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  1. Urban Luthier

    Preparing for Winter

    additional cool HIP performances Concerto Italiano with Rinaldo Allesandrini and Rachel Podger on Channel classics
  2. Urban Luthier

    Flatening a plane

    If you are using the Stanley No 5 as a jack (ie to remove the high spots on a board) then it doesn't need to be totally flat. For a plane this size it will cost more to buy the equipment to flatten it than it will to buy a Lee Valley or Lie Nielsen plane. I've used both and they work great.
  3. Urban Luthier

    UV Cabinet

    I think I will get one of these -- did you get the 60 in one? Large enough for a cello?
  4. Urban Luthier

    UV Cabinet

    These grow tents look promising but I cant see a way to attach the lights to the tent structure
  5. Urban Luthier

    UV Cabinet

    The chart Thomas posts above and the the data sheet I attached for the Philips actinic BL bulb looks like the peak is at ~375nm. Which is what Koen Padding suggested for drying varnish in his VSA article "use of ultraviolet light sources in Lutherie" This isnt my area and I'm also struggling with purchasing bulbs for a new cabinet. If i'm reading correctly, Thomas's suggestion of the Philips Master Actinic is spot on
  6. Urban Luthier

    UV Cabinet

    i think this is the same product Thomas refres to above
  7. Urban Luthier

    Which brand of UVA bulbs for drying oil varnish ?

    deleted -- reply posted to wrong thread!
  8. Urban Luthier

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    Hi Nick, I like the way it looks and it appears to be quite durable
  9. Urban Luthier

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    i've used the Holtier Brown varnish -- the varnish alone is priced the same as other solutions. One bottle (~$125 will do 4 violins). It works well. colour on its own is similar to the Hargrave varnish. I agree with E above -- the alchemist varnish is also useful - I use it as a ground mixed with pumice
  10. Urban Luthier

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    T&T is perfect for furniture -- just rub the coats on very thinly and burnish off. It isn't suitable as a violin varnish
  11. vinyl and high res digital downloads
  12. Urban Luthier

    re sawing ribs

  13. Urban Luthier

    Another 5 string Sultana

    Nice work E
  14. Urban Luthier

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

    happy thanksgiving!
  15. Urban Luthier

    Melvin Goldsmith bench

    nice shop! Varnish magnifications look stunning