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  1. Welcome to Maestronet. I enjoyed the documentary very much! looking forward to the book and the 3D printed plates
  2. Traité de Lutherie

    Hi Francois Good news! it looks like the order form on your site still refers to the older publication. Will you be updating the form? Best Chris
  3. violin marquetry

    stewart mac may have something
  4. I like your theory Davide! Looking at the Pollins book, I suspect you are right: it does appear the Pb and P forms are very very close through the upper bout and the waist diverging in the lower bout area where the P form a little longer and wider. Nice to see close ups of the belly in the video -- one doesn't need to be a dendrochronologist to see the fine grained spruce with the faint vertical markings likely comes from the same tree as the Medici viola and even the Archinto viola
  5. The book is available for pre order here https://www.scrollavezza-zanre.com/en/tivm-2-order-form-2/
  6. This should spark some interesting conversation. There is a section of the video that shows the Tuscan fitting perfectly around the P form (19:19). The P-form is dated 1705, while the Tuscan is dated 1690! Either the date on the P-from was inscribed by someone else who got it wrong or there was more than one P-form in the Strad shop that has not survived.
  7. Here is a fantastic documentary showing Fabio Biondi playing the Tuscan Strad! Can't wait for the book
  8. Green and purple pigments

    i've made very strong violet from cochineal as well using the same recipe I use for making madder lake (potassium carbonate turns cochineal bright violet). Here is the link to Advocatus's pigments that Jim mentions above
  9. Don Noon's bench

    I like the colour Don. Really nice
  10. Angry today

    Out of respect to both parties and the MN community, it may make sense for Jeffery to delete this thread.
  11. Angry today

    Christian, This looks simply stunning! Sorry to hear about the Strad, hopefully they can print a correction in the next issue
  12. Double bass forma

    have a look at this too http://www.roger-hargrave.de/Seiten/english/Bibliothek/Bibliothek.htm
  13. F-hole finessing hacks

    really nice Davide!
  14. Roger has just published a new article on his site on fitting a bass bar. The content was pulled together from various sources posted here over the years. Having gone through the material a few times, I believe Roger's explanation is the clearest I've seen on the topic. (I mentioned this in another thread, but I think it got lost in the noise.) Happy reading! Chris
  15. Bass bar tuning

    Although there is no reference to tuning, there is a very fine article that was just posted few days ago on Roger's site about fitting a bass bar. I'm convinced that everything one needs to know about bass bars is in this article. Happy reading! Chris