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  1. Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Nice slippers. And the cello isnt half bad either. However you manage to achieve such a rich colour and preserve transparency is a minor miracle.
  2. Do not use cork please.

    I would imagine the cork - rosin buildup would have a damping effect on the string as well
  3. Perry Sultana...

    looking really nice E!
  4. Perry Sultana...

    Italian 1500's. I've seen him in concert twice playing this viol - sounds wonderful. That is his daughter playing the harp.
  5. John Cockburn's bench

    Nice. I use the Veritas PMV-11 in all of my Lee valley planes now. Seems to keep a keen edge a little longer than other O1 and A2 blades i've used in the past
  6. Cello corner template

    +1 really nice detective work!
  7. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    +1! I worked at Autodesk for 20 years. I know the Fusion well. I worked on the product (on the rendering side for a short time). it is very powerful - especially if you are interested in additive manufacturing. Although I will caution you, the only way to get 2D drawings out is via a DWF - which is an ADSK propritory format -- if you want to do a traditional 2D print them you need ACAD as well.
  8. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    adobe illustrator for 2D drawing AutoCAD /AutoCAD LT - excellent for 2D drawing and 3d modeling Rhino - 3d modelling concept design Alias Studio - not for the faint of heart Sketchup - very popular with furniture makers Autodesk Fusion (Free for hobbyists) CAD, CAM and CAE. Currently what I use to make 3D printable templates, jigs and fixtures 3D modelling is fairly easy to learn but one needs to get their head around certain concepts like booleans, lofting, sweeps, trimming etc. Matthew does a nice job of describing the drawing workflow I'm an Ex Alias and ADSKer so I've see them all. Pick a package and stick with it because many of these are now expensive cloud subscriptions
  9. Michael Köberling`s bench

    Very nice! Love the colour!
  10. Antiquing trick

    well said
  11. Antiquing trick

    There is a whole chapter on antiquing in Roger Hargrave's Bass Book -- complete with pictures http://www.roger-hargrave.de/Seiten/english/Bibliothek/Bibliothek.htm A good article on antiquing can be found in the Strad trade secrets series by Jeff Phillips and Antone Nedelec. vol 3 p71.
  12. Power tools for carvin violin back

    a drawknife and or a scrub plane removes wood quickly and leaves your digits intact
  13. Conor Russell's bench

    stunning work Conor!
  14. How to cut out the forma from bottom and top wood

    I use this one sold from lee valley, but for some reason it is really really expensive now http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=71362&cat=1,42884,71437 Davide is right, one does need to be careful about how you control the bow saw. Cutting on the push stroke can help, as blow out occurs on the top face which gets carved away. The plate needs to be well supported in a face or tail vice. A coping saw works well also. Press the plate up against the underside of your bench with your knee. I have a band saw for tough re-saw jobs but I just cant be bothered changing the blade and setting up for curved work. For a violin or viola I can have the plate cut out by hand in the time it takes me to setup my bandsaw. I even ripped the ribs for the viola i'm working on by hand.
  15. How to cut out the forma from bottom and top wood

    I use a bowsaw and cut the outline by hand.