4. really nice - i don't think one could ask for anything better. you've nailed it from a visual perspective in my opinion.
  5. although a bit of effort to install, one of these works really well also
  6. here is my bench - which I build myself. Shop is the old cold cellar in our home ~ 8 x 10. Bench and shop are kind of a work in progress.
  7. wow - this is the coolest small work space i've ever seen!
  8. as above -- the Strad Tenor viola in Florence has an unaltered neck (but with wedge) according to Beare / Pollens etc. Very fine photos in the B&G strad varnish book. I dont know the source of this image but you can clearly see the original nails through the block
  9. he he he.... for sure Rue! Here is a photo of a cellist I took recently when i was in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum). I was looking at the neck angle joint in particular - which appears to show a slight neck angle with the notch just clearing the sound board. Similar to some violin / viola images in the Shapes of the Baroque" catalogue by Monical.
  10. hummm, I rarely get punchy in this forum but many of the observations in this thread can't be backed up with any form of research or scholarship.
  11. Do you think the cardinal who commissioned the work wouldn't have noticed the how the violin was depicted (form and playing posture)? What about the cardinal who purchased the painting afterwards?
  12. What evidence do you have that this is an unrealistic way to play a violin ca 1600 in Rome?
  13. Great article! Thanks for sharing - Nice to see Guy's work featured